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There It Is

Roe v Wade is tossed into the septic tank of history where it belongs. I’ll let the Babylon Bee do the rest.

On a Friday no less. The Night Of Rage is upon us.


  1. Anonymous

    Hallaleuia or how ever you spell it. Now lets get some balls and [redacted] some murder clinics and regain our manhood.

    Troy Lee Messer

  2. Anonymous

    im just sad i live in such a "conservative" and "religious" area that i wont get to participate in the oncoming kristallnacht storm… really need to get some range time in…

  3. Anonymous

    The Left are bullies. A pro-choice rally was held at my (blue) state's Capitol Friday night. A few conservative activists showed up and were harassed into leaving by a mob of leftists. They were leaving, and then the mob physically attacked them. And, the stasi (state) police arrested the conservatives, even siccing a police dog on one of them.

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