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Who Is Afraid Of The Big Bad (Were)Wolf?

My overall opinion of my fellow man can be described as generally poor. Most people are of middling intelligence and are marked by intellectual and often physical laziness not to mention being self-absorbed and entitled. They stumble through life mostly oblivious to the world around them. 

In normal times that isn’t a big deal, they are not in my way and I can limit my interaction with them. To put it charitably, we police our circle of friends pretty tightly or at least I do. If things get spicy? Then all of the idiots around are going to become a big problem in a hurry.

Worse yet, there are a significant percentage of people who are just shitty people and are looking for an excuse to commit wanton violence and depravity, people who are just barely restrained by the rules of society backed up by the threat of violence or imprisonment from the apparatus of the state. Absent that, these people will indulge their violent nature in a hurry. 

That brings me to this video. Just what we need, something else to prep for.

I am not familiar with this guy and the video is about twice as long as it needs to be but the basic tl;dr is this: there are some people who are called “werewolf preppers” that have as their primary plan when SHTF to take what they need from others, rather than prepping for themselves now. The thought process is why store up food and medial supplies when I can just take by force what I need when society breaks down? 

We are not talking about people who recognize that in bad times they might be forced to do bad things. In general I don’t want to ever have to take a life but if it is a choice between someone hurting my wife or kids and me shooting someone in the face? They are getting it in the face. Something I repeat over and over, people will go to extraordinary lengths in order to protect or feed their children. Make a man, even a normie, desperate enough and he will do desperate things. A fat, weak tub of lard can shoot you in the back as easily as the Navy SEAL with all the tats and the perfect physique.

The people were are talking about are those who have as their primary plan to pillage what they need from the weak. 

I didn’t realize this “werewolf prepper” was a thing but it certainly sounds like it is A Thing. 

The troubling part? Despite what the guy says in the video and the empty tough guy rhetoric from a lot of his commenters, it probably would work at least in the short term. 

Think about your average suburbanite or urban White or Asian. While those people can be dangerous in a tough spot, as I just got finished stating above, most of them are willfully oblivious and incredibly unprepared, physically or mentally. Many of them are completely unarmed and physically weak and even the ones who do have a gun are mostly untrained and unfamiliar with their firearms. 

Now imagine even a half dozen guys, maybe with some professional training or maybe just amateurs who train together with some regularity. They have the means and the will to hurt people and take from them. For a small group of guys like that, your average suburban area is like a giant supermarket. For example, let’s look at the demographics of Allen County, Indiana which is our neighboring county and the home of Fort Wayne. You might need to click the pic to see it clearly.

There are 137,851 households in Allen County. Of those 13% are females with no husband present and 28% were single individuals. Those percentages have some overlap. Given those percentages, that means 38 thousand people living alone with about 17 thousand of those households consisting of single females. That is an awful lot of fertile foraging ground just in Allen County. The city of Fort Wayne itself has lots of old people, 12% of all households are people 65 or older. 

Out of 101,585 households in the city, around twelve thousand are home to seniors. 

Tens of thousands of very vulnerable households? We have pretty high rates of firearms ownership around here but what about in suburbs that are less gun-friendly like those outside of Chicago, D.C. or NYC? Those people are easy pickings. I have a sister that lives in the D.C. suburbs and those people are soft as marshmallows, getting home from work and dead-bolting themselves into their homes. Not a one of them looks like they could throw a punch and all of them just a short stroll away from the jungle known as southeast Washington D.C.

A half dozen guys who have some training and are geared up working in coordination are a lot more dangerous than double their number of inner city yoofs with stolen guns. 

Oh you think you are going to saddle up and stop these guys? That is what the guy making the video and a lot of the people who commented suggested. Me? I think if things go to shit I am going to have my hands full protecting my own family.  I am counting on less prepared people to serve as meatshields to absorb some of the worst of the carnage. In About Normie I wrote:

Normies are only useful as meatshields, living between me and the savages, and they will give the animals some early soft targets to focus on when things first go sideways. 

Does that sound cruel and callous? It certainly does. But too many of /ourguys/ are living in a damn fantasy world they created from reading too many post-apocalyptic novels. When things go south, every single day will be a struggle just to stay alive. Food, water, basic medical care, all of these will be hard to come by. It isn’t going to be some fairy tale where we overthrow the Feds and create a new, just republic overnight. It is going to be a return to nature, red in tooth and claw. If you make it to the end of a day with all of your loved ones alive and with enough calories in their stomach to make it to the next day, that is a win. 

So what of these werewolves? 

They are simply another hazard of the world to come to be considered and prepared for. Maybe you will have the local organization under control to the point where you are able to go hunt people like this down. More than likely not. People like these men are evil but not stupid. They will choose the easy prey and avoid the prepared so the best thing you can do is make sure you and yours are a hard target that they will steer clear of. 

This isn’t a game and empty braggadocio in the normal times won’t mean shit in the times to come. I will protect those I can without sacrificing my family but my family comes first. This won’t be a video game, there are no do-overs if you die in a gunfight or if you get wounded and slowly die or you starve to death or die of dehydration. 

The people who survive the times to come will have hard hearts. That may sound shitty but you will have to make hard choices. If you won’t make those hard choices….others will make them for you.


  1. Anonymous

    This seems to accept as inevitable a Mad Max future that I find unlikely. I think it more likely that things just continually get a little bit worse every year as we descend into something more South Africa-ish or Brazil-ish. Higher crime but not so high as to make life unlivable, eroding but still existing services, still there but more corrupt and less reliable government institutions.

    Anyhow, planning to survive through violence is a shitty plan. Get in enough gunfights on a regular basis and your number is inevitably going to come up. The movies make it look like people can be superheroes but that's not reality. I've been working my way through some old Miami Vice reruns and it's striking that those cops got in high noon style gun battles virtually every episode. Anybody who did that on such a regular basis would be shot dead probably before they made it to their 10th one. Perhaps well before.

  2. Anonymous

    I have not heard that term before but i've seen and steared clear of prepper sites that preach might makes right as a survival policy. They best case scenario is they loose a few members early on from locals who fight back and eventually get picked off or the group falls to infighting.


  3. JackDup

    Guessing werewolf preppers will be most active at night when there is a full moon. Must have at least 1 form of night a night vision scope, I went with one of the Pulsar units and nobody can hide at night out in the bushes anywhere around my place let alone 5 – 6 werewolf preppers.

  4. EasyCompany

    This is nothing new.

    Duncan Long and other's talked about guys like this back in the 80s.

    The general term is marauder.

    This is the guy that usually has 12 AR15s, a NVG, BA, 10K in ammo, gear queer, and 2 cases of MRE's. Surprisingly a large number are ex-military who think what they did under Uncle Sam makes them superior to civies. Some even take advance weapons/combat courses.
    Even if they did work in the motor pool.

    Or a nurse.

    They are always thought to be the more dangerous to survivalists, not because they are masters of war, but that they know what to look for the indicates a survival retreat.

  5. Anonymous

    I wouldn't count out older folks right away. back in the 1990's a couple of bro's decided to break in this old guys house in south philly. it didn't end well for them. it seems like the old guy used to hunt
    rabbits and birds in the old country, and he kept his old double barrel shotgun- 16 gauge if I remember right. anyway, as he didn't hunt anymore, he cut the barrels down to make it easier to use in the house if need be. another thing he did was replace the birdshot with steel washers (??)
    the story was they broke in and started beating on his wife who was all of 5 foot. he woke up from
    the couch and grabbed his shotgun and ended them both. the cops took his shotgun away from him as the barrels where like 12-14 inches and they gave him a old 38 special one of them had and a box of shells for it. the DA didn't charge him with anything then. now I think they would have hung his old ass.
    as for marauders, not really worried about them here where I at, too many old vets and hunters
    around to put up with bullshit like that. stores and shops close around here during hunting season.
    the cities and burbs will have that problem not so much in hill country.
    might be a problem for the plains I guess somewhat as the farms are more spread out like

  6. Anonymous

    I completely agree. The example I use in discussion myself is “Venezuela and South Africa” both for economic and cultural reasons that seems to be where we are heading. Our best chance long term is dissolving the Union and some sort of heritage American “dedoubt” in the Ohio valley/Appalachia/upland south region. We will lose parts of America but study any historic maps of the world and this is normal human history.

  7. Anonymous

    I believe it was on Jim Dakin's blog (where has he been??) a few years ago that the comment thread discussed the importance of having a "Last Gasp Safe Room", or " hidey-hole" in case the roving mutant ninja bikers show up at your compound. I remember the argument put forth was that it could be better, in some circumstances, to just stay stealth and wait until they finish off your cans of Dirty Moore and move on.

    It made me think that preppers should have a 'sacrificial' pantry that appears to be your hidden stash. Let 'em get 10% of your preps and they will think they fully looted you. Much to think about on this topic. A 'safe room' for the wife and kids to go to in case you're not home is a terrific idea IMHO.

  8. Anonymous

    My own prepping is geared toward relatively short-term disruptions in supply chains and unreliable utilities. Here in South Texas, water is precious and hard to come by, naturally. And the power grid is at risk basically year-round. "Winter" might last all of a week down here, but as February 2021 proved, it can be every bit as fierce as it is way up north, however short-lived. And as Spring 2022 is ably demonstrating, brutal summer can start as early as late March.

    An interesting question is, at what point would YOU become a bandito to feed your family and fill your own empty belly? I've got at least six months' worth of long-term food storage for the 8 people in my immediate circle. But what if the game goes into overtime? Or what if we are not able to secure that stash for the full duration? At some point, we might have no choice but to go on the offensive. The very thought of robbing some innocent stranger of his resources and his life is anathema to me. But I would do it before I saw my beloved family starve to death. At some point we would each become that which we fear most.

  9. Anonymous


    NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. I've been splitting up my cash between multiple pockets when I go anywhere since forever. And my big, fat wallet is only a decoy, containing a minimum of cash and no cards or ID. My preps are scattered around the property such that if one or even three locations are compromised, I am not left high and dry.

    First line of defense is always strategic retreat and regroup. Make it inconvenient for the bad guys and they will likely move on to softer targets.

  10. Tactless Wookie

    I have had people say to my face they are going to raid their neighbors if things go sporky. I believe some of them.

    "Loose lips sink ships" Keep your preps to yourself. Make sure your family knows to keep quiet. "Hey that Wookie has a nice pantry. Let's go there." is almost as bad as the werewolves.

  11. Anonymous

    Truth is we already lost parts of America, it just hasn't been formalized in law yet

    Flyover country mostly remains culturally cohesive enough to form a new America on the same principles as the old one, if not too much time passes first, which could further erode it. The northeast and the left coast aren't coming back.

  12. John Wilder

    Met one who had that idea . . . glad he lives 300 miles away. But at least I knew who he was. I think there are plenty like him – everywhere. Glad I don't live next to too many people.

  13. Arthur Sido

    I think we will see a great division in the country between those who can live in gated, walled communities with armed private security and those who are forced to fend for themselves.

  14. Arthur Sido

    A lot of ex-mil people seem to be borderline psychopaths, either before they joined or as a result of terrible shit while they were in the service. Not familiar with Duncan Long but I should check him out.

  15. Arthur Sido

    The burbs are going to be a killing field, a target rich environment for marauders but hopefully they get winnowed out in a hurry by the occasional armed and/or lucky suburbanite

  16. Arthur Sido

    There is no limit to what people will do once the threat of jail is taken away and that is good advice. Keep your shit to yourself as much as you can (says the guy who blogs under his real name)

  17. EasyCompany

    Duncan Long did a lot of poor weapons books for Paladin Press

    What he did have was, at the time early 80s, very good survivalist books on Nuclear War, C&B weapons, shelter defense and others that are now lost. Never can find them anywhere.

    He had a excellent newsletter also.

    He did an excellent book on Survivalists themselves.

  18. Anonymous

    Groups of Bandits are a concern, but like the mythical "Gun Confiscation Raids" they run into Math – 6-10 Raiders may hit 5 or 6 Targets before they Lose a Member, but quickly and Inevitably, they Run out of Bodies (theirs). I would be more concerned with existing Criminal Gangs, that have Arms and Organization, but once Fuel becomes mostly Unavailable, you won't see much of them outside their own Areas.Government thugs (army, pigs, 'agencies') will remain Viable Threats a lot longer than 'Werewolf Preppers".

  19. saoirse

    Most of the marauders will start pillaging in the metro and suburban areas, where the targets are plentiful, and work their way out.
    For what it's worth: Rawles, Canadian Prepper and other so-called 'gurus' lump these goons in with "The Golden Horde" and provide decent info on handling them, the most salient of which is an ample amount of distance away from populated areas and having a fairly large group of like-minded compatriots already in place, in a hardened fortification – which lends credence to the real estate sales expression 'location location location'.
    Way too many things to do instead of wasting time with voting!
    Eternal vigilance never rang so true!!

  20. Anonymous

    Fact is, that everyone, in the first weeks of a nuke/EMP/Lights-Out/SHTF scenario, will be involved in a mish-mash of victim/perp. There will be so much chaos, confusion, panic, and violence, that if you just manage to hunker down or stay out of the way for three weeks, you will increase your odds. Everyone active and able has the potential to be a werewolf prepper.
    No one knows how the dice will shake out, but if you make it past the first month, you'll be in better shape.
    To be honest, there is no prepper who is actually planning on being a werewolf. Anyone thinking that way is not a prepper, and will have a hard time hitting the local marketing exec, single mom, car salesman, or ghetto hoodrat for a berkey filter, iodine tablets, professional 1st aid kit, or antibiotics. I don't know, but I'm guessing if you need arms, at 4 weeks, you can walk right in to some gang hideout and take them, while the dirtbags are lying in their own diarrhea and vomit (more or less).

    People want a cohesive society, and they need one to live. But when the flare goes up, we will not stick together in the short term. Apocalyptic stories also need a cohesive society in order to make a story-line.

    In my thoughts, prepping should focus on #1) getting through the first short-term chaos, then #2) setting a foundation for long-term survival without technology. If one could prep for that, he'd be set. I find that what lots of preppers want is to continue their 21st century lifestyle without interruption while everything else goes south ("survival blog"). Fact is, if the supply chain breaks, the lights go out, the oil stops, and the knowledge goes away with the internet, you ain't gonna be able to reload, fill your tank, use a power tool, or even bathe regularly.

    I'm betting the new smells of the new world will actually be the one thing that makes even the werewolves bite their own iron.

  21. Anonymous

    Criminals have a propensity toward violence. That's why they will flourish at first. They say give me and as soon as you start to negotiate they shoot. Better learn to shoot first and fuck the questions. Unless you have to put their feet to the fire to jump start the conversation. Trust will be very hard to come by
    Backwoods Okie

  22. Anonymous

    It's funny to me when I hear city and suburban metro types that falsely believe that they only have to escape from NYFC, N Jersey, or some other urban dump to their friend's or uncle Bob's old camp up in the catskills, Adirondacks or green mountains of Vermont and they are going to be welcomed with open arms by the peop!e that they have called deplorable mouth breathing cretins that cling to their guns, God and freedoms and " literally Nazi's " in flyover country. They think that those camps are their refuge and they fully expect us ruffians that take pride in our heritage and self sufficiency to take a Knee to them and accept the Silver tokens they think will buy foods and supplies to live amongst us as if they are not the root cause of why we are in this rotten sinking republic. We know who they are and the fate that awaits them and isn't going to go well for them.

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