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(N)O Canada!

Tried to get into Canada today with some Amish, all of us un”vaccinated” of course. They let the lady in because she was born in Canada and her kids because they were citizens by birth but her husband and me? Blocked and denied.

I am officially “not welcome to enter Canada” and even got a rejection letter.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200 in maple syrup.

I pretty much knew they weren’t going to let me in but the lady insisted we try anyway. So that made for a 400 mile round trip that took, with a short detention period at the border, from around 8:30 AM until 5 PM mostly sitting on my keister in my van. 

So how was your day?


  1. Anonymous

    Should frame it and put it on your "me" wall. As a symbol.

    Also after all the vaxx'd die off here in the next few years, you'll be able to walk right in.

  2. polimath

    Actually, our PM and other Clown world friends have extended the traveler's restrictions. Check back in September if there is even a country left here.

  3. Anonymous

    "No syrup for you!" shouted in my best Soup Nazi voice.

    O Canada might be better put as a question, to wit, Why Canada? Unless I was looking to score some cheap Lexapro, I can't come up with any damned reason for traveling up that way.

    400 miles in a van that might get 20 mpg on the highway is 20 gallons of gas. At today's prices that little misadventure set you back some precious bucks. I hope at least the scenery was nice.


  4. Anonymous

    Currently the rules are that unvaxxed non citizens cant enter the country. Unvaxxed citizens can enter by car, bus, ferry or plane.

    Unvaxxed can fly between 2 destinations in Canada. Unvaxxed can leave the country via car, ferry or bus but not by commercial plane.

    Back a month ago unvaxxed citizens could not leave or enter the country except on privately owned aircraft not pilotted by them. So not a cesna but allowed on chartered jet


  5. Arthur Sido

    Three years ago they barely looked at us when we rolled through there, now they are prickly and pompous. It is not lost on me that I can't carry when entering Canada but I am met at the border by dozens of heavily armed men (and one really cute border chick)

  6. Otis D

    it doesn't seem like it, because the masks and jack booted thuggery over get your notvaxx has been pushed into the background. but the "great" reset is still being implemented.

    you vote your way into socialism but you have to shoot your way out.

  7. Anonymous

    In 2005 they were queer for cigarettes. I crossed over from Michigan across the river from the "Ren Center", I think it was called, with a friend. We wanted to go to the casino for some hold'em.
    Border guard: Purpose of visit?
    Me: Casino trip
    Border guard: How much cash do you have?
    Me: $2000
    Border guard: Do you have any cigarettes?
    Me: No.
    Border guard: Firearms?
    Me: No
    Border guard: Do you have any cigarettes?
    Me: NO.
    Border guard: Purpose of visit?
    Me: Casino trip.
    Border guard: Do you have any cigarettes?
    Me: NO!!

    Once we finished the inquisition and I couldn't be overheard (these people have NO sense of humor) I turned to my friend and said, "Do they always act that way?" She said, "oh sure, my sister were detained and searched one time because we giggled at the guard."

    Screw Canada and the maple leaf they rode in on. As a friend of mine said when I told him this story, "I ain't lost nuthin' in Canada!"


  8. Anonymous

    no we do not keep voting for him. Our last 2 elections were stolen just like yours. Too few Canadians have realized and accepted this reality.

  9. Arthur Sido

    A few years ago crossing in Port Huron/Sarnia into Canada was so perfunctory that I wondered why the Canucks bothered having border guards at all but now those guys act like assholes.

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