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They Want You Destitute. Defeated And Eventually Dead

Check this out from Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man: Beware the new 15%-ethanol blended gasoline

In a nutshell new rules are going to see more ethanol in the overpriced gasoline we are using which is bad on engines, especially small engines. 
Such insanity only makes sense when you realize it is not incompetence but instead is malevolence. They want you not to be able to afford to drive a car because gas is too expensive and electric cars are both expensive and a joke. They want you in the city in a pod complex eating the bug paste where they can control you more easily.
Only by utterly crushing you under their boot heel can they achieve what they want. All the misery, all the suffering, all the despair is intentional.


  1. JackDup

    all of the illegals need food, clothing, shelter, baby formula and gas. I am thinking the number of illegals entering this country since Biden has taken office may be in the 10-million-person range. Trucks are moving goods like crazy; I am working out on the highways of America and have never seen truck traffic as heavy as it is now. At 3 am last night it was like a non-stop convoy of trucks going through our work zone.

  2. MN Steel

    Was working in the woods northwest of International Falls yesterday, got a good look at a lot of the cropland.

    Helluva lot of cornfields still in stubble, a lot of hayfields and some wheatfields planted, a few tractors out discing a few fields.

    Most of the fields had been flooded, it's getting really late to get a crop in, and looked like most of the farmers were working on the family gardens.

    Bodes ill.

  3. Mike_C

    Nah, just dead. The assholes already make a fetish of their claimed victimhood. It’s a centerpiece of their culture. (And never for any reason!) I’m not adding to their pile. I’ll happily settle for D. E. D. dead.

    Gas spotted at $6.29/gal in Chicagoland yesterday.

  4. Anonymous

    anyone else get the feeling of wanting to shoot the fuckers in the face with birdshot ?
    yes, I said birdshot, alive but fucked for life. kind of like what they seem to be doing to us.
    just paid 4.99.9/10 for gas today or 5 bucks per gallon.
    they are going to cheat their ass's off in this next election as they know no one is going to keep
    voting for this shit. unless there is no election and the fuckers declare martial law or some shit.
    no wonder they want to take our guns away now.

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