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More Muh Red Wave Thoughts

The wife and I were talking this morning and it sparked some interesting thoughts that pertain to the upcoming “election” and why we can expect to see Them pull out all of the stops to prevent a free and fair election from taking place. 

Joe Biden is coming apart at the seams and is only being propped up by carefully controlling how he interacts with the media and public, as well as loading him up with pills, and he still falls off his bike, tries to shake hands with imaginary people and reads everything on the teleprompter. Everyone knew he was losing it but the speed of his decline since taking office has surprised most people. The big problem? 
His Vice-President is about as popular as genital warts.
So let’s imagine this scenario.
The “red wave” happens in November and the Republicucks gain enough seats to comfortably control each chamber of Congress.
Sometime in 2023 after the new Congress is sworn in, Pedo Joe has some sort of health crisis, stroking out or flat out dying. 
Under the provisions of the 25th Amendment, Kamala Harris takes the oath of office after automatically ascending to the Presidency becoming the first person to achieve the highest office in the U.S. after blowing dozens of old men.
While Harris would then be able to select her own Vice President, that person would not automatically be approved. Again, under the 25th Amendment her choice would have to be approved by both the House and the Senate.
Say she chooses someone ridiculous, like landwhale Stacey Abrams, to be her VP. 
Either the House or the Senate or both, being controlled by Republicans who show an unexpected amount of backbone and refuse to ratify the corpulent far left Abrams. 
This leaves Harris alone with the next in line of succession being Republican Speaker Of The House Kevin McCarthy. 
Perhaps not likely but not really impossible either given Biden’s “health”. 
What all of this means is that They are not going to go down without a fight and if that means a bunch of lives are lost? Well that is just icing on the cake.


  1. Steve S

    Ah, the optimism that the converging 12 train wreck will hold off long enough to have a November election. If it does, Sodom on the Potomac will be an even bigger Charlie Foxtrot no matter which way it falls. Election (red manipulated options included) will be a choice of evils all leading to the same destination. Get ready to walk through that valley like a boss. Ain't we got fun?

  2. Anonymous

    We used to assume that the inmates were in charge of the asylum, but that is no longer the case. The lights are on, but NOBODY is home. There IS no one "in charge". The Biden puppet is a joke that even the Dems no longer prop up, and no one anywhere thinks that Kameltoe is going to lead anyone at any time. This is a replay of the late Wilson presidency, back when ol' Woodie's widow called the shots over his decaying carcass. If our adversaries were to strike now, we are sitting ducks.

    And ya know what? I don't suppose I would mind. Go ahead, Xi, Vlad, Kim. Take your best shot now, before the next strongman appears. We are as weak as this nation has ever been. Break us up into separate and distinct districts and eat those leftist liberal enclaves alive. Nothing would make me happier than seeing the entire left coast, and my former lifelong home of New York, devolve into colonies of New China.

  3. ChuckInBama

    Why should we think there will be a Red Wave ?? We didn't do anything about the cheat in '20, and those bastards are just going to do it again. Look for Dems to hold House and gain in the Senate. Tater Head Joe will be 25th'd, Kameltoe will ascend the throne, and Hillary or Moochelle will be the vice. And America will cease to exist.

  4. Anonymous

    Joe can keep this up another two years. That's the blink of an eye. Was longer ago than that when they first told us to mask up and lock down. They will run somebody else in 2024. Probably H, if I had to bet.

    The way I read it, they aren't casting doubt on him now because they are getting ready to replace him – it's just to clear the decks for a different nominee in 2024.

    The real danger during those two years, whether it's Joe or Kamala, is that there appear to be no "cooler heads" in DC to de-escalate from confrontation with Russia. Or China. The media doesn't even allow such opinions. Thus we are at the greatest danger of nuclear war that we have ever been.

    He's exactly the kind of president I always imagined would be the one to get us into one

  5. lgc

    republicans? backbone??????

    pfffffffffffffftttttttttt they'll fold, just like always.

    Republicans must be really easy to play poker with, they just bluff and then fold. hand after hand after hand after hand.

  6. JackDup

    Interesting thoughts Arthur, something wild is going to happen, that is for sure. The biggest problem I see is the media. Even if Republicans take the House and Senate and start 25th amendment proceedings the media will completely ignore and probably vilify them and take Joes side. Now, if Democrats want Joe out so they can bring in Stacy Abrams, all they have to do is let the cat out of the bag that Joe does have dementia or another illness that would not allow him to continue as president. But, why Stacy Abrams? Blacks only make up a small percentage of voters. I think the real guy is going to be Gavin Newsom who was at the white House last week while Joe was out of town. White women are the real sell outs to our race, and tend to lean Democrat as a whole, so why not throw up a good-looking white Democrat man to keep them on board.

  7. jl

    Got help us all if Gavin Gruesome gets anywhere near the Executive Branch. Think things are bad now? We'll look back on Biden’s "term" as a golden age comparatively, if that POS keeps climbing the political ladder.

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