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On The Other Side Of The Roe Question

Here is a compelling story that bolsters the pro-“choice” argument:

How prolific you might ask?
Prolific to the tune of 44 children.
Read on…..
Mariem Nabatanzi had given birth to 44 kids by the age of 40 and was told that no family planning methods would work for her.

The woman from Uganda, East Africa, has given birth to four sets of twins, five sets of triplets, and five sets of quadruplets.

Only once did she give birth to a single child.

Six of her children died, and her husband abandoned her and ran off with all the family’s money, leaving Mariem with 38 children – 20 boys and 18 girls – to raise single-handedly.

Mariem was married off when she was only 12 years old after her parents sold her and soon after she fell pregnant, giving birth to her first child at the age of just 13.

Fertility rates are far higher in Uganda, where the average is 5.6 children per woman, according to the World Bank.

That’s more than double the world average of 2.4 children.
44 kids, her husband ran off, six kids already have died. What does the future hold for the surviving 38 children? Probably more of the same poverty and hopelessness. 

Uganda has a fertility rate of 5.6 children per woman and also is one of the shittiest of shitholes in the world. From Wikipedia:
Uganda is one of the poorest nations in the world. In 2012, 37.8 percent of the population lived on less than $1.25 a day.
If there was ever a place where aggressive contraception methods was appropriate, it is Uganda but Uganda isn’t even the most fecund country in the world. 

Compare these countries to the opposite end of the spectrum….

The bottom of the fertility scale is almost all East Asian or White majority nations.
A quick scan of the list shows not one majority White or East Asian nation at or above the replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman. This is one of the most critical factors to look at when thinking about the intermediate future of the world. The producers, the people who invent stuff and make stuff run are slowly dying out and the people who consume and add nothing to the world but mouths to feed are still multiplying at an enormous rate. I refer back to this chart on a regular basis, Steve Sailer’s “World’s Most Important Graph” because it truly is that important. 

Left to their own devices, the massive birth-rate of Africans would sort itself out as excess children died off but of course that isn’t what is happening, not for decades. In 1985 when I was still a yoof in middle school a whole slew of singers got together to raise money for Africa with the song “We Are The World“.
This effort raised tens of millions of dollars, although I suspect a lot of that money didn’t make it anywhere near Africa or the money that did ended up in some tyrants Swiss bank account. Did it make a difference or even a dent? Not really. It might have fed some African kids for a short time but famine has ravaged the continent on and off ever since, interspersed with civil wars and pandemics. It won’t ever change because Africa is full of Africans. 
Thanks to the squeamishness of Western Christians, the aid provided to Africa has never dealt with the underlying issue: Africans cannot manage themselves and subsidizing them simply makes small messes into larger messes. 
Is it cruel to see a child starve to death? Of course but is it not crueler still to provide that child with the barest of subsistence so she can grow to maturity and start having 6, 8 or 10 children of her own who will starve to death? 
Faced with starvation, as will certainly be the case what do you suppose they are going to do? Just sit around and starve? Of course not, and with the financial aid of the traitorous fifth column in the West they will head north to Europe and the promised land of free gibs from the evil White man. As I was writing this I came across this lengthy but excellent post from John Waters (HT: WRSA): 
Excellent stuff, especially this:

All this is planned. It will not be an unforeseen, happenstance outcome of random events. Social chaos is baked into the cake of Covid disruption and tyranny. The war in Ukraine — in effect an undeclared war by the United States and NATO on the Russian Federation, with Ukraine merely the proxy patsy in the middle — has not turned out as the US and EU leaders foresaw, and this has come to mean that the social disaster will be far worse than they intended. But this does not mean that the tyrants will instantly begin to amend their conduct and seek to mitigate its effects. We shall see, therefore, the culmination of a long process of social-engineering and race-baiting that is calculated to deliver to the globalist project the means to enter into a whole new dispensation, in which the already super-rich will become far richer, and the inhabitants of the afflicted countries — in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and beyond will be, though all equally subject to dispossession, thrown at each other’s throats. The people of Europe will be daubed as racists for seeking to put their own children first.

RTWT. I have some quibbles but on balance it is an excellent piece. 
All of this is planned. All the misery, all of the destruction and death, it is all planned. It is intentional and has a distinct end goal. That goal is a global aristocracy ruling over the teeming masses of humanity who live in abject poverty. The main and last remaining obstacle?
What to do? You must be removed, you being White people who are insufficiently self-loathing and insist on things like our rights and having families. 
Removing us is what it is all about. Absent White people the world is easy pickings for the cosmopolitan globalist elites. 
This is why the abortion question is not as cut-and-dried as I once thought it to be. Despite the lofty words about all men being created equal, it is simply not the case. Men are not created equal. A billion White people are not the same as a billion Africans or mestizos. It is why an racially homogenous nation like Japan is a nearly crime free paradise compared to a racially homogenous country like Uganda. Removing the population of Europe and North America and replacing us with Africans and Central American mestizos won’t result in an equivalent society with a darker hue.
The issue of being “pro-life” is a far more complicated question than we have been led to believe but there are very few voices that point this out. It is presented as a starkly dichotomous issue, pro baby murder or pro-life. Either you want women to be able to kill their children up to the moment they free of the birth canal or you don’t want any woman anywhere to fail to carry to term any child. It is a complex question for sure and one everyone has mishandled at nearly every term. 
One thing I know for certain, absent some sort of calamity we are looking at a migration of tens of millions of people who can’t manage to make a go of it on continents teeming with life and into nations that simply can’t absorb those tens of millions without in turn reducing their own heritage populations to the same levels of destitution these economic migrants are fleeing from. Western Europe has no will to stop it and apparently neither does North America. That leaves Russia and Eastern Europe and the Chinese alone at the top of the heap by the end of the this century or likely much sooner. 
It is a tangled web and the ones weaving it are not your friends. 


  1. lgc

    Your point is valid but it doesn't matter. A society must have rules and ours have all been stripped away. A society that murders babies isn't going to last for long (and i think we all see that). This world/society/civilization is over and we must build on something new. This will allow us to build forward anew into a society with borders and boundaries both external and internal.

    I DGAF about Africa. They aren't ALL coming here. They certainly aren't building boats. The bigger problem is here with our resident MN's who have no self control. But the money is running out. Family, tribe, society and the others. The others are not us. Again in the new thing we are hopefully building and self selecting for this is a good thing. Dissolution is coming. The Magic Negro's in the big cities where baby murder will still be allowed, well that will be their problem,not ours.

    This is a good thing in a world that doesn't have many good things. Celebrate and get back to work on the next good thing.

  2. LGC

    yep, good thing only white people can be "racist" cuz yeah, it's going to be resolved in a typical "african" way (brutal and without mercy) one way or the other.

  3. Mike_C

    They’d be lucky to get Belgian Congo 2. To the Han Chinese it would be pest control and not genocide to kill them all. The documentary “Empire of Dust” gives insight into how the Chinese view Blacks. (Ironically, the Black translator in that film has a better Mandarin accent than the Chinese guy who’s got some regional hick twang.) Film can be seen on YewTube.

    There’s a SF short story called “Seven Kill Tiger” by Charles Shao about future Chinese biowarfare in Africa. It’s been pilloried by reviewers for I think PC reasons. But I have zero doubt that the PRC would not hesitate to genocide all the Black Africans in their way, if they thought they could get away with it. “Sha hou-ze”. (Kill the monkeys.)

    The Han are the second-most racist and ethnosupremacist group on Earth. The only saving grace is that don’t whine, kvetch, and play victim as much as the most ethnosupremacist group.

    Anyway, you decide what you think of the story. It’s in Pournelle’s anthology “There Will Be War, vol X”. You can read the story for free as part of the “look inside” preview on Amazon.

  4. Anonymous

    As sobering as that population chart is, I don't believe it will work out anything at all like that. Sure, if there were unlimited resources and no true pandemics to put a damper on the birth rates, there may well be 4 billion nappy haids in another 60 years. But the world is going to run desperately short of productive White and Yellow people willing to carry the helpless and incompetent blacks. As soon as first world largesse dries up, it becomes dog-eat-dog on the dark continent. Debbie Downer Malthus will crash the party, and together with his homeboy, Charlie Darwin, they will usher in self-correction.

  5. George True

    For some time now, I have realized that this self-appointed 'Elite' that is orchestrating this combination of Cloward-Piven and Coudenhove-Kalergi worldwide is extremely stupid and shortsighted.

    They will not enjoy the new world they will have created with all of the Whites either dead and gone or reduced in intelligence through mass miscegenation. Who do they think is going to design, build, and maintain new buildings and infrastructure? Who do they think is going to build and maintain their helicopters, private jets, and yachts? Who is going to fix their HVAC when it goes on the fritz? Who is going to fix their Mercedes or their Bentley?

    Who do they think is going to grow their food? Or crack and refine their oil? Or maintain their electric power grid and sewage disposal systems? It is Whites who conceived, designed, built, and maintained all these things. None of the trappings of modern living were built by Africans or Mestizos. Nor are Africans and Mestizos fully capable of maintaining these things.

    The Elite have really not fully thought things through.

  6. LGC

    All of the "there will be war" anthologies (1-10) are available from Castalia Library (Vox Day). worth it. and of course Pournelle is always worth the time.

  7. Anonymous

    The dickheads at the top are convinced that they can replace all of that skilled labour with AI and robots. They're in for a rude awakening.

  8. 3g4me

    Thank you for a very thoughtful post. Yes, the abortion issue is far more complex than people on either extreme want to consider. Not merely the race issue, but the rape issue, or the severely handicapped issue. It's fine and dandy if one believes having a child afflicted by 'x' equals some sort of blessing direct from God, but I would never want anyone making that choice for me nor would I ever make it for anyone else. The whole definition of "life" varies so tremendously now – as we all saw with that infamous case in Florida. Does having a machine feed and breathe for a body equal living? Opinions of decent and Christian people can vary there, too.

    It is all a distraction from more immediate issues and needs – yet I feel equally distant from both the enraged self-identified baby killers and the prayerful "thank God she's a single mother" churchians as well. If there must be a law, it ought to devolve to the states. But in a real nation with a real homogeneous people, it would be a moral and social issue and the law would only rarely enter into the debate.

  9. saoirse

    Wrong! Your pipe dream of building something new cannot even come close to fruition until the current system collapses – under it's own weight.
    Furthermore, nothing of any substance is even being considered because the people responsible for proposing and implementing it are too busy playing the 21st century version of Huxley's Centrifugal Bumblepuppy.

    In addition: The pious advocacy of defending fetuses that will undoubtedly be born to shitlib freaks and violent poverty-prone muds is pompous at best and suicidal at worst. In essence, you're advocating for the creation of even more of what blogs like this one have repeatedly spotlighted, and by doing so you add to the (possibly insurmountable) horde of detritus that our children and grandchildren will have to deal with!
    Let them murder their offspring. Better theirs than ours, right pal?

  10. Anonymous

    I am now a nearly 'old' man, and I am pissed as phuck for the lies I've been fed my whole damned life. I recall going trick-or-treating in the late 60s and 70s as a child, shaking that accursed UNICEF box door-to-door and guilting my lily-white suburban neighbors into contributing their pennies for the poor, starving negros in Africa. Phucking AFRICA. Still the most verdant, resource-rich continent on the face of this earth, yet overrun with humanoid bipeds too stupid to harvest the treasure all around them.

    I recall sitting in the dorm, stoned out of my mind, listening to uber-rich hypocrite George Harrison wailing about "Bangladesh" and those poor, starving, retardation-IQ sub-humans that reproduced like rabbits, yet could not feed themselves in the most fertile areas on planet earth. Charlie Darwin had a plan for such as they. It was aptly titled, "Survival of the Fittest". But our leftist, liberal overlords today have decided in their infinite wisdom that they somehow know better than Darwin and the Almighty, and have made it their virtuous mission in life to save the unworthy, using YOUR tax dollars.

    Dunno how much the rest of you care, but I would rather pocket some of those dollars and turn a blind eye to the sub-Saharan shitholes where the main export is useless eaters of room temperature IQ whose sole motivation seems to be, Where da White women at?

  11. Anonymous

    I agree with both above posts – I work in an aerospace factory that has been using 'AI' & 'robots' for a while now. But even AI & robots break down. It all comes down to one word you can't escape even with the most glorious powerpoint presentations: physics. I really do believe the world is being purposefully cratered. Which makes it hard to believe the elites do not understand physics and the utter futility of their plan. My only guess is that they are so inbred they're entirely loco and/or they're satan. They've been sold a utopia by the world's cheapest bidder – like one that makes big wind blades. How will they fix the most basic needs like a broken combine harvesting their wheat? Or a 4-axis robotic arm, including the bearings within it that have lubricant replenishment thresholds & shelf-life? Circuit boards, electrostatic switches and stepless motors that will fry? Sure they may have millions of 'coders', but coders can't fix a combine differential or pto clutch.

    We've been giving them too much credit. I really believe they are lucifer/satan. Which means they can't do anything more then the very simplistic of tasks – tasks that have the most evil of intentions and outcomes that can only be done with force & wickedness to the most vulnerable of society.

    My only advice at this point is to repent. Get close to God, your family, your closest friends. God Bless everyone…

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