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Keep Up The Pressure

With Roe v Wade gone, now is not the time to sit back and relax because the Left won’t be. I just sent the following email to my Indiana General Assembly Representative, Ben Smaltz of District 52, and our State Senator, Dennis Kruse of District 14. 

With the recent ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that overturned Roe v Wade, we are asking the Indiana legislature to convene as quickly as possible to pass pro-life legislation that would outlaw the practice of abortion in the Hoosier state. We would ask you to be a leader in this legislation to protect the most vulnerable human lives. 

For the last half century, abortion on demand has been imposed on this nation and the state of Indiana by a flawed decision that created a “right” to terminate a pregnancy and now that we are no longer bound by Roe it is time for Indiana to lead the way in protecting the unborn.

Not only do we ask you to convene as soon as practical to restrict abortion in the Hoosier state but also to take up and re-institute the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman in the state of Indiana as it was prior to the wrongly decided Obergefell v. Hodges decision that imposed “gay marriage” on the entire country. As eloquently stated by Justice Clarence Thomas in his concurrence, many other Supreme Court decision including Obergefell rely on the same faulty reasoning as Roe v Wade. Indiana should be able to define marriage for ourselves without having “gay marriage” forced upon us by judicial fiat.

Thank you in advance for your attention, we will be closely monitoring the General Assembly in the days to come.
If you live in a red state, urge your state legislators to do something similar, banning abortion and passing legislation to challenge Obergefell. With a 2-1 majority on the Court, this is the time to keep pressing the gas pedal. Challenge “gay marriage”, challenge any and every gun law.
Our enemies never rest, we cannot rest either.


  1. Anonymous

    In canada gay marriage is a different sort of issue. Our constitution was finally ratified in 1982 and specifically is a piece of crap as it allows the government to violate it if there is need to do so.

    The 1972 constitution did not prevent discrimination on the basis of orientation but it did in the basis of gender, religion and age. In 1999 our supreme court ruled the constitution as un-constitutional and instantly allowed same sex marriage.

    Sadly it will be much harder to correct our ship of state. It will take us hitting the iceburg and letting nature take its course.


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