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Aw That Is Too Bad!

The creepy mystery monument to global depopulation, the Georgia Guidestones, were badly damaged last night by an explosion.

What a shame! I really am sure that the goal of reducing the global population to 500 million, a 90% decrease, is for humanitarian purposes. Now if I were to advocate for that but the 500 million only being White? They would call me Moustache Man Bad 2.0. 
Just a real tragedy all around.


  1. Anonymous

    Screw the stones, leftist bastards tore down my Confederate monuments. Good for the goose good for the gander…

  2. BigCountryExpat

    Then they leveled the rest of it (only partial vidya, see my repoast on Gab) for safety. Looking at the initial damage, I'd say a shaped charge of black powder or a LARGE firework against a platter of some sort. Blew the hell out of it and threw debris quite a distance. Not being a Sapper, but my thoughts… plus the timing and availability of MAD fireworks makes for big boom boom AND a middle finger at whomever put that abomination up.

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