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There Is Nothing More Pitiful Than A Groveling Normiecon

Even though every scrap of available data shows this to not be true, Normiecons still persist in repeating it including the obligatory conflation of “skin color” with race.

He knows it isn’t true. Everyone knows it isn’t true. So why persist in repeating it?
This is one of the dark secrets of the NormieCon. For all of his pretenses to hate everything about the Left, calling them DEMONcrats and other juvenile names, what he really desires is to be considered respectable. Not mean. Not racist. 
They want to be liked. 
Most Normiecons are very nice people who are desperately trying to not be angry over what they see around them so they find what they hope are respectable ways to lash out without seeming mean or racist/homophobic/misogynistic/whatever. It is why they latch on with such desperation to any black or brown person who is mildly conservative. Normiecons adore Candace Owens not because she is super smart or says anything really interesting. They love her because they think, wrongly, that proclaiming their love for her provides them with a shroud of respectability, a shield against being called racist by following her on social media and liking her tweets. 
Nobody has ever saved their people and won their freedom by being nice.
It is ridiculous and embarrassing but it is what we have come to expect. The death of “conservatism” and the Republican party is a necessary next step to clear the way. They stopped being irrelevant and started to become an impediment decades ago.


  1. Troy Lee Messer

    Normiecons are worse than globohomo. Sure, Globohomo is insane and evil. But your average normie-con is a coward. Sure the dissident right is cowardly. But at least we can acknowledge the truth. Normiecons can't or won't and will sell you out to a glowie. Normie-con are traitors.

    So you normie-cons are "conservatives?" Did you conserve millions of lives of the unborn? Did you conserve the sanctity of marriage between a man an a woman? Did you conserve the borders of the Union? Did you conserve our industrial base? Have you conserve the right to practice Christianity? Are you conserving the bodily integrity of your children from pedophiles? You faggots voted for Obama didn't you? Just so you could wear your "I'm not a racist" ribbon for all to see.

    No you didn't. Because you want to be liked more than anything. Well let me tell you Ace of Spades normie-con faggots something…. No one respects you. No one. The left hates you and wants you dead. The dissident right hates you because your such feckless cowards. The Jews you habitually felate on your worn out kneepads hate you, too. Your just another breed of stupid goyim to them.

    But the bright side is all you virtue signaling cowards dutifully took your clotshot. So that will help stop the spread of your feckless genes. Look, let me explain something else you chicken shits: It is OK to love your own people. It is OK to love them before other peoples. I do (even though they are pissing me off). That probably, by definition makes me a racist. Good. Being a racist does no equal homocidal maniac.


    Racist #1
    Racist #1

  2. Mike_C

    Who IS this Jesse Kelly jackass? Serious question, and I can’t be arsed to look up such an obvious liar, idiot, or both. I AM East Asian by ancestry. Sure, I was lucky to have two parents who did their best to raise me properly, but no one ever quizzed me on math problems or any of that shit. They left me the fuck alone, academics-wise. (And I never asked them for help because my dad would always go into engineering professor (control theory) mode and begin with theorem/proof on Every Damn Thing. That there larned me damned quick to never ask him anything.) I scored >98th percentile in every damned standardized test (SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT) without studying because I read a lot, read quickly, and come from a long line of scholar/warlords.

    BUT. I never had a chance at being a linebacker or an NBA player. Even if you provided infinite midnight basketball and all the protein shakes an entire platoon could consume. Because genetics. Too small to ever play any kind of sports ball at a professional level. That a pity, but there it is. I’m plain not cut out for the physical component of certain jobs. And some people are not cut out for the cognitive component of certain jobs. Maybe that sucks, but that’s reality. Evolution does NOT stop at the neck.

  3. Anonymous

    Once more, with feeling…

    When the subject is IQ: East Asian > White > Hispanic > black

    And this is not to imply that this is anything resembling a smooth, linear curve. East Asian > White is a matter of a piddling few IQ points. From there, it's a deep dive. The fact that blacks are in the basement, where they've always been, where they will always be, is beyond dispute. I don't like that any more than Al Sharpton does. But the fact remains that for every Thomas Sowell, there are a thousand Trayvon Martins. Too bad, so sad, blame [evil, racist] Mother Nature.

    WTF is 'nice'? Was Mother Nature 'nice' when she gave pavement apes a 42" vertical leap, and left cerebral White Boys like me glued to the floorboards? Was she 'nice' when she granted me the facility for solving differential equations and left my homeboys stuck in remedial algebra?

    We are each dealt a hand at birth that we have no choice but to play. Your meager pair of deuces is not my fault, and my royal flush doesn't owe you squat. It is indeed a damned shame that 95% of human births result in underachieving, useless eaters. But that in NO WAY obligates me to feed them with the fruits of my labor.

    You object to my 'unfair advantage'? You think you deserve a piece of what I've sweat to earn? Molon labe, bitchez.

  4. Xzebek

    I also find it amazing that people believe that there are evolutionary and genetic components to everything except intelligence. I believe today is the anniversary of the discovery of pygmies a bit more than a hundred years ago. They are short. If they are pygmies they will always be short. In their world ,(before discovery) that probably gave them certain advantages. The same advantages probably don't exist in an industrial/post industrial society. It's the same with negroes; inherent physical advantages certainly help in sports but the accompanying diminished intelligence is a detriment to the vast majority of them. Thats just the way it is and crying racism won't change it to the tune of 1 IQ point. Their expectations and, more importantly, society's expectations, should accept that reality.

  5. saoirse

    The Normiecons are indeed complete eunuchs but the rot consuming the right goes even deeper.
    The poltroons most deserving of the Walter Mitty award are the Patriotards.
    You know, the Tommy Tacticals wrapped either in the Merkun, Gadsden or Conferderate flag, or all three. The ones displaying the Molon Labe, Spartan helmet, Ain't Skeered and These Colors Don't Run decals and tee shirts. The christian fools flaunt their Deus Vult and Crusader bullshit.
    All flash and no dash!

    These are the poseurs that made a spectacle out of 'confronting' the Antifa and BLM commies – but made sure the cops were there so as to avoid any real violence. One group of bad boys were led by a Polynesian guy, another by a mulatto Cuban (a glowie no less), and still another by a black. Yep, like the Normiecons they love to show how non-racist they are.

    These are the types that spew all sorts of jingoistic crap and then stand by like docile spectators during Waco, Ruby Ridge and every government encroachment since. They were nowhere to be found when the mobs of shitlibs tore down the statues, or when the gorilla (not guerilla) 'fighters' donned their black ninja uniforms, shouldered their weapons and marched around in plain sight to places like Stone Mountain.

    The Normiecons are overt pantywaists and are manifestly useless.
    Time to admit that the Patriotards are good at drawing lots of lines in the sand – with fingers they'll never put on a trigger!!
    For a scathing critique of this ilk see 'The Patriotard Question' at the website.

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