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Shock The Monkey(pox)

Solid memery going on surrounding the Monkeypox “pandemic” that is only a pandemic if you take it in the ass or give it to some other dude in his ass. This is a pretty solid entry.

As Andy Ngo, being a fag himself, points out….

In other words, if you aren’t a fag or a sexual degenerate of some other kind, you won’t get monkeypox. Pretty much the same as the AIDS epidemic. Don’t stick your dick where it doesn’t belong and you avoid all sorts of unpleasantness. 
Tucker even joined in on the dogpiling of faggotry and their various disgusting diseases.

L oh effing L! 
They are super pissed that no one is taking this seriously because we all have figured out what a scam this (and many previous pandemics) really is (and are).


  1. Xzebek

    I wonder if any politicians are going to call for lock downs of areas where fags congregate to orgy and glory hole. Or if they are going to shriek that the fags must not engage in behavior that will spread the fag pox.
    Like they did to the rest of us during covid.
    I can bet any sum that such will not happen.

  2. Anonymous

    The only two cases in the US of chilfren getting the pox are of kids raised by gay 'couples'. I'd be looking at the 'parents' very carefully, i'd bet good cash they are pedos and thats how the kids got it.

    Just like every female who has the pox, has gotten it from sex with a bisexual man.


  3. Anonymous

    Mr. Ngo is at least up front about it. He does immeasurably good work keeping track of @ntifa that saves the rest of us the trouble. You can pretty much go right to his account to find out what they are up to if something is breaking. He is also honest enough not to hold back or spike a story when the gay lobby is the problem, like with the Mpox. As long as he keeps his standards at that level I can see no reason to avoid his writing over his personal life.

  4. Anonymous

    If they do, it will be out of sheer desperation. There is evidence provided by the same people who called out the covids as a bioweapon in Nov 2019 that the current Mpox is one too. It is also suspicious that they had a vaxx for this one sitting on the shelf. If the only people they can get to take it are the rainbow unicorns, then have at it. I don't see how they can hype enough panic for an mpox lockdown if it remains just an isolated problem for the orgy community. I mean it is just too obvious that it is no a threat to most people. What I would be watching for is a deliberate release of smallpox which would be concealed by the ongoing mpox outbreak. They are related, Gates has mentioned he expects a smallpox outbreak, and the mpox vaxx is supposed to be just a smallpox vaxx. Hmmm, very curious.

  5. John

    One set of tweets I read indicated that it was "Impossible" to expect gays to not have massive amounts of promiscuous sex. This particular gay dude had sex with approximately fifty other gay dudes. That week.

  6. Anonymous

    Came across this related article this morning:

    "As for attenuated live vaccines, the virus you get has been altered in such a way to be "replication non-competent", which means that it may get into a cell, but it won't be reproduced by the replication machinery in the cell – usually. Some viruses from live attenuated vaccines revert to the original form, which is the "replication competent" form, and end up infecting the person with the real disease which can spread. One of Gates' polio vaccines did this in, I think, Pakistan, so they had a polio epidemic some years back, when the wild type had been wiped out before and they were polio-free. And they wound up with new, infectious polio bugs running around. Oooops. Gates has had this happen numerous times, a bad track record, vaccines reverting to wild type and causing deaths and sterility. So any vaccine that Gates pushes is one to avoid."

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