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White Lives Matter

While we are still hearing about Buffalo and the alleged racist White gunman who killed some black folks, it is necessary to remember that White people shooting blacks is a “man bites dog” story. The opposite, blacks killing Whites, is so common as to not even warrant mention. Plus it is mostly assumed that when a black kills a White it isn’t the black guy’s fault and the White person probably had it coming.

VDare ran their usual monthly piece on black on White murders and made this critical point

I’ll keep linking back to this piece: Once Every Minute
On average there is a black on White violent crime committed once every sixty seconds. It is so frequent that most people don’t even take note of it, it is simply one of the many costs of living in a “diverse” society.
Every month blacks kill far more Whites than were killed in Buffalo, not to mention the thousands of blacks killed by their fellow blacks every year.
There is definitely a problem with race-based violence in America but it isn’t the problem the media talks about.


  1. Anonymous

    you cannot live with them… putting off sorting this out, only means it will be worse when the scores are settled.

  2. Anonymous

    Tell a lie. Tell it loudly. Tell it often. Eventually it becomes "the truth", accepted by stupid, gullible sheep too lazy to think critically or check facts for themselves.

    The weak chink in White armor is White women, and the (((media))) know this all too well. That is who all those miscegenation-friendly TV commercials and woke Hallmark programs are aimed at. They are the ones watching The View, and whose big hearts bleed for the millions of poor Trayvons being hunted and slaughtered, from what they are told, 24/7.

    It was probably (((their))) plan right from the start, to drive a wedge between [White] husband and [White] wife, knowing that men will do just about anything to placate their emotional, gullible "better" half. Win the kind hearts and simple minds of White women, and it's all over but the shouting. Even the most hard-core race realists among White women temper their reaction to the shocking brutality of the feral animals. My wife, for just one, is only too aware of their nature, thanks to my keeping her informed. But she still winces every time I unleash some n-word venom.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm all for following Dr.Kings words… act like a sub human POS; get treated like a one. Start dumping the garbage out of society.


  4. saoirse

    I have little sympathy for clueless whites that can't read the writing – in bold block letters – on the wall or care to defend themselves!
    Did you see the story about the Latrino cartel POS that whacked a white family in Texas ? A man and 5 grandsons, two of which were 18 and 16? How could someone be so unaware of reality living in a sea beaner filth?
    Of course no questioning of the suicidal immigration policies by the media nor any signs of white outrage. They prefer touchy-feely platitudes and wade around in quiet desperation.
    Coal-burners, shitlibs, moral
    narcissists and gun grabbers are in the same category as the mo fos – the more dead ones there are the better!

  5. 3g4me

    Michael Kang was no doctor. He was a repeated plagiarist, serial adulterer, and f**ker/beater of White prostitutes. Not to mention a proponent of redistributive economics and eternal affirmative action and anti-White hegemony.

  6. Anonymous

    I'd give the poor man a break. He just lost his son in a horrible way, and on top of that he'd be squished like a bug if he were to say these things out loud. The poor man's a victim, have pity and mercy.

  7. 3g4me

    Pity and mercy without justice and righteousness is nothing more than womanish sentiment. And of course he dare not acknowledge racial differences – after all, something awful might happen to him – for example, his son might be murdered.

    While the Daily Mail reporting is muddled as usual, it appears the White boy was in a racially mixed group of friends. Again, his father FAILED HIS JOB as a father by not warning him that one doesn't judge groups of people by unicorns or individuals on the extreme right of the bell curve (of intel, behavior, socialization, whatever). One judges based on averages and history and logic.

    Had this father properly taught his son to be wary of other races (and he could easily have taught him simultaneously that this understanding must be kept within the family) the son might be alive. Show your children the daily stories of murder and mayhem and savagery. My younger son (social age far younger than physical age) absolutely hates and resents that we do this, but he still knows and understands genetic truth.

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