Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Cuckservatives Never Learn

Speaking of Republicucks. The GOP nominee for Pennsylvania Governor, Doug Mastriano, had an account on Gab. That makes sense, Gab is free speech friendly and home to lots of MAGA types and Normiecon voters. Of course Gab, being a free speech platform, allows people to say whatever they want including saying nigger and questioning the Holocaust. That simply can't be allowed.

Doug's opponent, Democrat nominee Josh Shapiro (early life check? yep.) attacked Mastriano over having a Gab profile so what does Doug do? You can guess.

Dumb. Ass. When you do something like that, it is an admission that what you had done in the first place was wrong. Apparently being allowed to say whatever you want online, political free speech being one of the bedrock founding beliefs of America, is now a problem and something to be both ashamed of and in need of fixing. 

The (((ADL))) was instrumental in getting him to close down his account, as were lawmakers in the Pittsburgh region near the Tree of Life synagogue shooting.

Mr. Shapiro, the sitting state attorney general, has seized on Mr. Mastriano’s payment to Gab as a sign that he’s too extreme to be governor and unfit for the office. Mr. Mastriano’s courting of support on Gab — “the premier website for white supremacists and the one used by the Tree of Life killer,” Mr. Shapiro said in a visit to Pittsburgh this week — shows he is “too extreme and dangerous” to lead Pennsylvania, the Democrat said.

The Anti-Defamation League, in a report in 2019, said accused Tree of Life gunman Robert Bowers was motivated by the idea that whites are in danger of being overrun by non-whites, and found an audience of similar extremists on Gab.

What did Doug gain by cowering in front of the ADL? Nothing but an admission of guilt. Lots of shooters have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, whatever but those sites never get blamed. But Gab? Anyone with an account on Gab is automatically complicit with the actions of anyone else who has an account on Gab. Doug is already regularly smeared by the Left, look at his Wikipedia page (which is locked by the way):

The entire thing is a partisan smear and of course his page is locked until right before the election. Convenient! Cucking to the ADL isn't going to change his wikipedia page which has enshrined his thought-crime of having a Gab account.

Republicans are just stupid, consistently moronic. I have been saying this for years, Quit Chasing The Stick. Republicans make some progress but then a Democrat makes some accusation of racism or antisemitism or transphobia and tosses it, and then the Republican dutifully forgets what he was talking about to chase the stick and explain why he isn't racist/sexist/antisemitic/homophobic etc. Rinse, repeat. That has been the sum of our political discourse for the last 20 years, Democrats calling Republicans names and Republicans obediently defending themselves against the name calling. It is a waste of time and it confirms that whatever you did that they are screeching about was wrong in the first place.

Dougie deserves to lose in November.

Congrats to Doug Mastriano, I award you the coveted King Of The Cucks award for this week!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Shock The Monkey(pox)

Solid memery going on surrounding the Monkeypox "pandemic" that is only a pandemic if you take it in the ass or give it to some other dude in his ass. This is a pretty solid entry.
As Andy Ngo, being a fag himself, points out....

In other words, if you aren't a fag or a sexual degenerate of some other kind, you won't get monkeypox. Pretty much the same as the AIDS epidemic. Don't stick your dick where it doesn't belong and you avoid all sorts of unpleasantness. 

Tucker even joined in on the dogpiling of faggotry and their various disgusting diseases.

L oh effing L! 

They are super pissed that no one is taking this seriously because we all have figured out what a scam this (and many previous pandemics) really is (and are).

Many Of Us Deserve To Be Replaced

When last we checked in one the beating death of White Ohio teen Ethan Liming, his alleged killers were in custody and to the surprise of no one they were three black adults: Ethan Liming's Killers In Custody

The charges have been filed against these three and again to the surprise of no one they have been given relatively light charges given that they beat an unconscious minor to death.
From the New York Post:

A grand jury in Summit County, Ohio, indicted brothers DeShawn and Tyler Stafford, ages 20 and 19, respectively, and their 21-year-old cousin, Donovon Jones, in connection with the early June incident fight that was allegedly started over the use of a water-bead gun. 

Court papers from earlier this week show the grand jury indicted DeShawn Stafford on two counts of involuntary manslaughter – felonies in the first and third degree, respectively – and one count each of first-degree assault and fourth-degree aggravated assault. 

Tyler Stafford was indicted on single counts of first-degree involuntary manslaughter and first-degree assault, while Jones was indicted on two counts of first-degree assault, records show.

That isn't surprising. Supposedly "new information" was discovered but most likely the "new information" was simply pressure to reduce the charges. Of course there is no mention of hate crime charges. None of that is all that shocking or even really very noteworthy in 2022. 

What is infuriating is the response from Ethan Liming's father. I try be sensitive to a parent who has lost a kid but when you are a dumbass like Bill Liming? My patience wears thin quickly.

In a lengthy statement provided by family spokesperson and attorney Michael Callahan, Bill Liming, Ethan’s father, said he and his family “are grieving.” 

“We are a beautifully multi-cultural family with white, African American, and Filipino family members who share the vision of strength by coming together rather than pulling apart everything we hold dear at the seams,” he wrote. “Rather than become bitter, we are choosing to fall back on our faith.” 

I am sure that having a "beautifully multi-cultural family" was a great comfort to his son Ethan while three black men beat him to death. How is having a mixed race family supposed to be so "beautiful" as if having a different races in your family is automatically an unqualified good, and if we read between the lines is superior to an all White family because heaven will be mixed race or something like that. See, Bill Liming is also known as "Reverend Doctor" Bill Liming. He is a "Dr." thanks to a D. Min degree from Ashland Theological Seminary and is the pastor of Montrose Zion United Methodist Church.

The UMC is a notoriously leftist cucked denomination and Bill's church is no different as most of the staff are homely women with one effeminate looking White guy who is the "worship leader". One of the women on staff, no surprise, is Reverend Bill's current wife, Cyndi Liming, who looks Filipino and is clearly not the mother of Ethan. Ethan's mother is Jennifer Liming and apparently she and the good reverend are divorced. I guess Bill skipped the parts of the Bible dealing with divorce and remarriage, and the qualifications for being an elder/overseer/pastor in the Christian church.

The response of "Rev" Bill to the brutal murder of his son by three black men who likely saw his White son as easy prey is to talk about his beautifully multi-cultural family. Again, these three black men beat his son Ethan unconscious and then continued to beat him while he was unconscious, kicking him in the head.

Affidavits related to the suspects’ arrests, provided to Fox News Digital in June, described how police believed each of the men were involved “in an altercation with Liming” and his three friends. They allegedly “punched” and “assaulted” each of the four victims, and “beat Liming until he was unconscious.” They each “then beat him more” while “he was unconscious on the ground,” the affidavits state. 

The affidavits further allege that each of the boys then repeatedly “stomped and kicked Liming” in his head.

Fairly standard behavior in an assault by blacks on someone they outnumber, knock them down and then kick and punch them while they are helpless. The "boys" in question: Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20, Tyler Stafford, 19, and Donovon Jones, 21. If you are 20 or 21 years old, you aren't a "boy" except in the pejorative sense, you are an adult man. Infantilizing them like that makes it seem like teen shenanigans instead of a cold blooded murder of a minor by three adult men.

They get off with "involuntary manslaughter" when they stomped an unconscious minor in the head because that seems like an accident, right? But that's OK because Ethan's extended/step family included blacks and Filipinos. 

It isn't just liberal Christians who cuck like this. Uber-"Conservative" theologian and pastor Doug Wilson who is regularly charged with being a Nazi and accused to wanting to reinstitute slavery recently posted Straight from the Pit a long, boring post that ends with this:

I have far more in common with Nigerian Anglican women who love Christ than I do with white conservative American men who don’t. The line is vertical, always vertical. We are Christians.

Really? Want to bet that the Nigerian Anglican woman doesn't feel the same way? Douglas Wilson for all his charges of being a right-wing extremist is just another race cuck who considers non-Christian White conservative Americans, his own people by blood, to be second-class citizens compared to some African woman in Nigeria who happens to share some faint religious connection with a guy named Doug Wilson who lives in Idaho, a state she likely never heard of and couldn't find on a map with both hands.

The number of prominent non-race-cucked White Christians is tiny and the ones that do recognize that they share a familial relationship with other Whites regardless of religious convictions are pariahs in their own religion. 

"Reverend Bill" Liming reminds me of another cucked White dad, Rob Tibbetts. Robert Tibbetts is the father of slain White girl Mollie Tibbetts who was brutally murdered by an illegal alien named Cristhian Bahena Rivera because she rebuffed his advances while jogging in Iowa. Rob Tibbetts was hugely concerned that people would think racist thoughts about the illegal alien mestizo who killed his beautiful White daughter. If some mestizo murdered and perhaps sexually assaulted my daughter, the last thing I would worry about would be whether other illegal mestizos in my country got sad feelings.

He infected his daughter Mollie with his liberal White self-hatred. See: Lethal Self-Loathing to learn about Mollie tweeting out "I hate white people" a few months before a non-White stabbed her to death.

On the rare occasions when a White person is responsible for the death of a black, the black's family will pull out all of the stops to frame it as driven by "hate" and "racism" regardless of the circumstances and evidence. They can only think of violent interactions in terms of "racial injustice", their entire existence is framed by loathing and envying White people.

On the far more frequent occasions when a black causes the death of someone White, most Whites will fall all over themselves to make excuses for why it wasn't motivated by race or hate. 

Fuck these self-loathing White cucks who excuse assault, rape and murder of our people in the vain hope that people that already hate them for being White might hate them a little less.

Over and over we see the same thing, a White survivor making excuses for the black or mestizo murderer of their loved one in a vain attempt to be seen as not racist. Being not racist is the highest compliment you can give these people and them calling people like me racist is the worst thing they can imagine. That makes it all the more delightful when they call me racist on social media and I just laugh at them. The proper response to being called racist is to say "Thanks for noticing!". 

I am rapidly moving past the point of seeing cucked Whites as meatshields (see: About Normie) and into the place where I won't be sad to see them get what they have coming from the feral hordes. 

Save who you can, jettison the rest.

This Isn't Your Country Anymore

Is there anything more quintessentially American, more Midwestern and wholesome, than the county fair? Just about every county in America has one, from urban counties to the smallest county fair in Podunk, Nebraska. For city folk it is a chance to see some livestock up close and get a small taste of country life, but for people who show at the fair it is like the Super Bowl. It was a time for people to show off the hard work they put in, whether that was a steer that they had raised from a calf or a giant vegetable or an arts & craft project.

As a kid in FFA I showed chickens and hogs at the Lucas County Fair. It is different being an exhibitor at the fair, instead of visiting for a few hours you are at the fair for most of the day all week. You have to make sure your animals are fed and watered, their pens were kept clean and be in place for your showing wearing black pants and a white dress shirt. Many of us stayed in tents or campers all week with the predictable unsupervised shenanigans going on but it was mostly harmless teen stuff. Some of the best memories of my youth happened at the fair.

The Lucas County Fair is also where I met my wife. We had run into one another at FFA events a couple of times before but at the fair was where we spent some casual time together and the first spark happened. The county fair for me in the 1980s was all about the lights and sound of the midway, fried foods, showing animals and young love. 

That was then. 

We went to a county fair here and there when we were younger and when some of our kids were little and in 4-H we went a few times in Northern Michigan to the very small Emmet County fair. Then last night I took a van load of Amish youth up to the Elkhart County Fair in Goshen, Indiana to see the rodeo. Amish young folk love the Western thing, they like horseback riding and country music and of course rodeo. The Elkhart County Fair proclaims itself the biggest county fair in Indiana and I can believe it. It appeared to be much larger than the Lucas County Fair we attended as kids and right away I knew things were different from back in my day.

Getting into the fair was a traffic nightmare, lots of people were showing up for the fair and especially the rodeo. As we slowly made our way to the parking area, we were greeted by a number of large road signs that declared: no smoking, no vaping, no drugs, no guns and no gang colors.

WTF? No gang colors? At a county fair in Goshen, Indiana? 

It is even on the fair webpage....

I can report that I did not vape or smoke, or use drugs or wear gang colors. The absolutely no weapons part?

Yeah, don't tell me that fairgoers can't wear gang colors and then tell me I can't carry. Fuck you. The 2nd Amendment and common sense trump your rules.

Anyway, that was the first unpleasant reminder. The rodeo itself was pretty lame, a lot of the livestock didn't cooperate and the MC for the rodeo was talking non-stop on a loudspeaker that kept cutting out. For $10 at a county fair in Indiana you weren't going to get top quality rodeo acts, but the contestants gave it their all. They even had monkeys riding border collies herding sheep!

The crowd for the rodeo was about what you would expect, quite a few Amish and Mennonites, lots of White people including the obligatory tons of chicks of various ages all tarted up. Most should have made a different clothing choice. When it got over at a little after 10, the Amish young folks wanted to wander around the midway for a bit so we headed out.

That was like stepping into another world. It also explains the sign about no gang colors.

The usual sights and sounds were there, carnies trying to lure people in, the extremely unsafe looking mechanical rides, fried food of every possible kind. That was very familiar although the sheer size of the crowds was different.

What was different were the people. You would have thought you stepped off a plane in Juarez, Mexico. Mestizos of all shades, shapes and sizes clogged the sidewalks. The chatter was overwhelmingly in Spanish. Quite a few blacks as well. It is not a stretch to say that only about a third of the people I saw were White and no surprise there was a substantial police presence. 

While Goshen is in mostly rural Elkhart County and northern Indiana as a whole is rural and White with lots of Amish, Goshen itself is rapidly changing along with the rest of what used to be America.
A full one third of Goshen residents are mestizo of some kind and it looked like they were all there last night. 

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like there were cock fights on the midway and no one was knifed, lots of families with small kids etc but then again as I like to point out, if mestizos made for good citizens their countries wouldn't be almost universally shitholes that they flee from to live in White countries. 

Last night was another reminder of how degraded our nation has become. From bucolic county fairs full of White kids showing rabbits and sheep to signs declaring no gang colors. This is the sort of "progress" necessary for the Great Reset and it was on full display last night. There is no going back to the way it was, those days are gone and that country has been murdered before our very eyes. The only way now is to go forward through the fire and hope we make it out on the other side. 

Friday, July 29, 2022

Not Even Satire Anymore

From The Babylon Bee:

They should have stuck with the old slogan "Join The Army To Die For Israel, If You Survive You Get Free College Or Something".

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Wagging The Dawg

With a looming midterm debacle and the nation officially in recession this would be a great time....for a war with one or maybe two nuclear armed adversaries that possess peer or near-peer conventional militaries!

If you think They would hesitate to pull the trigger on a serious conflict with China and/or Russia, leading to millions of deaths here and abroad and in the case of China seeing the island nation of Taiwan become part of the ChiCom empire with devastating effects, well you just simply haven't been paying attention. 

Either by distracting the normies with a massive war or finding some way to avoid having elections at all ("the second pandemic"), they will do whatever it takes to avoid a disastrous election in November where they might lose one or both chambers. The death of you and your family would just be an added bonus.

Welcome To The Not-A-Recession!

Recorded for posterity. 

Even with the media frantically running cover, nothing to see here!, we are now in an official recession. Pedo Joe says we aren't even though two quarters of economic contraction has always qualified as a recession but what the fuck does he know other than "Me likey little girl hair smell"? 

Welcome to the beginning of the end.

A Local LOL

A local judge has ruled that Allen County, Indiana (home to Fort Wayne) needs a new, upgraded jail because the old one is overcrowded or some nonsense like that.

Allen County has proposed a site in the southeast corner of the county in a fairly undeveloped area at the corner of Paulding Road and Adams Center Road. Looks like a great site. Of course there is a problem....

The red arrow on the right points toward the proposed site. The one on the left? Points to The Prince Chapman Academy. Prince Chapman was a "community activist" who was gunned down in 1998 by a 12 year old black kid named Jamone Williams, a fella who spent 14 years in jail and then promptly went out and molested a boy and earned himself another 49 years in prison. What a charming story!

Anyhoo, the school is very close to the proposed new jail and people are freaking out so I decided to do a little investigation and checked the assessment scores for Prince Chapman Academy. Yoiks! 

Holy crap. A majority of kids at this school are below proficiency in every category and when you add in "approaching proficiency" which means "below but not as far below", at least 3/4 of students are lagging far behind the very low standards for proficiency in every subject. 

The school is demographically what I expected....

You might be surprised by the Asian population but Fort Wayne is home to the largest Burmese diaspora community in the country, so the school pics include lots of photos of little Burmese girls wearing Muslim headscarves. Half the kids don't speak English worth a crap, 11% have "disabilities" which is public school speak for out of control behavior problems. With a quarter of the school black kids, 15% mestizo kids and 5% mulatto, this is a holding pen for future misfits.

So my thought is that the jail is perfectly located as I imagine a significant number of graduates of Prince Chapman Academy are going to either end up there themselves or have family members incarcerated in this jail. It just seems like a natural fit. You wouldn't put it in Amish country in the eastern part of Allen County, this will save a lot of commute time and that is just good for the environment. I call that a win-win!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Welcome To The Jungle

The news media tries to suppress it but the crime wave is just getting worse in cities all across the country and as anyone with half a brain could have anticipated the failure to aggressively prosecute criminals has had the effect of emboldening them. Like this charming fella in New York City who has a lengthy and recent criminal history but is out assaulting cops before being released back on the streets hours later....

Fun little graphic from the video....

Start spreading THAT news!

Or this, also from the Big Apple. 

Best part of the story is that Gateway Pundit added this:

The victim, Jill LeCroix, has three bi-racial children and is a grandmother of five.

Like that would have made a difference. black women generally dislike White people, especially White women and REALLY hate White women who have mixed race kids. Most black women have an understandable inferiority complex toward women of other races as men from every racial group prefer women of every other racial group other than black women. Notice how famous black men often have White girlfriends but famous White men never have black girlfriends? Weird.

In Los Angeles we now have "you shouldn't have been wearing a short skirt" applied to everyone going out in public.....

I wonder if living somewhere you can't easily carry to protect yourself has anything to do with these follow-home robberies? You could buzz around town in a Ferrari and if the black guys followed you home where I live, they would just keep on driving because they know that pulling a gun on someone out here means ending up in the tummy of a pig.

Even in Louisville it is getting so you can't drive around.

A social media friend who lives in the Louisville area shared this story and also shared that police never responded because they didn't have the manpower. Awesome. Yet if some White dudes had gotten out of their cars to deal with this, they would have been arrested for hate crimes. 

At this rate we are only a few years away from American cities becoming no-go zones for decent people. In some neighborhoods this has been the case for decades but now it is spreading all over these cities. 

It is about time to wall these cities off, let the animals take over and we can come back to rebuild in a few years once the corpses have decomposed. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Big Pharma Is Murdering Us

Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Not so fast. I hesitate to use hyperbolic language about a TV talking head but this might be the most important segment Tucker Carlson has ever done and I am shocked they let him put it on the air.

(Video embedding isn't working but the video is at this link --->>>) Here is the transcript if you prefer reading: Tucker Carlson: Drugs are not the answer to every human problem

I am the son of a physician and the father of a soon-to-be physician. I believe in the medical field.

Having said that there is an enormous and growing chasm between the practice of medicine and the "health care" industry. I have seen this up close watching our daughter apply to medical school and as a patient and the husband/father of other patients. It is bad and it is getting worse. You should read if you have not this from Henry Schumacher on Substack: Don't get sick, and you should subscribe to his Substack feed for an inside view of the medical system. His closing paragraph echoes what I have been saying:

Your health care system, like the greater economy around it, is in freefall, stumbling and careening toward collapse. Please, avoid interacting with it unless absolutely necessary. Your life and the lives of your tribe may depend upon it. If you have to break down and go seek care, look for some gray hair……

Find a middle aged White male doctor now if you don't have one. What is coming out of the medical schools now and in recent years is a disaster waiting to happen.

Back to my point. I think I have shared this before but it is applicable again. My father (now retired) was a family physician in our small town of Waterville, Ohio. Early in his practice he even delivered babies. He cared for children, teens, adults and the elderly. His practice was him and another doctor. They had a handful of women in the office, a nurse and a couple of women to handle the front desk and paperwork. This is his office building now, a very small little brick building with room for a waiting room, some exam rooms and the back office area.

This is where the practice moved to right before he retired after he grew sick of dealing with the insurance companies. 

Modern and much larger, with a large staff of non-medical personnel and of course now owned by McLaren, a huge "health care" system with a $6,000,000,000 budget....

Do you think your care was better when you had a small town doctor who owned the practice or when a faceless multi-billion dollar health care system owns the practice?

Anyway back to Tucker's video.

While the number of life saving and life improving drugs is almost uncountable, some of the biggest drugs on the market are not only not savings lives or improving them but are instead making lives worse and even killing people in genocidal numbers. 

Tucker started off with the opioid epidemic, created in large part by Purdue Pharmaceutical run by the Sackler family, a Jewish criminal syndicate that managed to make billions while murdering hundreds of thousands of White Americans and got away with it without anyone ending up in jail. 

He also talked about the "vaccines" for Covid, including the admission from Deborah Birx that the vaccines were bullshit:

"I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines ..."

For more see: Deborah Birx just admitted that she knew the vaccines were not going to stop the virus from spreading but suffice it to say that she came out and said what many of us knew, that the "vaccines" were not very effective and the risk was only offset for people who were in increased danger of Covid (iow the elderly). The admission from Birx ought to be bombshell news but most people didn't hear it.

Finally he gets to the big one, that antidepressant meds are based on faulty science. This is a good overview of the issue:

“Many people take antidepressants because they have been led to believe their depression has a biochemical cause, but this new research suggests this belief is not grounded in evidence,” said the study’s lead author, Joanna Moncrieff, a professor of psychiatry at University College London and consultant psychiatrist at North East London NHS foundation trust.

“It is always difficult to prove a negative, but I think we can safely say that after a vast amount of research conducted over several decades, there is no convincing evidence that depression is caused by serotonin abnormalities, particularly by lower levels or reduced activity of serotonin.

“Thousands of people suffer from side-effects of antidepressants, including the severe withdrawal effects that can occur when people try to stop them, yet prescription rates continue to rise. We believe this situation has been driven partly by the false belief that depression is due to a chemical imbalance. It is high time to inform the public that this belief is not grounded in science.”

WTF. The market for antidepressant meds is billions of dollars and the basic premise is completely off? That might explain as Tucker mentions why while the number of prescriptions for antidepressants is up thousands of percent, suicides are also up 35% and people in general are more miserable than any time in living memory. If antidepressants worked and over 200 million are prescribed, we should be the happiest country on earth. Instead we are the opposite. Maybe the problem isn't one that can be solved by numbing people's minds so they don't notice how shitty they feel?

The American people are simultaneously the most unhappy and the most heavily medicated of any people who have ever existed.

If prior generations of Americans had been this heavily sedated all the time, we never would have made it across the continent, or split the atom, or landed men on the moon. 

I know of people who have been helped by these meds, people suffering significant psychological issues. For most people, their issues are not biochemical but something else. Cognitive dissonance, endless bad news being streamed 24-7, the constant din of social media blaring in their eyes and ears and the world we live in just being jacked up in general have more to do with mental health problems than an issue with brain chemicals. 

What is the greater problem is that the pharma companies must have known this, if not at first then eventually, but they still keep pushing these pills and doctors still keep prescribing them in enormous numbers. Instead of telling their patients complaining of depression and anxiety to put down their phone and go outside for a bit, many docs just prescribe a pill and send the patient on their way. That isn't medicine really, it is more akin to slapping a patch on a leaky rubber raft even though you know it will spring a new leak soon after.

Big Pharma is even worse, they don't even care if people get better as long as the bucks keep rolling in. Why do you think they were given that blanket immunity from lawsuits over the Covid "vaccines"? There was a demand for a vaccine, whether it worked or not, so they made something and the government bought it up by the hundreds of millions of doses. 

The same outfits that are responsible for so many life-saving drugs are at the same time making poisons that are killing people by the hundreds of thousands. Something isn't working here and all of the screeching about "muh free marketz!" doesn't change that. 

We need to refocus ourselves on real medicine and distance ourselves from the "health care" industrial complex. 

Monday, July 25, 2022

Alex Jones Was Right As Usual

Progress In Chicago!

Sure 71 people were shot in Chicago over one weekend, 8 fatally, but last year on the same weekend 75 people were shot so that is a huge improvement!

I do object to the cultural appropriation going on in this photo.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Not All Luxuries Are RVs and iPhones

Piggybacking on my prior post about the RV industry being an canary in the economic coalmine (The (Fifth Wheel) Canary In The Coal Mine). There is more news coming out about that and it sounds like the industry is in a general free fall: "All Of A Sudden, It Came To A Halt": After Posting Fresh Records Just Months Earlier, RV Industry Grinds To A Halt

We generally think of "luxuries" as something you can purchase if you have a bunch of money and/or a credit card with a high limit: fancy cars, designer clothing, the newest tech gadgets, recreational vehicles. 

But not all luxuries are tangible goods, in fact many luxuries are lifestyle or societal. 

A personal example: this blog. 

I don't run ads or get any revenue from this blog so the time I spend writing can be considered somewhat frivolous. Because my businesses provide me with ample income, downtime and flexibility, I can take the time to scream into the aether via this outlet. It allows me to meet new people and interact online and more important it provides me with pleasure. I enjoy writing, and it sharpens my mind. Nothing makes you think through your positions like putting them out in public.

If I had to spend every waking hour making sure my wife and kids had enough to eat and were sheltered from the elements, I wouldn't have time to blog for sure or do any of the other stuff I like to do like reading or playing the occasional video game. All of our hobbies are luxuries, from hunting or fishing for pleasure to watching the ballgame on TV. Because of centuries of struggle and progress by our ancestors we now enjoy almost unlimited leisure activities. Even something as simple as closing your eyes in the hammock for half an hour is a luxury. 

Again, these luxuries can only exist in a society that is relatively prosperous, free and safe. Those three words described American society in general over the last century but while they are still applicable for many of us, those days are waning in a hurry.

Not all of these intangible luxuries are a positive of course. 

There are all sorts of societal maladies that can only exist in a society that protects the weak and the weird. One of these is "feminism", an ideology that claims that women can exist and thrive in a society without having men around in a traditional gender role arrangement (women caring for kids and keeping the home, men being the protector and provider). 

What is endlessly amusing to me is that feminism itself is something that can only exist in a society where women are insulated from the consequences of their poor decisions by the very men they revile. Absent men who let women act against their self-interest and protect them from bad men, feminism doesn't exist.

Without the societal protections provided by men, women are in a much worse position. You don't hear a lot about feminism in the Congo or Afghanistan or Yemen because women there are just trying to survive and not get raped. Only in advanced nations with centuries of patriarchal protection built into the fabric of society can women venture out to screech about their "right" to murder their unborn child. 

Tim Pool had an interesting conversation with his cast of misfits the other day addressing this issue......

One of his most salient points comes around at around the 13:30 mark where Tim says, paraphrasing, that without external threats, the weak survive and then drag down society. 

This is on display in spades. Weirdos, freaks and degenerates run our society, everything is centered around trying to placate people who by all rights should be allowed to suffer the consequences of being the weakest link in society. A guy who puts on panties and prances around like that makes him a girl in any normal society in human history has a very short lifespan but in our society we supposed to lift him up and exalt his bravery. 

The same is true for "feminism". You can be a strong, powerful wahman who don't need no man....provided that good men provide a security blanket of protection that keeps bad men away from you. Absent that? Good luck with your plan to be an independent woman toughing it out in a man's world. 

Without the rule of law that is enforced by men with guns, what would like be like for these single, "independent" feminist women? 

They sure as hell wouldn't be wandering around in cities, going to work or clubs or whatever, without a care in the world and wearing provocative outfits. Muggings and rapes would be commonplace. This was on display in Haiti after the earthquake. With no law enforcement mechanism in place, women and young (often very young) girls in refugee camps without a man to protect them were raped at will by gangs of Haitian men. It isn't mentioned much because it runs counter to the narrative but indications are that unprotected women and young girls travelling to the U.S. border with Mexico are raped repeatedly along the way, a kind of cost of doing business with human smugglers. 

Being a single woman living on her own, or a lesbian couple playing house or the single mom sort of works now but that is a luxury that isn't going to last. It might take a little longer but soon feminism, transvestitism and other anti-social degeneracies are going to go the way of the RV. We are likely going to see a widespread culling of the weak and the weird on a scale that we haven't seen for generations. Just one more unintended but healthy side-effect of the joint going tits up.

Bad Ideas? We've Tried Plenty Of Them

Still people think the problem is we didn't try them hard enough.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Let's Check In On Republicucks

You can always count on The Stupid Party™ to be stupid, especially when they have a chance to kneecap The Evil Party™. Let's see what these stalwarts of "conservatism" have brewing.

First let's see what J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy and recent winner of the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in Ohio is up to:

Well that is great news, Israel doesn't have anyone standing up for them in the Congress! Vance of course posted pics of him praying at the "wailing wall" wearing a little hat.

If he is like most Ohio Catholics I know (and I know a lot), he doesn't read his Bible much but maybe someone should point this passage out to him:

"Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head," -- 1 Corinthians 11:4


J.D. Vance is in what promises to be a tough race against Democrat Tim Ryan for the very important Ohio Senate seat so why is he in Israel wearing a silly little hat and pledging to support Israel?

One, because a ton of Ohio evangelical voters have been force-fed dispensational nonsense for decades that tells them that the secular state of Israel formed in 1947 is the successor to the Old Covenant nation of Israel from the Bible. It's not but you can't tell them that.

Second, and more important, you can't be a Republican of any prominence without bending the knee to the Israeli lobby. There is no issue that is more make or break as a Republican than devotion to giving Israel whatever it demands, even though Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, always have and always will. Not abortion, not guns. If you don't swear fealty to Israel, you are done. 

Speaking of "conserving". In the wake of the overturning of Roe v Wade, it was noted by many people including Justice Clarence Thomas, that the same reasoning that created a "right" to an abortion also was used to create a "right" to gay "marriage" via Obergefell v Hodges. So of course a number of Republicans are on board with a law to pre-emptively make gay "marriage" permanent, like this dipshit:

Ron Johnson, Republican from Wisconsin, looks as inspiring and as intelligent as a cup of flour. He isn't alone according to the article

"Unlike Roe v. Wade, I do not see any scenario in which the Supreme Court would overturn Obergefell. The Respect for Marriage Act is another example of Democrats creating a state of fear over an issue in order to further divide Americans for their political benefit. Even though I feel the Respect for Marriage Act is unnecessary, should it come before the Senate, I see no reason to oppose it," the full statement read.

He isn't the only Republican lawmaker who would codify same-sex marriage into federal law. A total of 47 of them voted in favor of the Respect for Marriage Act in the House on Tuesday, including House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik of New York.

Stefanik is someone you likely never heard of but she is the chair of House Republican Conference, making her "the third-ranking House Republican". This is what you are going to see more of in the future, Stefanik is only 38 and is the epitome of the Republicuck mentality. 

Be sure to show up to vote in November, how else can you be sure that gay "marriage" will remain the law of the land and Israel will continue to steal from the American tax payers in perpetuity?!

Simply Epic Tone Deafness

Who is running these social media accounts?

I have not ever seen a post with almost 90,000 laugh reacts before. I guess if 4 states are $3.99 or less, and last I checked there were 50 states, that means that in 46 states the average price of gas is $4.00 or more.

Quick reminder:

This might be a good time to delete the official White House social media accounts.

Friday, July 22, 2022

This Is Going To Get Bloody

Last night some weirdo named David G. Jakubonis of Fairport, N.Y. attacked Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for Governor in New York with a knife in his hand. Either the dude was crazy or this was a clumsy, botched assassination attempt but Zeldin predicted what would happen next.

A man attempts to attack the Republican candidate for governor and is released on his own recognizance? 

Even better, Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul sent out an email giving her supporters the location of Zeldin's rally

If a Republican did that, it would be considered incitement but nothing will happen to Hochul of course.

Zeldin, Rand Paul, Steve Scalise. For all of my life political violence has been overwhelmingly coming from the political Left and yet most Americans would say that "Right-wing domestic terrorism" is the real problem. 

It is only a matter of time before one of these crazies ends up capping a Republican politician, especially if the Congress changes hands. 

Positive Vibes For Friday

There is way too much negativity on this site so I want to give a little white pill for Friday, something to inspire and encourage. Please share with any of your friends who might be a little down today.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Just Say No

A bit of 2A news that made the rounds yesterday. 

The basic gist of the story is that a man in Delaware had three LEOs (two ATF, one Delaware state cop) show up unannounced at his home who then badgered him into showing them some of his firearms. No warrant was obtained. They claimed they were checking to make sure he still had his firearms as part of a crackdown on "straw purchases", he had purchased multiple handguns and shown up on a report. You can see in the article and in the below video that the guy lives in what appears to be a nice residential neighborhood, has a lovely front porch and a well maintained front lawn. Not exactly where you would do a spot check for a straw purchase. 

Notice also that they are wearing tactical vests and are spread out on the lawn, being as conspicuous as possible. The guy finally agreed to show them a firearm, they wrote down the serial number and left. The guy who broke the story, Lee Williams, did a follow-up because the ATF is getting some heat on this: ATF issues conflicting responses to story about warrantless firearm inspection

His final words are worth noting:

It should come as no surprise that this encounter came just a few days after ATF’s new director, Steve Dettelbach, was sworn in. Dettelbach is notoriously anti-gun. When he ran unsuccessfully for Ohio Attorney General in 2018, he was endorsed by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Everytown for Gun Safety. During his campaign for AG, Dettelbach called for reinstating the failed federal “assault weapon” ban and for universal background checks.

These warrantless home intrusions make it crystal clear where the new director is taking the agency. Under Dettelbach, the ATF is ready, willing and able to serve on the front lines of Joe Biden’s war on our guns.

Dettelbach is going to be a problem and that has been clear. This is why I warned that defeating the nomination of David Chipman to head the ATF was not a real victory of any sort: Hooray We Won....Nothing

A few of take-ways from this:

One, by law FFLs like me are required to file a report whenever a customer purchases more than one handgun from us within a five consecutive business day period. This is the actual wording:
Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) must use this form to report all transactions in which an unlicensed person (i.e., non-FFL holder) acquired any combination of two or more pistols or revolvers totaling two or more at one time or during five consecutive business days.
That means someone buying two pistols on a single day or someone who buys a pistol on Tuesday and then another on the following Monday.

Two, this report must be filed within 24 hours by the FFL to the ATF and also a copy is sent to your local Chief Local Law Enforcement Official (CLEO). In my case because we live in the sticks that is our county sheriff but in cities it would probably be the chief of police of that city. I assume my sheriff has a file somewhere where these are kept and never looked at. This is the only occasion when your firearm purchases are reported directly to local law enforcement.

Third, it is also the only time that your information is specifically sent to the ATF when you purchase a firearm. Normally you fill out a form 4473 but that document stays in the possession of your FFL unless something happens involving that firearm. The FBI runs the NCIS background check system but that doesn't tell much other than you had a check run and as far as I know it isn't reported to the ATF.

Fourth, look at the form:

The form not only has your personal information, it also includes the exact type and number of firearms you purchased including the serial number. As I said this form goes to the ATF and to local law enforcement and I assume is compiled on the Fed's end in some sort of database. 

Fifth, if they don't have a warrant you don't have to show them anything. It is not illegal to purchase more than one handgun, and you are under no obligation to provide your firearms for inspection on what amounts to a fishing expedition. You should cooperate as legally required with law enforcement but that doesn't obligate you to allow them to inspect your legally purchased firearms. I would never allow law enforcement access to my home or person without a warrant. 

Sixth, be smart. If you are buying a lot of guns from dealers and then turning around and selling them privately right away, you are running the risk of being considered an unlicensed dealer. Right or wrong, if you are engaged in buying and selling firearms for a profit that makes you a firearms dealer and if you don't have an FFL you can get busted. Whether I agree with that or not is irrelevant, just know that you can run afoul of the Feds if you are engaged in buying and selling without a license. 

Owning, buying, selling guns is going to get a lot more problematic in the very near future. Take advantage of the fact that right now you can buy pretty much anything you want, anytime you want. That state of grace won't last much longer I'm afraid. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The (Fifth Wheel) Canary In The Coal Mine

Besides corn, one of the main things Indiana is known for is RV manufacturing. Northern Indiana is home to a ton of companies that build various kinds of recreational vehicles, from simple campers to enormous highway battleships that cost more than most houses. A not terribly well known fact is that this industry is largely driven (pun intended) by a seemingly unlikely group: the Amish.

While the Amish are often understandably associated with Lancaster, Pennsylvania they are all over the country. Five of the top ten largest settlements are in my state of Indiana including our local Allen County community that comes in number 10 on the list. We have around 27 "churches", semi-autonomous groups based on geography led by a bishop, but in northern Indiana? They have at last count around 200 churches so it is significantly larger. 

Although most of the RV plants are in the northern extreme of the state near towns in Elkhart and Lagrange counties, there is a place somewhat closer to us where a number of Amish work and make a very nice living making RV trailers with fifth wheel attachments. Some of the young Amish who work there were making more than most middle age professionals. It is a long drive to get there and they start at some stupid time like 5 AM, but they make a lot of money and are done by 1-2 in the afternoon so they can get home and work more. 

But live by the RV, die by the RV.

This week some Amish young women I know were laid off from their jobs at the RV trailer factory indefinitely. Then I saw this story:

300 workers in Goshen is likely at least half Amish, the rest are probably Mexicans. 

The RV industry has been booming for years but people are feeling the pinch. The industry is a good leading indicator of economic conditions. When times are good and people are feeling optimistic, RV sales go up but when people feel as though conditions are worsening? Well buying a quarter million dollar hotel on wheels falls off the priority list. 

For poor people this doesn't matter much, they are often in less that ideal conditions (relatively speaking of course) all of the time. I've been poor and I've been wealthy and while it is true that money can't buy happiness, all things equal I would rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable. Those poor folks aren't the people buying RVs. Middle class consumers do and that demographic is also the engine that drives our consumption based economy. 

It might start with RVs, one the biggest and most expensive luxury items on the market but it won't stop there. Next might be skipping upgrading to the newest iPhone or the latest flat screen TV that is 1/4" bigger than the one you already own and it will continue from there. I have noted previously that people are maxing out credit cards and draining their savings, although I get credit card offers in the mail every damn day including from companies that I already have cards with. Derp. 

If consumer consumption slumps, it will cause a snowball effect that will pick up speed as belt tightening begets belt tightening. 

Having a localized slow down in the RV industry isn't itself a big deal, although the last time it happened in 2009 during the "housing crisis" it hammered the Amish community that had grown dependent on those fat RV plant checks. It even made the Wall Street Journal: A Bank Run Teaches the 'Plain People' About the Risks of Modernity and I see some of the same warning signs now. 

New Amish houses are getting very fancy, with columns and stone or brick facing in contrast to the older, blocky white siding houses. Lots of lawn care services and random tchotchke ornamentation in the yards. There was quite the stir over the last month as one family put in an in-ground pool (the Amish keep calling them underground pools which I explain would fill with dirt) and another family blacktopped their drive which must be close to 100 yards long. I poke fun at some of them, they buy $15,000 buggies and $30,000 horses and then pay me to drive them around. A shut down of the RV industry will hurt a lot of families that have grown dependent on those jobs but it won't stop there.

The guy who works at the RV factory might not build a new barn or "company shed", and that is less work for the Amish carpenters. I am already hearing rumblings that some home builders who contract out to Amish have slowed/stopped new home construction. The community will be OK, lots of their businesses will keep thriving and they will band together. I know lots of Amish with six figure incomes and quite a few with seven figure incomes that will be just fine.

What about the rest of us? 

That future is less secure. Slowing consumption will drag the entire economy down and a lot of people have stupid, meaningless jobs that likely won't survive. 

One thing is certain, the slowdown won't end with the RV industry. Check your finances and ask the hard questions, if the economy goes south how will you make ends meet? This is something you should do anyway, especially if you are middle aged or older, but the urgency is ramped up now. With interest rates set to keep climbing I expect consumer loan defaults to also increase significantly, causing even more stress on the economy. 

Tighten your belt where you can, squirrel away resources where possible, reset expectations for the near future. We are in the early stages of the Weimarization of America. The road ahead is gonna be bumpy.