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Let’s Check In On America’s Most Oppressed And Least Violent Demographic

Not a day goes by that we don’t see more proof of the nobility and peacefulness of the American black man.

“Qaadir Dukes-Hill, 18, and Nahjee Whittington, 17”. When a black woman names her son Qaadir or Nahjee, she pretty much condemns them to appearing in a story like this to be followed by decades or life in prison before they turn 20. There were 14 people shot in this fracas, 3 fatally including apparently one of the five shooters. From the story:
The teens captured in Richmond, Va.,, who are friends, fired randomly into the frightened crowd packing South Street even though they had no ties to the other men who fired gunshots before them, officials said….

… Dukes-Hill and Whittington, wearing matching hoodies, escalated the mayhem by pulling out handguns and firing moments after a gun battle had erupted on the 200 block of South Street — at least half-a-block from where the teens were standing, officials said.

“It appears they had guns and they took them out and randomly fired them,” said Joanne Pescatore, homicide chief in the District Attorney’s Office,.
I am not sure of the relevance of the matching hoodies but whatever. Of course the proper response to random gunfire is to fire into a crowd of random people randomly. That is what we did as rowdy teens back in my day. Ah I remember those glorious summer days in Waterville, Ohio when I would roam the streets in matching hoodies with my homies, and not in a gay way at all, and when we saw crowds of people we didn’t know? We would shoot them. Also note that both of these fine teens are legally prohibited from buying a handgun but seem to have them anyway. How weird.
Then over to Charleston, South Carolina to a mass shooting that injured 12 (zero fatalities). 

Deljavon Lamat Simmons, age 31 and “a former standout quarterback and basketball player at Burke High School”. Again not sure of the relevance of a 31 year old black guy being good at sports 13 years ago but just like a black woman naming her son Qaadir or Nahjee, naming your son Deljavon pretty much ensures he is going to end up in prison. I am surprised he made it to 31 still walking the streets. Perhaps they will let him go after he employs this defense:
“I don’t want to go near that area. I will never touch another gun, like, to be honest with you, all those people that got shot, those are my friends,” Simmons said. “Every last one of them is my friends. I was running around the whole time just checking on everyone that had a gunshot wound because all of us were standing in the same area.”
Well with friends like that…
Fortunately Chicago has a solution to black men committing violence:

The opening paragraph is delicious:
Chicago was urged again Thursday to get moving toward granting some form of reparations to descendants of African American slaves, perhaps beginning with guaranteed minimum income checks, focused on unemployed black men prone to violence.
Let’s look at that last line again:
“unemployed black men prone to violence”

It sounds like what you are saying is that unemployed black men are prone to violence? I could have told you that and also that employment status is secondary to race because no one is talking about guaranteed income for unemployed White men living in abject poverty in Appalachia because they just don’t tend to shoot each other. The guy calling for these “reparations” is one Kamm Howard.

Mr. Howard is a slum lord or something in Chicago and is the “co-chair of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America” and can boast of these impressive credentials:

“Kamm is a Delta Mu Delta Honor Society member and holds a Bachelors Degree in Community Renewal and Political Science (Roosevelt University) and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration where he graduated in the inaugural graduating class of Roosevelt University’s Chicago School of Real Estate.”
You probably haven’t heard of “Roosevelt University”, I sure hadn’t, but it sounds like a top notch establishment of higher education. His presentation included a PowerPoint presentation and it makes a powerful argument for reparations:
Next came a slide headlined: “Reparations as Public Safety.”

It recommended a guaranteed basic income program that “removes” Black men from the streets and “reduces dramatically their dependence on the illegal economy that is steeped in violence.”

It noted the average income for those men is $700 to $900 a month, so a basic income of $600 to $800 would replace the bulk of that. The income would be provided for up to two years, and only if the men remain in remedial services, with the goal of eventually moving into the labor force and providing for their children.
“Reparations as Public Safety” sure sounds a lot like “Pay us or we will shoot people”.
Question: if you give unemployed black men $600-800 per month, in Chicago, do you think that will encourage or discourage them from getting a paying job? Especially since even $800 per month in Chicago, a whopping $9600 per year, is not going to go very far toward paying the bills. 
At least in 2022 we have come to the real argument: 
black men are violent and if you want them to be less violent, give them free money
Anyhoo, this is a great video from Jared Taylor with lots of great data.
This is my favorite chart from the video (you can see all of them here)

Why is it my favorite chart? Because it shows the lie behind the comparisons to Australia.
Australia is the gun grabbing Left’s favorite “argument”. They will say “See, Australia banned and confiscated guns and their homicide rate is much lower than ours!”. As this chart shows, even though we have the highest rate of firearms ownership around, when you look at American Whites compared to Australians the homicide rate is basically the same, right around 3 per 100,000 residents. Canada is slightly lower than ours, right around 2 per 100,000. Australia and Canada also have very few blacks, although Canada keeps importing blacks and then wonders why their crime rate is going up. 
The simple fact of the matter is that American Whites, despite owning a metric shit-ton of guns, are not more prone to homicide than people in heavily gun controlled countries like Australia and Canada. The higher homicide rate in America is attributable entirely to our black and to a lesser extent our mestizo population. We don’t have a gun violence problem, we have a violent non-White/Asian problem.
Be sure to share that video and that chart with your normie friends and watch their heads explode right before they cut you off from their lives for making them think naughty thoughts.


  1. saoirse

    I'm 100% in favor of reparations for blacks………. as long as the money is used for the purchase and direct distribution of guns/ammo, dope, booze, Little Debbie snack foods and a video of how to aim and fire properly.
    The return on investment will be quite gratifying!

  2. Anonymous

    I recall going to a department store at age 12 to buy my first BB gun, absent parental oversight. I could not WAIT to point that Playskool weapon at something and pull the trigger. Paper targets did not hold my interest, so I actively sought out birds and squirrels in the local park. I might have turned my attention to car windshields after that thrill faded, too, because my immature, testosterone-filled body demanded ever more socially unacceptable, violent release.

    Same mindset here, only the immature, ignorant impulse response never dies in that demographic. Nigs get hold of something dangerous and powerful and it fills their primitive spirit with adrenaline and bloodlust. They never associate cause with effect and just can't contain themselves. Factor in megalomania and acute sensitivity to slight, and black males between the ages of 2 and 60 are on permanent hair-trigger.

    Even older negroids understand that the young bucks are too stupid and wild to be tamed. Wasn't it no less an authority on impulse control than Bill Cosby who chided ghetto rats to pull up their damn pants and stay in skoo'?

    The cause is hopeless, however, as anyone with sense knows. There is a reason why sub-Saharan africans are the only segment of the human population shitting out 6+ live births per brood sow today. Mother Nature, that canny old bitch, knows damned well that four of those six nigs per litter are going to end up meeting Charlie Darwin sooner rather than later.

  3. Arthur Sido

    They never seem to mature past early adolescence. The constant anger, lack of impulse control, inability to consider the consequences of their actions. We don't let 14 year olds vote for those reasons, maybe the universal franchise wasn't such a good idea?

  4. Anonymous

    Re the Australian gun grab situation – semi-autos & hand guns are extremely difficult to acquire. All our firearms are registered. To purchase ammunition and components you must produce a firearms licence and it is all recorded against your licence. Essentially the stage is set for a major gun grab. The authorities know exactly who has what, as do the criminals thanks to a notoriously leaky firearms registry allowing shopping lists to fall into criminal hands. Directly because of break-ins and thefts from rural properties, if you have a non-residential rural property in NSW and you legally store firearms there, you now have to jump through a shit-ton of hoops – including forced to have a monitored alarm system. Don't need all the extra stuff if you live on the property though. Because 1+1=2, you can see what will eventually be made mandatory for all firearms owners in NSW. All because of break-ins on rural properties that somehow the criminals knew guns were stored . . . . . .. Real thin-edge of the wedge stuff. NEVER EVER EVER allow them to register your guns.

  5. Anonymous

    Where do all the niggers meet?
    Where they shoot and stamp their feet

  6. Anonymous

    Passports? They aren't even capable of getting voter IDs, according to their handlers. Blaques don't need no stinkin' passports. Das racissss.

  7. Anonymous

    Let's take the most volatile, violent, immature, unevolved, unemployable segment of society, stuck in perpetual adolescence, and hand them free money to do with what they will. That should take care of the problem.

    Who comes up with these asinine ideas? You can't bribe an unruly child to behave. They don't have the time orientation or the ability to delay gratification. It was the adventurous and capable ones who migrated out of Africa tens of thousands of years ago, their black skin fading to a whiter shade of pale while gaining the intelligence and resourcefulness to survive harsh climates. The ones who stayed behind remained locked in the moment with never a thought for tomorrow. Why can't we all just accept that which cannot be changed?

  8. JackDup

    We would be way ahead to give then $50,000 and a one way ticket back to AFRICA, throw in some tribal king and queen garments and a few watermelons to boot.

  9. saoirse

    I would go for the back-to-Africa version only if the crew were shitlibs and the planes (taken from the mothball fleets in the desert) were filled with just enough fuel to get them over the Nigerian border.
    Let the gods of Wakanda worry about refueling!

  10. Xzebek

    Another episode in the never ending saga of the chimps not being effective in the use of firearms. They throw bullets like gorillas throw shit.
    As to guaranteed income….if anyone expects $900 to cover the average hood rat's child support payments they are sadly mistaken. That won't leave enough for a case of malt liquor or a bottle of Hennessey to celebrate another drive by.
    Almost all of the crime stats in the USA become unremarkable when the black population- especially males 15 to 35 is removed. That population is the problem and it is a collective drag on the rest of society.
    And out of what collective gorilla ass do they pull those names?? Definitely a guaranteed ticket to prison or an early death.

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