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They Are Out There

This story came over the interwebz today and is an important warning
tl;dr: Some guy in Florida named Yunis Isaac Mejia decided to show off his CZ Scorpion that he decided to put a stock (illegal piece of plasti) instead of a “brace” (legal piece of plastic). He showed it off to a confidential informant who was trying to beat a rap on a different crime by befriending this man, who then turned around and informed on him. Mejia knew that the piece of plastic was “illegal” and said so on tape. What is even dumber is that Mejia already had a tax stamp for the suppressor he had on the Scorpion but not a second $200 tax stamp for the piece of plastic on the other end. He was arrested, pled guilty of a violation of the National Firearms Act (NFA) and despite having no criminal background and no evidence of being a criminal other than in his choice of friends, he gets 21 months in a Federal lock-up. 
Whatever you think of the NFA, it is the law and if you are going to put the wrong piece of plastic on your pistol FFS don’t show it to some random dude.
The appetite for criminals for the ATF, FBI, etc. far exceeds the available supply so they look for random dudes to arrest to pad their stats. I guess it is easier than going into the urban warzones where actual gun crimes are committed by actual criminals. There have been over 1700 people shot just this year so far just in Chicago, a shooting about every 2 1/2 hours.

Yet the feds are out entrapping a guy who already has a tax stamp because he doesn’t have a second tax stamp.
It seems to me they could better use their resources on actual criminals instead of a months long, multi-agency sting operation because of the wrong kind of plastic device. Perhaps there is more to the criminal complaint but it doesn’t appear to be case.
Just be careful out there. As we have seen over and over, the Feds have no problem running sting ops where none is warranted to pad their arrest stats so they can crow on social media about stopping a dangerous criminal and his illegal plastic part. 


  1. jl

    When it comes down to their safety, vs. our rights, they're ALWAYS gonna choose their safety. Just like the traffic squad has to make their quota of tickets, I'm sure the alphabois have some sort of statistical goals they are compelled to meet as well, lest the funding dry up. "So what if a few plebes have their lives ruined in the process, I made my numbers and will get a bonus this year!"

  2. Levi Garrett

    That case sure seems like B.S. if everything is as you say. I always had a problem with law enforcement measuring their “success” by the number of arrests they’ve made or attorneys bragging to that same end about the number of convictions they’ve made. As you said, that can very easily lead to making criminals out of decent folks to make themselves look tough on crime. Are there no better metrics than those for gauging your professional success? How many of those arrests and convictions were unjust, made unfairly or under false pretenses, or otherwise tainted by bullshit? Are they worried more about truth and justice than they are about padding their stats? It seems like it would be a better measure of your effectiveness if you had a system in place that truly reduced crime and the need for those arrests and convictions. I’m not suggesting being soft on criminals – quite the opposite actually. Of course any of this won’t mean a thing because our justice/legal system is broken.

  3. Anonymous

    the feds like easy targets. you know the ones that do not shoot back.
    and they just love to turn people against others. it like taught in their school or something
    do you really expect them to work on inner city gang clowns ?
    even the DEA stopped working in the cities because of the danger to them.
    remember most of them are lawyers first. do not expect them to have any balls to speak of
    just look at the most of the federal clowns, they are a bunch of pussies for the most part.
    what people have to realize is when they come for you, your life is over.
    they will destroy you any way they can. face it.
    you really think the people being held in the DC jail don't wish they did things different ?
    this is what is coming for all of us . the only way they will stop is if we make them pay for everyone they slam like that.
    the law is not on your side these days.

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