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Oy Vey, Very Subtle

The latest Netflix pedo groomer show has a promo out and it is a doozy. The show is called Dead End: Paranormal Park and bills itself as a kids show about:

Two teens and a talking pug team up to battle demons at a haunted theme park and maybe even save the world from a supernatural apocalypse.
OK so that is a little weird but whatever. Then you see that there is a trailer for the show that features…well this:

The main character is a gay Jewish kid who falls in love with a little brown boy and has a musical number about them being married in a Jewish wedding complete with the whole stomping on the glass thing.
Then we see that the actor playing the main character, Barney, is named “Zach Barack” and is a fruitcake in real life.
“Zack” is a 5’1″ Jewish girl taking hormones to stimulate facial hair. Playing a gay Jewish boy in a cartoon targeted at kids. How 2022 is that? 
Again your reminder to not pay one red cent to any of these degenerate outfits creating this filth, not even when they occasionally have a decent non-woke flick like the new Top Gun because they use the revenue from those films to subsidize more degeneracy. 


  1. Michael

    Old world saying, if everybody cleans their bit of the sidewalk the town gets cleaned.

    Pity only the leftists know how to DOX folks and send a Wisk broom. Ask the Supreme Court folks about that.

  2. Anonymous

    "…they use the revenue from those films to subsidize more degeneracy"

    This is a perversion of what is known in retail as a "loss leader". You take a hit on one product while suckering sheep who will make up the loss, and then some, through purchase of a higher-margin item. Think Costco's broiled chickens. Those bad boys have been $5 since I was a single, starving, young college pussyhound, and they STILL cost just 5 bucks. Costco loses on every one sold. But the lure of that bird got you into the store. And while you are already there picking up tonight's quick dinner, "Hey, look! A 96-pack of AAA batteries!" Might as well load up that massive cart with another $400 worth of "stuff". Been falling for it for 3 decades, myself.

    Just one "Top Gun: Maverick" will underwrite half a dozen "Erase YT" epic flops. But that is the price that Holy Weird is willing to pay in obeisance to The Narrative. The last movie I saw in a theater was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which my kids dragged me to, kicking and screaming. I would sooner submit to the Covid booster du jour than set foot in a woke house 'o horrors again, having learned my lesson. Seeing a blatant homosexual romance proudly displayed on the big screen would be nothing less than a call to arms to this old dinosaur. Get yer gay ass off my lawn, faggot, or I'll let some 'shot fly.

  3. Xzebek

    As much as wish it didn't have to be, I think fag-bashing (and tranny-bashing) needs to be brought back into style. They will not stop their degeneracy until they are physically beaten back into the closet. Then the closet needs to be bolted forever.

  4. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    Normal parents will not allow this in their home. I pretty much think that the kids at these drag queen things are the children of people who identify with those sociopathing groups. I pray for the kids.

  5. saoirse

    Kikes have been backing up nigs for a long time so it's only fitting (in the gay sort of way) when a kike fag gets Leroy to reciprocate.
    Pity those two low-life races don't start mating exclusively instead of continuously contaminating whites.
    Jared Taylor would not approve however.

  6. Arthur Sido

    It happens to lots of people, you can post whatever you want but using certain terms seems to increase the chance of your comment getting flagged. I dig them back out periodically, not much else I can do

  7. Mike_C

    Be careful, you might get what you want. Jussie Smolett is the result of such a pairing. Here’s a video of Juicy’s grandmother. Seriously, folks, watch the whole thing. It’s short. NAJALT and all that, but Bubbe Molly embodies so many negative stereotypes I can’t even keep track.

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