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Not Even Satire Anymore

From The Babylon Bee:

They should have stuck with the old slogan “Join The Army To Die For Israel, If You Survive You Get Free College Or Something”.


  1. Anonymous

    So who's going to pilot those F-15's and polish those nukes that Emperor Poopypants The Last threatened us deplorables with? Those planes ain't gonna crash themselves.

  2. Mike_C

    Blue-haired landwhales what don't need no man and spear-carrying Neo-Wakandans are gonna pilot those planes. And they'll do it better than those oppressive white men. Duh.

  3. JackDup

    We need a right-wing nut job with a billion dollars to start his own army full of testosterone and guts. I'll let you know if I'm starting one tomorrow and offering good paying jobs as I bought 3 tickets for the mega millions jackpot.

  4. Xzebek

    Instead of what we are euphemistically calling an "army" these days, what we need are self motivated "warriors " who will fight for their homes, families and way of life. Every one of them will be worth 10 woke "soldiers" produced by our fraudulent military.

  5. Arthur Sido

    It always cracks me up that they include a few White people who typically are wanted for some minor offense while the murderers are always of an especially vibrant nature.

  6. Anonymous

    3 whites and one is a guy from the 80's who failed to show up for a court date. Another is a women wanted for abducting her own kids and the last is an eastern european immigrant wanted for murder for hire.

    Every sexual assault, or rape one is a particular group.


  7. Zorost

    I imagine it's like those old movies about newspapers trying to get a story into the paper just before printing time: "Quick Jimmy, we have to get the type set or we'll get scooped by Reality!"

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