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Muh Red Wave!


If you are shocked by that poll, you haven’t been paying attention. 
A new poll has found that Democrats and Republicans are neck and neck in the upcoming midterm elections, with Democrats citing gun violence as their number one concern even as the economy continues to tumble.

The Sienna College Research Institute poll, conducted on behalf of the New York Times between July 5 and 7 among 849 registered voters, found the race to control Congress is tight, with voters preferring Democrats to Republicans by just one percentage point, 41%-40%. Nineteen percent of respondents remain undecided.

However, among likely voters, the Times noted that 44% favored Republicans while 43% expressed support for Democrats in congressional races.
In truth there are just not that many competitive House races nor Senate races. My Congressional seat will go Republican reliably for basically as long as we have elections. The seat held by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will do the same for Democrats. Most Senate races are not competitive and the ones that are? They are mostly in formerly “red” states like Georgia where I predict Herschel Walker loses to the incumber Democrat. Solid blue states like California, Massachusetts and New York will never have another competitive Senate race barring some massive shift. The only races that are becoming competitive are in formerly locked down red districts/states.
Polls don’t really matter that much, what matters is this:

The people who vote Republican are shrinking as a percentage of the overall population and especially in the younger demographic cohorts where I believe that Whites are already a minority that grows more pronounced as you look at younger age brackets. The Census bureau is super excited to see White genocide unfolding:

Most startling to me, although not surprising, was this tidbit from the report:

Mixed race, Whites (overwhelming the mother I assume) and some other race, increased by over 300% in just ten years. As a yoof, mixed race kids were very uncommon. Now it is incredibly common to see some morbidly obese White girl, typically covered in tattoos and wearing some awful outfit that might have looked cute on a girl that was 100+ pounds lighter, carrying around one or more little mixed race kids with no sign of baby daddy to be found. According to the Census Bureau there are over 31 million people in America who are of mixed race and while I don’t have a ton of experience with mixed race people, I don’t know of any that identify themselves as White, they are always (at least mulattos) identified with the other race in the mix. We also know this, people of any race/ethnicity other than White overwhelmingly vote Democrat.
Polls don’t matter, race matters, and the racial mix of America has been skewing in favor of the Democrats for decades. That is why I expect that come November this “red wave” is going to be a big ol’ nothing-burger. Besides, what will Republicans do if they take control of both chambers? The same nothing they did last time. It might delay some national abortion “rights” legislation or gun control legislation but they won’t even try to roll back anything. 
The political process is irrevocably broken and the Republic has been shattered far beyond any point since the Civil War. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the Our Team v Their Team bullshit this November. Focus on your own situation, your family and your area of operation. Everything else is already lost to us for now.


  1. Anonymous

    It’s tiresome to keep seeing talk about voting and how it will accomplish anything. This system and how it was manipulated was how we got into this mess to begin with. Even if every illegal was thrown out, the amount of nonwhites and their fertility rates doom us to a flood of filth. Balkanization and a hardening and consolidation of whites is the good end, not endless compromises until we are overwhelmed.
    Don’t bother with voting, just prepare and try to work with trusted individuals, avoiding outsiders/potential informants/other ne’er do wells.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm going to take a moment not to be cynical. Which is treacherous, because when it comes to politics, I get closest to the truth by viewing things with maximum cynicism. However, honesty demands I recognize recent pro Constitutional rulings from the Supreme Court are the fruit of past GOP control of the Senate. Perhaps these rulings came too late, after decades of damage done by the unconstitutional rulings and practices they are intended to reverse. Perhaps they are like band aids on mortal wounds. I think probably so, but either way that remains to be seen.

    The point is, this makes it clear that a GOP majority is not without potentially positive result. No it's not going to make everything ok and "save America," anymore than picking the right president will. (I think our fundamental problem is that a significant portion of America is beyond saving). But I'm not a young man anymore, and I find myself taking more of an interest in merely staving off Armageddon until after I'm dead. Revolution is a young man's game.

  3. Anonymous

    “I find myself taking more of an interest in merely staving off Armageddon until after I'm dead”
    That sort of attitude got us into this mess. Putting off issues for your kids and grandkids to deal with is disgustingly selfish. Same as pushing it off on the younger generations if you have no kids.

  4. Jim Wetzel

    "Don't let yourself get caught up in the Our Team v Their Team bullshit this November. Focus on your own situation, your family and your area of operation. Everything else is already lost to us for now."

    I completely agree. If there IS a "red wave," who benefits? The apparatus run by Bitch McConnell and what's-his-name, that waste-of-space House Minority Leader. Yes, the Democrat caucus of the uniparty is 100% horrible. The GOP caucus of the uniparty is 99.999% horrible. To hottest Hell with voting.

  5. Arthur Sido

    I'm getting older but plenty young enough to engage and I have kids and hopefully one day grandkids. I owe it to them to be ready to do what I can when the time comes.

  6. Plague Monk

    I'm a life member of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association. Their next meeting is this weekend, and I plan on attending it Saturday morning. While my main intent is to look into some additional wireless hole punchers, I'm going to spend a few minutes telling the inevitable politicians who show up exactly why neither my wife nor me will be voting this fall. I will be polite and civil to them; several of my friends are dealers, and I don't want to embarrass them. But I will be politely emphatic and tell them that with DeSwine on the ballot I refuse to vote for the Uniparty..

  7. Anonymous

    “””That is why I expect that come November this "red wave" is going to be a big ol' nothing-burger.
    Besides, what will Republicans do if they take control of both chambers? The same nothing they did last ………….”

    Every damn word.👍🏻

  8. DeplorableGranny

    Yes, to all of that I agree. However, in my humble opinion this is exactly what the establishment want. They do not want you to vote because it makes it easier for them to steal the elections. Don't make it easier for them to steal. We need EVERY conservative to vote. Linn Wood went to Georgia and encouraged Georgians not to show up for the Senate run offs. And they didn't show up. That is exactly what they wanted.

  9. Mike_C

    This "closing the gap" business seems to be obvious narrative battlespace prep. At least to me.

    As to increasing number of "mixed race" people, what about the possibility that whites are pulling Liz Warren or Talcum X maneuvers? Identify as partly colored to try and get the "benefits" of being oppressed oppressed victims. (In reality it's trying to level the playing field, of course.) That said, claiming to be partially Black is not as good as inserting a precious metal, or a -witz or -bergsuffix to your name. "Hi, I'm Jake Platinumfein-Smith and this is my wife Maria Rossiniberg."

    That said, identifying as partly Asian doesn't help, so I could be wrong. (But there is a nontrivial trend toward Jewish male, East Asian female crosses.)

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