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Speaking Of Education

VDare has a post up that examines the freshman class at Stanford, generally considered one of the best universities in America. Here is the class of 2025 data, archived by me from the Stanford website:

Yep, White students make up less than a quarter of the freshman class at Stanford, a university founded by one Leland Stanford…

There are a decent percentage of Asians, 25%, as would be expected at an elite California school but even still less than half of the class of 2025 comes from the racial groups with the highest IQ and best test scores. The new class might be more colorful but it certainly won’t be as intelligent. 
Just for fun I checked the medical school at Stanford and the whole thing is chock full of woke crap as well, like this on the homepage:

Why does Stanford Medicine “fully” support black Lives Matter? Because they are supposed to. They even recently hired one Dr. Judith Ned

Students from HBCUs are notable for their generally low test scores and poor qualifications. The goal is to farm these HBCUs to get more black medical school students, no matter how unqualified, to bump up their percentage of black students. Will they be good doctors? Who cares, as long as they make the White liberals running the show feel good about themselves for their commitment to “justice”. 
There appears to be at least 30 members of their “diversity cabinet” running the gamut across the diversity spectrums, from fags to blacks to everything else under the sun. Indeed it looks like Stanford Medicine spends more time on the diversity portion of their website than they do anywhere else. They have a gaggle of various flunkies and functionaries who seem to serve only one purpose, bitching about too many White people like these three make-believe positions.

None of these jobs has a damn thing to do with preparing future doctors to care for patients because that is not what is important. 

More about the future of medicine coming very soon….


  1. Steve S

    Bunch of veterinary schools doing the same thing. And if I did not already have sufficient reasons to avoid flying, hearing airlines doing this for piloting would be. That's not even mentioning the cardiac issues induced by the not-a-vax.

  2. jl

    Stanford has pretty much become a real estate holding company with a university as a front for tax exemption. They own hundreds if not thousands of acres of some of the most expensive land in CA and bring in millions per year in land lease agreements. Their endowments are in the billions. Education is entirely secondary, if that. It's all about the money and the influence.

  3. Anonymous

    Way back in the ultra un-pc 80s there was a drive-time comedy/talk show on the radio in New York that featured a number of recurring characters and lively discourse that would never see the light of day today. One character was a stereotypical pimpin', shuckin' and jivin' black horndog who made no bones about his fetish for White women and his racial awareness.

    On the program one day he was relating the story of being injured and insisting that the ambolamps take him to Jewish Memorial, rather than the local medical garage in his 'hood. When asked why he didn't prefer to be treated by one of his own, the homelad admitted, "When ah'm hurt, GET ME A JOO! Don't take me to no VooDoo doctor who went to medical skoo on a bassetball scholarship!"

    Hilarious stuff, from back in a time when at least black comics could poke fun at the stark, stinking racial truth. I would not under any circumstances go to a black doctor*. And I find black female nurses and aides to be the surliest, most unpleasant people in the healthcare field.

    *Or lawyer, or electrician, or social worker, or cashier, or waittress, ad nauseum.

  4. Otis D


    We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. After decades of "fighting" foreign wars of an "external" enemy….. the new cash cow is going to be the kulak/citizen/prole. Your participation and the outcome will be traded on the market. YOU are now the commodity.

    Unless we change this trajectory.

  5. Anonymous

    Work just hired a diversity officer. Now we all have to take a 1 day course on being too white. So far i've avoided the sessions but not much longer.

    I was kind of hoping to make it another 7 years to retirement, but now i'm hopibg the zombie appocalypse happens before the course date.


  6. Steve S

    Back in the affirmative action days (70s) one giant consumer products corporation was holding off site white=prejudiced encounter sessions. Big fit black dude got in your face as you entered the room. "ARE YOU PREJUDICED?" Any answer was wrong of course. Until one guy enters to be accosted and answers "Hell yes. I HATE FRENCH CANADIANS!" Well that left the black guy with his mouth open. Apparently it wasn't in his script.

  7. McNasty

    My kids are having a hard time getting into university. Both of them graduated with high marks. One deans list, other with distinction. (guess it's the same thing) But neither can get into the next level, vet and dental school.
    I am not sure why. They don't even get a denial, just pay the fee to apply then fuck off.
    My daughter has already said it's just a scam for money.
    I don't know what to do. 60k in debt so one can become a tradesmen and her to wait tables?

  8. Mike_C

    Break it down further. Of that 23% called "white" how many are non-Jewish?

    Whites are the most "under-represented" group (relative to actual academic ability) at elite colleges, among all ethnic groups. For all the insistence that "we are NOT white; whites have privilege and we have none" this is one arena where most Jewfish are happy to blend into the school of generic whitefish.

    While I'm Chinese by ancestry, and despise the hypocrisy behind keeping Asians out of elite colleges by manipulating made-up bullshit factors, there can be no argument that white goys are the most-screwed over group, and that they've been "robbed" FAR more than any Asians.

  9. Mike_C

    Yes, good luck, Exile. That sounds like a nightmare. A little while back an organization I work with had an all-hands "voluntary" Zoom meeting about George Floyd and "anti-racism" (organized by a bunch of 20-something white shiksas; naturally). Meeting was "voluntary" but management was expected to attend. For Reasons I'm technically management despite doing my best to not have to manage anyone, but I somehow failed to get the memos, repeatedly, and was blissfully unaware of the impending shitshow. During the struggle session, several people texted me asking where I was. I replied, "I was unaware this was happening, so I'm busy doing my work. Sorry." One or two people were persistent but gave up after: "Do you REALLY want me to participate in a discussion about George Floyd?" It's something of a miracle I'm still employed.

    @Steve S: I'm thinking the answer to that question would be another question, namely: Are YOU?

  10. saoirse

    The silver lining is that the more incompetence they inject into the system, the faster it fails…… and when the real fighting and surviving starts.
    White people that realize there is no way out of being marginalized to extinction must remove themselves from said system and let it collapse!

  11. Xzebek

    Eventually, promoting the lowest end of the bell curve, which for the black proto simians, is very low, is going to have disastrous consequences. Bridges and buildings will collapse, or won't be built at all; planes will fall out of the sky and people will die on the operating table. It's amazing that the foolish whites pushing this do not realize that eventually someone they care about will be damaged by this.

  12. DeplorableGranny

    I am in the same boat. Living in a blue State working for State government. Seven years away from a 30 year retirement. The State is only hiring BLM social justice warriors for top jobs. I am required to attend three equity, diversity and inclusion sessions and two LGBT±± sessions a year. So far the only thing I got out of it so far is they all were richer than my family and they complain about every perceived insult as if their arm had been chopped off.

  13. DeplorableGranny

    Co-worker in IT was replaced by an H1B East Indian. He could see the writing on the wall and knew his career was over before it started. Became a apprentice plumber and then journey man for commercial and residential. Started his own company. Got a call and went to the house. It was his replacement. Charged him $125 an hour. Plumbers and electricians make a very good living.

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