Monday, July 25, 2022

Progress In Chicago!

Sure 71 people were shot in Chicago over one weekend, 8 fatally, but last year on the same weekend 75 people were shot so that is a huge improvement!

I do object to the cultural appropriation going on in this photo.


  1. If only those killed and wounded numbers could reverse......

  2. Please tell me that photo is a joke, and blaqs don't identify with A Clockwork Orange.

    Wait, is that Lori Lightfoot, the Groot of all Evil, in the center?

  3. That graphic is not only an insult to actor Macolm McDowell, it's a slur on YHN (and droog) Alex.

    Anyway, since this ACO came up, do you prefer the British version with the 21st chapter (thus keeping Burgess' sonata-form "ABA" symmetry) or the American version without the final chapter?