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Soylent Green Tenderloins

More lighter fare. I was frying up some chicken tenderloins last night, managing to burn my wrist pretty badly, when I noticed this on the packaging from Sam’s Club. 

WTF is “Vegetarian Fed”?
Does that mean that the chickens were fed strictly by vegetarians?

Or…does it mean that vegetarians were fed to the chickens?
I know what it means, they didn’t feed the chickens any animal by-products but really, who is doing the marketing at Sam’s Club?
Another reminder of how dumb and generally illiterate we are becoming as a people.


  1. Otis D

    I let my chickens free range the yard for a few hours a day and last night i watched my dog chase a buff orp with a mouse in her mouth. She fully intended on eating it, and I don't know if she caught it or not, but my dog was intent on fighting her for it.

    Chickens are NOT vegetarians.

  2. Anonymous

    I guess anyone dumb or lazy enough to pay 4 times the price for chichen breasts because someone saved them 5 minutes worth of time with a knife and a cutting is probably illiterate anyway.

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