Saturday, July 23, 2022

Simply Epic Tone Deafness

Who is running these social media accounts?

I have not ever seen a post with almost 90,000 laugh reacts before. I guess if 4 states are $3.99 or less, and last I checked there were 50 states, that means that in 46 states the average price of gas is $4.00 or more.

Quick reminder:

This might be a good time to delete the official White House social media accounts.


  1. It's down to $3.61 in some spots here in the upstate of SC.

  2. $4.29 local and it will go up after China gets another million barrels and the strategic reserve is empty.
    The Potemkin social media hiveborg has zero to do with reality.
    The Musk deal was scuttled so that the millions of bots won't be revealed.

  3. You have noticed the installee for the WH PressSec, right? That post was still better than the drivel she spouts.

  4. This is akin to some stores marking up merchandise to twice what it's worth, then holding a half-price sale. Sadly, there'll be people happy to buy it and brag about all the money they saved. Average intelligence of the common man is just a half-step above retarded.

  5. Same ole. I remember one year Congress reduced taxes. They were going to have a 10% raise but "lowered" it to 8%.

  6. Hahahaha! But, seriously, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?