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The Grift Of The Century Grifts Onward

If you are like most people, you will have noticed that the war in Ukraine has largely faded from the public eye, other than Biden trying to blame Vodka Man Bad for high gas prices. It has been going on for months and it is apparent to even the most diehard “The Russians are on the ropes!” bloggers that Ukraine is not going to pull off a valiant victory thanks to plucky grannies with AKs gunning down Russkies. In fact it seems like life is getting worse for everyone thanks to the response from the West and that Russia is poised to come out of this war with all of the strategic goals accomplished and having watched the West deal itself a potentially fatal self-inflicted wound. 

It is also self-evident to the observant that this whole thing has been an opportunity for a massive grift, a cash grab on a scale almost unheard of (see: The Grift Of The Century and Like I Said, The Grift Of The Century). No one in Ukraine is “winning” or benefitting from this prolonged war other than the people who are skimming from foreign aid or selling Western munitions out of the back of a truck to the highest bidder. The Ukrainians are going to lose and the Russians are going to win. But the war isn’t over, the West isn’t encouraging Ukraine and Russia to come to the negotiating table. Just the opposite.

The United Kingdom’s new army chief has warned that British soldiers “must prepare to fight in Europe once again” amid the Ukraine-Russia war — and as concern is mounting that Belarus troops could join the Russian invasion.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, in a message to his soldiers, said Russia’s attack on Ukraine “underlines our core purpose to protect the UK by being ready to right and win wars on land,” according to Sky News.

Sir Patrick, who just took over the top army post, described himself as the first chief of the general staff since 1941 to take command of the army “in the shadow of a land war in Europe involving a continental power.

“There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle,” he wrote.
“Sir” Patrick here is talking about getting into a European slugfest with Russia. How many of the finest young Englishmen died in the prior two land wars in Europe? Somewhere around 383,000 from military actions in World War II and 887,000 in World War I. Over one million, mostly young men, slaughtered and for what? So Europe could surrender itself to African and Middle Eastern migrants?
NATO is warning that the Ukraine war could “last for years

How can Ukraine keep getting pummeled for years? Why would they? You can only figure that out if you figure out who is benefitting.
Meanwhile a NATO nation, Lithuania, is cutting off transit between Russia via Belarus and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad 
Lithuanian authorities have banned the transit through their territory of goods to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad that are subject to European Union sanctions, according to the national rail service.

The enclave – home to the Russian Baltic Fleet and a deployment location for Moscow’s nuclear-capable Iskander missiles – is sandwiched on the Baltic coast between Lithuania and Poland, both NATO members, and has no land border with Russia.

Kaliningrad has no direct access to Russia so cutting them off via land means only sea and indirect air flights are able to get there. Russia is not pleased of course, as Lithuania acts as a proxy to provoke them.
Russian officials have stated that Lithuanian’s move is an egregious breach of international law and akin to a full blown economic blockade and an attempt to “place the region in an economic chokehold.”

Russia has warned that unless the ‘blockade’ of Kaliningrad is lifted immediately, Moscow may have no choice but to “untie its hands” and rectify the situation by any means necessary. 
Another clear provocation and this time by Lithuania, a Baltic nation with all of 2.8 million people. Should Russia take some actions to “rectify the situation”, the Lithuanian people can look forward to be caught in the middle of an expanded war that would devastate their country. I wonder if they are on board with that? I also wonder if the English are looking forward to shipping their sons off to die on the continent once again?
Keeping this conflict going serves no purpose other than lining the pockets of oligarchs and the military-industrial complex. A lot more Europeans might die just so Raytheon can boost quarterly profits.


  1. saoirse

    "Over one million, mostly young men, slaughtered and for what? So Europe could surrender itself to African and Middle Eastern migrants?"…….. YES! They'll suit-up their 'migrants' just like we suit-up our Latrinos. When/if they come back they're proficient in small arms and infantry battle tactics and ready to wreak havok when Soros and his gang say go.

    "NATO is warning that the Ukraine war could "last for years"……. Reminiscent of the "long hard slog" language that war criminal Rumsfeld used to basically tell the sheep that they're staying in Afghanistan until they decide how much profit is enough.
    Teach your children, starting at middle school age, about what today's military really is and about the horrors of war in general. Anyone allowing their boys to become cannon fodder for this cabal of woke corporate scumbags is insane!

  2. Anonymous

    If you combine it, you will have your years long war.
    Lithuania hinders the train travel.
    Logic says it is to force Russia to attack and as Lithuania is NATO, you have Article 5 = WAR.
    So thats how you make Russia fire the first shoot and is seen as aggressor.
    But the question is: Could NATOs armies stop Russia marching to the Channel?
    I dont think so.
    My own country Germany has only a single digit number of tanmks, planes etc in fighting conditions, the rest is in the repair station.
    According to a poll made some years ago about 30% of all Germans are willing to fight for Germany.
    And I have no intention of fighting for this Germany. Not only because I am over 50, but I am not vaxxed (and I dont forget the discrimination), the disregard for Germanies safety (Why was the German army turned from defense into international adventurism? The main reason of an army is defense at the border, not marching a few thousand km to fight somewhere else.) and the stupidity of getting rid of emergency supplies for all of Germany (Germany once had supply points where they kept the food for all german citizens for a few month but after 1990 they were dissolved).
    Two of my older family members suffered at the hands of the Russians at the end of WWII, but if Putin shows up I would gladly show them the way to Berlin and I would only ask o be present when the traitors in the Reichstag building get their "reward".
    Alex Lund

  3. Anonymous

    Unless Russia has some way of nullifying NATO air power that I don't know about, they don't have a chance to push significantly westward. This isn't 1975 where they actually could have done that. NATO would scarcely need ground forces to ravage any such Russian attempt.

    I think you are right to suspect the capability and resolve of NATO ground troops, but that doesn't really matter. All those billions and trillions that the west has poured into high tech aerial weaponry has, believe it or not, produced some useful things, and the pink haired tranny soldier can sit in a comfortable chair in Nevada piloting a drone just as well as anyone else can.

  4. Anonymous

    It’d be a real shame if partisans took the opportunity to undermine an oppressive government while it’s distracted overseas.

  5. Anonymous

    I think that Russia's way of 'nullifying NATO air power' consists of Kaliber and Khinzal Missiles into every Airbase in Natostan… just like what they did in the Ukraine. And the Purple-Haired Tranny in the Drone Base in Nevada might get an Avangard Shell into the Building. It won't have to be a Nuke, either, just a Tungsten Block the same size as the H-Bomb.

  6. Xzebek

    We should be addressing the "war" in our country. There are 5 cities already on pace to surpass the number of homicides from 2021. Shockingly, they are democrat ruled cities with, get this, LARGE populations of blacks. Who could have seen that coming? There is an element of addition by subtraction here but there will be deaths of the white and innocent as a result. Get out of the cities and stay away from crowds!!

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