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Most Smarterested Military Evah!

More moves to recruit the dumbest people possible who won’t object when told to open fire on civilians.


  1. saoirse

    One more reason to reject the military entirely and focus on becoming the partisans that shoot back at them when they do – and will – start firing on those civilians!

  2. jl

    I read recently that something like 80% of .mil applicants over the last 2 years WITH "diplomas" couldn't pass the basic entrance exam to actually get in… I don't know anything about the enlistment process, but this latest looks like pure desperation, with a capital D.

  3. Anonymous

    Would this be the same military that is going to go door-to-door rooting out all the newly-illegal firearms that we've been collecting since the dawn of the Republic? The one that asshat Biden threatened middle America with, citing their F-15s? In another year, the only ones left in the military will literally BE "left". As in trans, feminist, gender-bent snowflakes, polishing their pronouns and unable to read the tech manual for that billion dollar weapons system they were just put in charge of.

    U.S. military? I don't sweat you.

  4. Anonymous

    Ok, after reading this I had an unpleasant but humorous idea:
    Soon the vehicles will be climate friendly not only when they are in use but also when they are destroyed by enemy fire.
    Imagine this: If a tank is destroyed by a missile then its black smoke, poisonous fumes, fire etc.
    But if you bring Bidens comment to its logical conclusion then when a US / NATO tank is destroyed it will be destroyed without fire, poisonous fumes and smoke. This will only be emitted by the missile of the dastardly enemy who doesnt care about the enviroment and climate change and ….

    On the other hand: If anybody of the other side (Biden, the Greens in Germany etc) reads this I wouldnt be surprised even a little if they would take it up as their next rallying cry.
    Alex Lund

  5. Rando

    You can add to the list of reasons the fact that the sec. def. just said the military will continue to provide abortion services after the overturning of Roe v Wade. I would love nothing better than for Christian families to stop sending their children to die for the Gay Amercian Empire.

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