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Do You See Now?

Even after all of the evidence keeps piling up, they still need to have their eyelids gnawed off to force them to look at the real picture.
This news story caught my eye.

They are getting so desperate for recruits for the NYPD that they would stop testing for pot. It makes one wonder what sort of candidates they are actually hoping for. While I don’t especially care if you are a midnight toker, I do think it somewhat dangerous that people who are given guns and authorized to use lethal force might be stoned while on duty.
The general antagonism toward police, often richly deserved, is definitely driving out the better cops and leaving behind the psychopaths.
Then look at the military. We have seen this going on for some time with the upper echelon brass getting more woke by the day and the push to embrace degenerates and freaks in the ranks while driving out the very people who have made the U.S. military a feared force for the last century, White men and usually White men from conservative rural and southern backgrounds. The Renegade Tribune ran this piece a few days ago:

There aren’t enough actual Neo-Nazis around to form a softball team but they have so expanded the definition to include most non-self-loathing White people. They also know that being called a Nazi or White supremacist/nationalist still terrifies most White people. Me? I don’t give a shit, call me a Nazi or a racist, whatever you want. Words stopped scaring me a long time ago. 
Nobody with any understanding of how wars are won or how crime is fought thinks that adding faggots and trannies will make you more prepared to do either. A 5’1″ angry fat Lantinx lesbian isn’t going to to take on a Russian soldier, no matter how fancy the gear she is given. Their motivations for stuff like defund the police and a new, more woke military have nothing to do with reducing violent crime or defending the American homeland. 
The end goal seems to be pretty clear: replace the rank and file of civilian law enforcement and the military with people who will be more willing to follow orders to pull the trigger on White people. 
Those who are joining the military and police now are going to be young people that have grown up being force-fed anti-White hatred like geese being raised for foie gras. Their lives suck, social media tells them so, and the only people to blame are White people. Someone like that is far more likely to pull the trigger on some uppity White farmer than a White Irish Catholic guy who comes from generations of cops.
Creating a legion of hired guns who will follow orders that are obviously immoral is the flip side of the disarmament push. Take our guns away on one hand and create a force of modern Hessian mercenaries who will gleefully abuse Whites on the other is the recipe for the conditions needed to undo centuries of social and economic progress enacted by Whites. 
The days when those serving as cops and soldiers deserved our respect are quickly fading and in many places gone completely. What will be left is a massive, heavily armed apparatus that is trained to kill the citizens of our Republic. If you still harbor lingering nostalgia for cops and soldiers, it is time to excise those thoughts from your mind.


  1. Anonymous

    I think we need to organize an "I don't give a shit" club. (Either that, or "I don't give a rat's ass" club.) I would happy to join either club as a founding member.

  2. Anonymous

    Since the end game appears to be a disarmed populace herded by mindless, soulless drones who will not hesitate to pull the trigger on unarmed fellow citizens, what better demographic to put into those uniforms than orcs? A White man or woman is naturally going to hesitate to steal the life of another human being, but an orc? They kill one another with impunity. And they won't think twice about capping YT. They make a game out of Polar Bear hunting, or pushing tiny Asian women onto subway tracks. Now imagine an entire army brigade or police station staffed entirely by furious, stupid orcs fed a non-stop diet of White hate.

    FWIW, they stopped drug testing for marijuana use in the nursing homes decades ago, when they could not find enough clean applicants to fill nurse's aide slots. And they dropped ALL drug testing early on in the Covid era. Not sure if that is still the case, as Beloved Wife bailed out of her lifelong nursing gig a year ago. But the staffing shortages have only gotten worse, so I would guess that a little recreational fentanyl abuse is still permissable.

  3. Big Ruckus D

    In the coming festivities, ones skin will be their uniform. Yes, it will be easy for these orcs to shoot at us, as their instinct and (substandard) training has inculcated in them. The good news is that it will be easy for us to return the favor with impunity because we will know who and what they are simply by looking at them.

    While it is unwise to underestimate the enemy, these recruits are largely dumpster diggings, and are not supremely capable or disciplined people. Always remember that, and have confidence they can be defeated. All that is needed is to dispense with gentlemanly notions of rules of engagement and other such antiquated ideas. They simply weren't intended for the type of adversary we will be facing. Show them no loyalty or respect, as they are due none

  4. Anonymous

    A wave of orcs can soak up a lot of ammo and over run you. Yes poorly disciplined, yes poorly trained but a group is still dangerous.


  5. Anonymous

    I had another thought.

    If you have a mob over run 2 or 3 'hold outs' refusing to be rounded up and the media shows in graphic detail what happens when the 'justifiably enraged' mob decends on the families of the hold outs. You'll see a bunch of people reconsider standing against the mob.

    I'm wondering if thats part of the thinking behind recruiting these sorts of thugs.


  6. Big Ruckus D

    I don't disagree with either of those points. The good guys (that's us) will need to be both hyper cautious and exceptionally inventive to avoid such unfavorable outcomes. I'll not give detailed examples, but having 2-3 against a giant horde is not the scenario we are looking for.

  7. Anonymous

    On the premise that the state security forces are to be composed of foreign and domestic vibrants; I expect that such forces will behave as they always have in the past. They break down into undisciplined mobs and become unmanageable by the command authority that sent them, or they desert if the price of service is too high. I don't think you can turn the police and military into a multicultural, pansexual, mau mau and expect any kind of longevity out of them. These are not people disciplined enough to stand a lonely guard post , let alone keep a modern force operating in the field. Few things get a farmers blood up for some retribution like an ethnic murder squad sent out ahead of an occupying army. Look to General Burgoyne and what happened to his Hessians after the Mohawks he sent to intimidate the plowjockeys scalped some civilians.
    If there are to be legions or orcs advancing upon the weak, it is more likely to be impromptu volunteers getting swept up in some immediate post SHTF power vacuum.
    That "over-run" by the orcs situation should start in the upscale city neighborhoods, and the walking distance suburbs. Lacking fuel for vehicles, and eventually food, the urban depopulation mob will have to move on foot once committed to leaving the burnt out cities. The ability to absorb casualties, and replace rations/ammo/etc will decrease with each mile they must travel to reach untrammeled areas. Armed residents along the way will not fail to be aware of their approach. The resistance will probably become more organized as the distance increases. There is a sweet spot at some point where the equilibrium changes and the defenders will have the advantage. The Orcs will be tired, sick, hungry, lost, and perhaps burdened down with loot and casualties. The defenders will be fully armed, determined, well prepared, and ruthless. Few of the Orcs will survive .

    This all assumes more or less the average national ratio of local demographics. There are some large areas, the deep South in particular, where the numbers are definitely in the Orc's favor and defenders will be extremely isolated and likely hard pressed. If you are in such a place you might want to make a new plan and make haste.

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