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Positive Vibes For Friday

There is way too much negativity on this site so I want to give a little white pill for Friday, something to inspire and encourage. Please share with any of your friends who might be a little down today.


  1. Anonymous

    Beloved wife and I have been tossing the "ho'" epithet at each other for years now, strictly for comedic effect. Her clothes obsession makes her a "blouse ho'" and my iron addiction causes her to label me a "plate ho'". As the cook in this household, on Sundays she assumes the role of my "salmon ho'". And as it is my habit to set up her coffeemaker the night before for her morning java I am her "coffee ho'".

    The real joke, of course, is mocking the blacks, none of whom are likely aware that ho' is just ebonics jibber jabber for 'whore', a word I have never even once heard that cohort enunciate properly.

    Well this is just funny – When I write 'ebonics' uncapitalized, I get the squiggly lines under the word to alert me that I have typed the word incorrectly. But if I type 'Ebonics', capital 'E', it's all good. The style guide actually regards that niggerism as a proper noun? Really? A self-loathing White person had to have made that decision. How far we have fallen.

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