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The GOP Giveth And The GOP Taketh Away

On the same day that the SCOTUS affirmed the 2nd Amendment, one of our Indiana Senators, Todd Young, voted to advance the “Safer Communities Act” which will do nothing of the sort. Todd is a pretty standard empty suit Republican and so he got a nice letter of encouragement from me just a few minutes ago…

Senator Young

Last month we wrote to you expressing our concerns about knee-jerk legislation in response to Buffalo and Uvalde that infringes on our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Just today we read that your vote helped to advance just the sort of legislation we were concerned about, the ridiculously named “Safer Communities Act” that will obviously do nothing to make any community safer.

While the United States Supreme Court rightly ruled to restore our protections under the 2nd and 14th Amendments today, you voted to infringe on those same rights.

Perhaps you assume that with the primary election safely behind you that Hoosiers will have no choice  but to vote for you. In that belief you are mistaken. Neither of us will be casting votes for you in the fall and we will encourage other voters to abstain from supporting you. Will this potentially cost the GOP a Senate seat in what is considered the reliable state of Indiana? Maybe and if that happens, so be it. What is the point of voting for Republicans who consistently vote in opposition to the will of their own constituents? Being slightly less liberal than your Democrat opponent is not good enough. 

While we both voted for you in 2016, we will not be doing so this November. Our two votes might not matter in the big picture but hopefully enough Hoosiers will recognize your failure to represent us that you will not return to the Senate in 2023. Maybe some time spent back in Indiana will remind you of what Hoosiers stand for, you clearly have forgotten during your time in D.C.
I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway, and I sure am not voting for the Democrat. Hell I even peeked at the Facebook page for the Libertarian and of course he is another pothead who seems mostly concerned about legalizing weed in Indiana. Hard pass. Still, Todd Young needs to hear from Hoosiers that just slapping an R behind your name doesn’t give you cover to be a douchebag. 


  1. Anonymous

    The GOP is suicidal. They have no desire to go on. And I shall help them.
    I wont be wasting my time voting, it is quite evident …
    1-there is only the Uniparty
    2-its a fraud. It appears and makes the voter believe they have some sort of say.
    That Is A Lie.

    DC is only about Control for themsleves and Enslavement of the people for There Means.

    Rot in hell American Polly-tushin

  2. Anonymous

    Back in the Braveheart wars for Scottish independence days, the Scots referred to the beta cuck king Balliol as “Toom Tabbard” which in Scots language meant “Empty Suit”, our ancestors fought this fight before and won let’s pray we still have it in us, or enough of us do to prevail long term.

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