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It Really Was A Bioweapon

Tucker does a pretty good job of laying out the facts about the Covid-19/Wuhan Flu/Chinese Coronavirus pandemic, where it came from, who profited by it and how the media dances to whatever tune the Chinese government tells them.

Our own “intelligence” services at first suggested it was possible, and then came out and said it was near certain, that the Chinese coronavirus came from the lab in Wuhan and was manmade. 

For his faults, and they are many, no other voice with this much of a reach is talking about this stuff.
Before the information controllers got a death grip on the narrative, people were starting to suspect this but now? It was absolutely forbidden to even bring this up on social media. You would at best get “fact checks” all over your post and often had material censored and accounts banned. 
As it turns out, as is so often the case, the “conspiracy theories” were simply people telling the truth before it was allowed.
The coronavirus is a damn bioweapon that got loose or was set loose and helped to contribute to a whole bunch of shit. Like this.

I like that the total number of “vaccine” jabs is in bright green while deaths are in white because getting more people vaccinated is kind of the point but not for any nefarious reasons of course. Over 6.3 million people died of/with coronavirus. That is more than Moustache Man Bad is blamed for. Also notice where the red dots are most concentrated and where they are not.
Economies wrecked, millions killed, hundreds of millions had their lives upturned. Still our “leaders” seem incredibly incurious about where this thing came from. Almost like they are all on the payroll of the same state sponsor responsible for creating this viral bioweapon in the first place. 
The worst is yet to come. Our self-appointed elites have been showing their hand and still most people refuse to listen to talk about the next “pandemic”, or global food crisis and famine, out of control inflation, endemic urban violence. Whether they realize it or not, it is coming. Only by reducing the world’s population, specifically the people who might cause a fuss (ex. you), can they move forward with their goals and if that means that the Great Reset leads to genocide? Well you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few (billion) eggs. You will own nothing but probably won’t be happy, you’ll be dead.

With millions already dead and hundreds of millions or even billions in the crosshairs to join them, these people are going to make the worst mass murderers in history look like pikers. (See: Globalists have entered the kill phase of Great Reset; Remember the Deagel population forecast? It now makes total sense)
The Chinese coronavirus was just the opening salvo. While tens of thousands have died in the last month even 2 1/2 years after the “pandemic” struck, what we don’t have a good handle on is how many additional deaths are occurring that are directly related to or caused by the “vaccine”. They are suppressing that information with all of their might, which tells you an awful lot. Why else are we making up bullshit like SADS or “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” to explain why healthy young people are suddenly dropping dead For No Reason Whatsoever (See: The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). 
We are entering a massive reordering of the global order with China poised to be the dominant force in the world, a Communist-Capitalist fusion without any of the lingering Western notions of morality to get in the way. The Chinese model is the future they want for the survivors, a small aristocracy that is unimaginably wealthy, completely unaccountable and possessing limitless power sitting atop a mandarin class of technocrats who keep the wheels turning, all of that over a teeming mass of people who live in abject poverty kept in line by the threat of concentration camps and summary executions. If you aren’t already one of the elites or their cronies, you are destined for the perpetual underclass if you are lucky and more likely a mass grave if you are not.
The only potential rival to China is a massive nation just to their West with enormous reserves of critical natural resources and one that is largely free from the globohomo agenda: Russia. Starting to see what the attempts to isolate Russia and even trigger a crippling war with the West is all about? Hint: it is not about “freedom” or “democracy”. 
We are not at the end of the “pandemic”, we are merely at the end of the opening gambit of a much larger scheme. What is coming next will make you look back with fond nostalgia at the good old days of 2020-2021 when all we had to worry about were some lockdowns and mask mandates.


  1. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    I believe they are desperate. Now it's even more in your face, "look what we can do" attempt to put fear in the peoples. November will be entertaining at a cosmic level if we get their.

    Keep the faith or find it at our peril. May a mighty and powerful God do to them as he did to the guide stones.

  2. Anonymous

    It was a bioweapon and it was intentionally released and earlier than people realize. It was in central Ohio as early as July 2019.

    Then the government reactions and killer treatments, remdesivir and ventilators, nursing homes, then the vax with it's death toll, fertility and abortion effects, and disabilities including compromised cognition.

    They really are trying to kill you, and trying desperately to hide it.

    Steve S

  3. JackDup

    Tucker is one of the only real journalists on TV, the rest are controlled teleprompter readers at best. China will take over the world, only a matter of time. China knew they couldn't defeat our military, so instead they are attacking the US in many other ways such as the Corona Virus, Fentanyl, controlling our news, stealing our military secrets, controlling viewpoints on Facebook which leads to stolen elections. While all of this softening of the target is going on they are building a Navy that will match ours soon. They also in just a year in the middle of nowhere China built 100 nuclear missile silos. Rumors are out there they have built a radar system that would make all of our stealth fighter jets viewable plain as day. Then there is the hypersonic nuclear missile system that flies at 21,000 miles an hour, a game changer that we have no defense against, and maybe China already has the gun at our head.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, it was a bioweapon. But what's going to happen to those responsible? Nuttin of course. We've been having Chinese pandemics since 1958 and this is the 1st one politicized. You would think after all those years the dotgov would have had plans in place. I'm really surprised Tucker hasn't been mugged or had a car wreck by now. Thanks for posting.

  5. Anonymous

    Alberta Canada because of SADS had a major shift in 2021. It used to be our major cause of death was heart disease. So many SADS deaths in q3 and 4 that it replaced heart disease as the leading of deaths. I cant immagine how much 2022 will be.

    I'm an introvert and i've lost 3 people to stroke/heart attack or SADS this last 3 months. Our town has had more deaths this year than the last 5 combined. With the majority being younger under 30. We've even had a rise in still births and muscarriages.

    Its genocide, not any other word for it.


  6. deb harvey

    often have much trouble connecting to conservative sites like yours says not connected although machine says connection strong or 'not secure'' and recaptcha will not connect i keep trying and may get through also tries to thwart emailing article or connecting to facebook if i do get through to facebook it often denies access anyway even for inoffensive posts hope this goes through thanks for your thoughtful columns and your sidebar contacts

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