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This Made Me LOL

Got an email this morning from the BATFE for FFLs in the northern Indiana region inviting us to a seminar in South Bend to go over stuff like this:

To All Northern Indiana FFLs,

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) would like to invite you to a firearms dealer seminar in South Bend, Indiana. The focus of the seminar will be:

– compliance with federal laws and regulations while conducting firearms transactions;
– identifying and preventing the illegal trafficking of firearms;
– ATF National Firearms Act topics, and
– FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System topics.
Looks interesting so I might go but then I saw this:

The audience is exclusively licensed firearms dealers, the most vetted group of civilians you can imagine. We are engaged in the business of selling firearms. The seminar is being held in Indiana, a Constitutional carry state.
But you can’t carry a firearm to the seminar. 
A room full of gun dealers talking about the rules surrounding selling guns but no guns will be allowed.
I guess that shows how much they trust us.
** Double LOL addendum **
Two hours later they sent this out. I am glad the ATF has their shit together.

** Triple LOL addendum **
Well now it is back on with from what I can see is the exact same information based on an email a few hours later.


  1. 3g4me

    Arthur: By their fruits you shall know them. If your absence will not cause problems for you and your business, don't attend anything the government has on offer.

  2. JackDup

    Well shit, I heard they were cracking down on sketchy FFL dealers, maybe this is a big trap where it will turn in to a big take down of UNARMED FFL dealers???

    Remember the scam where they told all of those criminals, they won a huge, big screen TV, and when they came in to collect it they were thrown in the slammer. I smell a rat. Well, lots of rats lately.

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