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One Rekt Polack

Yesterday was another one of those days when I left the house at 2:30 AM, drove to Kentucky and then got home at 11:30 PM (see 2019 post Fortress Appalachia). I really like the area we were in, Fleming County, Kentucky. It is close to Cincinnati but still very remote and inaccessible. If only it weren’t so flipping hot in the summer.

Being pretty wiped out I don’t plan on much blogging but you never know….


  1. jl

    Thanks for the link! That post was from before I found your blog…good info for someone still trying to find an escape from the West.

  2. Anonymous

    why do you think I moved up here ? just sold my old toyota 4runner (89) to a guy from down there
    he was going to get it for his kid as he owns a 88 already, but he says he going to keep my old truck for himself and give his 88 to his kid.
    it was my get out of philly ride, stiffer springs, 750 lbs. more payload extra gas tank- 15 gallons
    up graded tires and steel rims, air compressor on board. nice truck, if you drop the air in the tires to 18-20 psi, you can ride the rails in it. who needs roads ?
    the bad part is a lot of clowns from other states are trying to move in here these days.
    last week I even saw a plate from the left coast (ca)
    here in pa, we get a lot of rainfall. good game lands, good for farming too.
    winter can be a bitch some years. get a wood stove ! there more wood around than you can burn in years. and the people are fair if you are with them. I never had a problem with anyone up here yet.
    land prices have gone thru the roof in the last 5 years. what used to be a grand per acre, is now going for 10 grand per.

  3. EasyCompany

    Sorry, but I'm going off topic here.

    Arthur, with you being in the firearms business, do you know if Mossberg is still making the MVP's?

    Last 3 years I have searched for a MVP Thunder Ranch or Patrol in 5.56( or 7.62) and have found none. I've left my email( at a couple dozen different dealers) to be notify if any come in.

    Still nothing.

    Just wondering, I'll probably go with a Ruger Ranch and get some nodakspud BU iron sights when PSA starts making them again.


  4. Steve S

    Reminds me of one of ol' Remus' posts. He was talking about people figuring to bug out from the cities to Appalachian mountains. He was strongly disillusioning them of that. Close knit community doesn't even start to cover it. Don't care a whit for outsiders and newcomers have a lot of work to get accepted in the community. Like couple of generations worth supporting said community. His advice? If you see a big block Chevy engine hanging from the oak tree in front, smile, wave and keep on driving.

  5. Mike Guenther

    Our family left SoCal when it was still a conservative state, and moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. That was in 1975. We had some family already there so the transition might have been easier for us, also because it was a college town, too.

    Been living here so long now, I'm considered native.

  6. Arthur Sido

    I figured that was the case, being outsiders there won't be of much use. We would be more likely to be on the other side of the river in Ohio. My wife has family in that area.

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