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Oh Obi, What Have They Done To You?

When I saw that somehow Disney had roped Ewan McGregor to reprise his role playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in a prequel miniseries, I was pretty sure it was going to be a disaster. When the trailer came out with the Mary Sue angry black woman Jedi hunter?

I knew it was going to be bad. Still it was Obi-Wan Kenobi so I watched the first three episodes (while not violating my rule against paying a dime to Hollywood). McGregor should be ashamed that he needed the money that badly.
Yes, it was as bad as I was expected. Not just bad but dumb. The plot is dumb which is hard to do when you know where it is going. Luke and Leia are little kids, Obi-Wan is living on Tatooine watching over Luke while he grows up so he can eventually train him. Vader is evil. The end of the story is already written so we know Luke and Leia survive, so does Obi-Wan, so does Darth Vader. What we are left with is filling in some backstory. They can’t even do that and make it interesting with an existing storyline and existing characters.
Obi-Wan Kenobi is a beloved figure from my childhood. He represented a powerful, wise elder man who is a mentor and a hero to Luke. Of course he is also a White man who is mainly revered by White men who grew up watching the films and with the Kenobi action figures.
We can’t have that so Obi-Wan must be destroyed. He goes from one of the most powerful Jedis on the council in the prequels to the last of the Jedi in the original trilogies but in the interim series?
Obi-Wan is weak, frightened, has forgotten how to use the Force, has lost any sort of moral compass. He is supposed to be protecting Luke but for some reason buried his lightsaber in the middle of the desert, but is able later to find the exact spot and dig it up because on Tatooine the wind doesn’t cause the dunes to shift like every other desert. The same Obi-Wan who as an old man faced down his former apprentice and sacrificed himself so Luke and the others could escape now is confronted by Darth Vader….and promptly runs in terror. He is eventually cornered and Vader thrashes him without even so much as a mild fight before Obi-Wan is rescued by a different strong, powerful woman of color and a droid. Not kidding.

Meanwhile the angry black woman Jedi hunter, Inquisitor Reva played by angry black woman in real life Moses Ingram, spends most of her screen time screaming and glowering at people. Really if I want to see an angry, screeching black woman attacking people I can watch Worldstar or TikTok videos. 
What is happening is what happens over and over. A beloved childhood memory is shit on by The Usual Suspects precisely because it is a White male heroic figure revered by White men.
The rest of the miniseries plot is obvious. The angry black woman used to be the bold and brave black girl padawan who led the other padawans to safety. She is pissed at Obi-Wan and will somehow defeat him but then have a redemption arc or some other bullshit. I’ll watch the rest of the series just for the lols, the fourth episode is out, but Hollywood once again proves that what should be a slam dunk is just another opportunity to crap on their primary audience. They just won’t do it with my money.


  1. Steve S

    In other words, it's the putrefying garbage we've come to expect from the media entertainment complex. There was a meme recently saying Star Wars was better than Star Trek (movies) based on the number of them that were good. While I don't recall the score in the meme my personal scoring is SW 1, ST 0.

  2. Anonymous

    Just like the rest of America, the culture and movies are dead dead dead. The tranny in the NFL story is just another version of it. But damn few seem to awaken. I really do feel like the monk's in the middle ages, trying to save the great books (films, music, etc)

  3. saoirse

    We wuz Jedis and sheeit!
    Who names a female Moses? Rhetorical question.
    Downright refuse to watch anything with blacks, Hispanics, super-bitches or manginas, meaning 95% of what's out there.

  4. Anonymous

    I notice I spend far more time trying to find something to watch than actually watching movies these days. We have a TV, (in my 50's & proud that this is the first TV I have ever actually purchased) but find myself genuinely repelled by just about everything. I'll watch meat-eater & the odd war movie or documentary. Even my wife is getting sick of the narrative being thrust down our throats, but she'll still watch it, for a while. Even she gets sick of the stunning & brave go-grrl "letsbefriends" of colour saving the world rose fertiliser.

    In some ways I think it is actually good.

    I have more time to spend reading, watching travel videos on YouBoob, walking our dogs, planning and making things.

    When I was forced to submit to the death shot, (on pain of losing my livelihood, the ability to pay my mortgage, and probably eventually my marriage), I found my way back to believing in God. I am wondering if the total loss of quality "entertainment" is part of His plan. I certainly have a lot more time on my hands, care a LOT less about all the evils in the world, and have forged closer relationships with my friends. We were ostracised and completely excluded from my family due to not submitting to the death jab – they still don't know I took it – but even that fracture has slowly knitted.

    Interesting times indeed.

  5. Anonymous

    Meh. We have Amazon Fire TV and watch great South Korean, Japanese,and Chinese movies. Kung Fu, Mythology , all kinds of stuff. English captions get funny.

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