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Sharing Is Caring

Trying something new here. In the spirit of sharing information, I wanted to try to upload some files to my Protonmail drive and then link them here for people to check out. I picked this as my first offering, if you wouldn’t mind clicking the link and see if it allows you to download the file. Hell, it might be a handy reference guide (strictly for entertainment purposes). Let me know if it works.


  1. Anonymous

    Like a charm, Arthur. Even survived the firewall.

    And boy, that text would have been CRACK to me as a troublemaking teen.


  2. Anonymous

    This is a good one. Lots of useful knowledge, ideally for a Godly, wise man of temperate character. It never hurts to know how to do stuff, if and when the time comes for doing stuff. God bless you for putting it out there for everyone.

  3. Anonymous

    Area Ocho and a few others have already posted libraries of different pdfs. More doesn’t hurt, however. Some are also on including the old Paladin Press stuff. I hear the Anarchist Cookbook has a couple of flawed recipes so whatever you all do just be safe and knowledgable about what you are doing.

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