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Blogging On Borrowed Time

A new and ominous development today in the world of screaming into the aether when I went to Big Country’s latest post: Dude… and Poast 1200

It might be because of an image in the post or it might be a warning shot toward nuking his site. Recall that Western Rifle Shooters was nuked a while back and had to start over on a new hosting service.

That said, I am still on the Google hosting platform and I really need to get off of that so if anyone wants to offer technical expertise to help move my website to a more free speech friendly alternative (Epix?), please let me know. 
We are on enemy territory on virtually all of social media and our presence that is tolerated for now won’t be forever. We are on borrowed time.


  1. Anonymous

    Small loss. That fat A-hole is so damned tedious with his "ye olde" crap, thinking he is so witty. And the incessant begging, despite his insistence that he is "wink-wink nudge-nudge" so dot-mil-classified mobbed up that he can't even BEGIN to divulge details of all his heroic exploits. If that turd had anywhere near the military experience and connections he hints at, he wouldn't be working and getting fired from one jerk-ass telemarketer job after another.

    Love your site, Arthur, but I never could understand why you give that loudmouth nobody the time of day.

  2. Anonymous

    If these blogs are coming under fire, Leviathan is cutting out our communication links and is planning something really stupid for really soon…

  3. Anonymous

    NCS put a lot of work in to make his site very self reliant. He seems to be someone with a very tight schedule, but maybe he can ask him about some of the details.

  4. Anonymous

    I would have to agree. The big profile bloggers and media personalities that serve our demographic would likely be taken out as widely as possible in advance of some bolder move against the general population. DOS attacks and unwarranted service banning would be less obvious than more extreme measures, but even that would be telling to any of us watching for just such a tell on pending enemy action.

  5. BigCountryExpat

    At least get it right, that's MISTER Asshole to you Anon.
    Never said I was a hero, nor claim to.
    Just another asshole, doing shitty things in shitty places. Not 'mobbed up' just did a lot of shit under a Top Secret Clearance that I -still- respect the boundaries of. I also utterly and categorically REFUSE to work for Leviathan again. And no, never did telemarketing… not a sales kind of guy and I tend to lose those jobs 'cos I can't deal with civilian Karens like you, and tell them where to go, and how to get there.
    And, as Arthur so succinctly put it (go ahead, look it up, I'll wait) Don't like my blegg? The don't go there… easy-peasy, as you will NOT be missed. Buh-Bye Felicia

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