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They Never Seem To Learn

You know where this story is going just from the headline: 

White girl named Liese Dodd. Boyfriend/baby daddy named Deundrea Holloway. Guess who!

Chubby White girl. Dead eyed black guy. That looks like a relationship meant to last.
Lots of quotes from the girl’s mom but none from her dad. Go figure. Also a few clues along the way…
Her mother, Heidi Noel…said Holloway was not the father of the baby, but the pair had been in an on-and-off relationship for two years.
Noel said that because of the ‘nature’ of Dodd’s relationship with Holloway, she would contact her daughter every day to check-in. But when she hadn’t responded for a while, she decided to check on her.
Safe to say it was an abusive relationship but she stayed with him for whatever reason, got knocked up and then he decided to kill her and his unborn child. That sounds about right.
When are White chicks going to learn? At best, getting knocked up by a black dude means a lifetime as an aging single mom of a mixed race kid, but often it is worse. In this case much worse. Girls, there are easier ways to get back at your daddy for not buying you a pony for your 5th birthday.
We are such a mess.


  1. Anonymous

    "Madison County State Attorney Thomas Haine said: 'We believe the evidence will show that the defendant’s gruesome actions here killed both a young woman and the child she carried in her womb.
    'In the eyes of the law, both these killings are equal and he will now face justice for both.'"

    Curious how you can be charged with murdering an unborn child in a state that is a bastion of abortion rights where any mother to be can have her child killed by a doctor on a whim. Equal protection under the law much?

  2. Anonymous

    What a clusterfuck. How the slut's mama is so sure that simian homeboy isn't the baby daddy I can't imagine. But all this means is that there is another White cuck or black buck in the woodpile. Isn't it obvious how much trouble stronk, independent, entitled, baby-aborting, daddy-issuing junior harridans are today? I swear, if I were still a young, single guy I wouldn't have anything at all to do with them. Every last one is bat-shit crazy, and the expiration date gets shorter and shorter with each new lot.

    By the size of them, it ain't shrinkflation that is the problem. Gah!

  3. Anonymous

    Saw this on the local news the other night, as I was at my mom's place working on a project and she had the news on (I never watch it at home). After giving the names of the victim and the perp, and showing the obligatory pictures of the vic from her instaho, I kept saying "now show us the perp!".

    But they never did. Not that they needed to for my benefit, I intuitively knew when I heard the name. Even without that data point, I'd have known given the nature of the crime. Anyway, toll paid. And yeah, I'm cold as ice on this shit anymore. It's not as if these bint's can't figure out the risk of coal burning, these stories occur with such frequency that they are ubiquitous. Either they learn to do better, or they keep dying. Maybe I should care, but I just can't.

  4. Don Curton

    My wife is addicted to the ID (investigation discovery) channel. Show after show after show where they interview survivors, detectives, family members, etc. about violent crimes. I catch enough of it that within the first 2 minutes of the show, I can predict what happened. If it's a white girl with black boyfriend? I can predict within the first 10 seconds. It's eerie that these shows are so popular and every single one drives home the same point as this post – white girls with black men equal big trouble. They never ever actually come out and say that, but the context is clear when listening to certain detectives recount the case. As you said, there's no end to these sort of stories.

  5. saoirse

    Good riddance to that coal burning cunt and a mercy killing for her fetus.
    As usual, the piece of shit psycho nigger comes out ahead (no pun intended) with a cot, three squares and teevee for life.

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