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It’s Supposed To Be Exit Only

I don’t normally do this but this post is covering some vulgar topics so if you are easily offended, and this stuff should offend you, don’t read on. Maybe don’t share this with your grandma. I’ll put in a jump so you can scroll right past if you choose and I wouldn’t blame you. It is also a pretty long post, you have been warned.


This is one of those topics that we shouldn’t even have to think about but it is 2022 so I guess it needs to be said. What better time to talk about it than during “Pride Month” where corporate America affirms that something revolting and shameful is in fact something to take pride in, especially if it helps to sell more products.

One of the historical barriers to the mainstreaming of faggotry in general is that it is simply revolting. Male on male sexual behavior is disgusting. This article pretty much sums it up.

In heterosexual men, pictures of rotting flesh, maggots and spoiled food induce the same physiological stress response as pictures of two men kissing each other. That is the surprising finding that was recently published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Psychology & Sexuality.

I find it even more revolting. I don’t blame a maggot for being gross, their appearance is in their nature, nor do I blame food for rotting. A dude kissing another dude? That is a willful act of violence upon the senses and it is foul to the core. Dudes don’t mind watching a couple of chicks go at it but do you know any women who are turned on by a dude sodomizing another dude? If you do know any women turned on by that, you need to find a better class of chicks to hang around.

Back in 1996-1997 or thereabouts my boss was a gay guy. Really nice fellow although he clearly had daddy issues. He often overshared with me about his lifestyle including telling me about his annual visit to a proctologist to make sure nothing was damaged in his poop chute. I was around 25 at the time and he was in his early 30s, about six years older than me. When I was in my 30s I didn’t need to go see a proctologist every year or at all, because I didn’t have anything shoved in my ass. 

That was then, now we have Twitter posts about a special diet for dudes who take it in the ass so they don’t shit on the bed or something.

That is a papaya maybe, dressed up like Rob Halford from Judas Priest? I didn’t know, and sure as shit didn’t want to know, that some fags are called “tops” and some fags are called “bottoms”. I’ll let you figure out the references. Regardless the video talks about the importance of a proper diet to keep your rectum clear for “a good time” developed by Dr. Evan Goldstein. Yes. Goldstein. Go figure. “Dr.” Goldstein is an osteopath, not an actual MD medical doctor and his practice focuses on the really important stuff like this:

What the eff is an “anal fissure”? From wikipedia: “Most anal fissures are caused by stretching of the anal mucous membrane beyond its capability.”. In other words from sticking things in your ass that don’t belong there like another guy’s pecker. 

I did warn you at the beginning of the post.

I think I have made my point. Faggotry is disgusting. 

Even men who aren’t actually homosexual but are effeminate in appearance and behavior are gross, even more so than women who are “tomboys”. Soft, weak men are revolting. Boys who act like sissies were once told to man up and quit acting like a girl. There is nothing wrong with acting like a girl, provided you are a girl. Boys with feminine mannerisms though? That is simply wrong. There was no greater insult between young men than calling another man a faggot. The mere suggestion that you would have sex with another dude was so revolting as to induce rage.

This was a big problem. The act of sodomy is inherently unnatural and disgusting. 

You might wonder what the point of this post is, I think we all get that two dudes having anal sex is about the most revolting thing anyone could imagine but who cares? I’m getting to that, stay with me. 

Allow me to draw a line between sodomy and Marxism. 

When a people have a strong, functioning family system they are reliant on each other. This reliance on each other undermines their reliance on the central authority of the state. Therefore destroying the family has always been one of the central tenets of Marxism, spoken of at some length in The Communist Manifesto.

For Marxism to be accepted, any barriers to Marxism must be removed. Private property, the family, individuality, religion. The issue? People didn’t want to get rid of those things. They liked them. Marx infamously called religion the opiate of the masses but the masses like their religion. They like the feeling of purpose it gives them, far more than the purpose they feel working for the state just so they can stand in breadlines until they die. People like having a family, and to the horror of ugly women everywhere women like having a husband and having kids, raising them and caring for the home. 

This is still their mission, as Exhibit A I present this article in The Nation magazine from 2019: Want to Dismantle Capitalism? Abolish the Family

You rightly assumed that the subject of the piece, a so-called “Feminist theorist” named Sophie Lewis, would be a homely bitch no one would want to marry or even have drunk casual sex with. Amusingly she was interviewed by the aptly named Rosemarie Ho, who manages to master the resting bitch face.

Ho? Imma gonna say “no”.

How then do they eliminate these barriers to the acceptance of Marxism? 

You know most of them. Feminism quickly gave up pretending to be about “equal rights” for women and morphed into man-hating far-left lesbianism. As the late, mostly great Rush Limbaugh used to say:

Downstream from the 19th Amendment granting women the “right” to vote in 1920, we got stuff like widespread contraception that separated sex and child-bearing, no-fault/easy divorces to provide an escape hatch from marriage, abortion on demand becoming another “right”, latchkey children coming home to an empty house after school and an increasing percentage of babies being raised by strangers so mom could go fulfill the feminist dream of pushing papers in a cubicle. It only took about 40 years from the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the start of the “sexual revolution” that spelled the beginning of the end for marriage in America. 

Elsewhere we saw the Long March through the institutions that started in the entertainment industry and the schooling-industrial complex but now has achieved near total victory by infiltration of two major holdouts, the military and the Christian church. 

A problem remained. For all of their efforts to the contrary, men still wanted to have sex with women and women still wanted to have sex with men, and all too often they did and fell in love and got married and had kids (the order varied quite a bit). That means families, messy though they might be, and family is bad for Bolshevism.

The solution? Provide an alternate outlet for sexual behavior.

We saw this decades ago in media attempts to normalize homosexual behavior. It started off with adding harmless and often humorous gay characters into TV shows and movies. They were funny and nice so of course all homosexuals are funny and nice. You didn’t see men in bondage gear grinding on each other as you see in “pride” parades today. 

To me this culminated in 1999 with the deeply degenerate, Oscar aware winning film “American Beauty”. The film is set in suburbia and is heavy handed with the stereotypes and tropes of the “horror” of suburban life, especially the character of Lester Burnham played by deviant Kevin Spacey, a man in a loveless marriage who quits his job, works in a fast food joint and lusts after his teenaged daughter’s best friend. The whole film is about as subtle as a steamroller. Suburban mom who is cold and bitchy? Check. Suburban dad who just wants to smoke pot and bang the teenaged friend of his daughter? Check. The next door neighbor who is a White guy, an abusive father and husband, a colonel in the Marines and of course is secretly a NAZI (because all suburban White guys are)? Checkity check check.

In stark contrast to the dysfunctional families that dominate the movie, we have a nice, normal couple. That couple? Jim and Jim.

One Jim is a tax attorney and the other Jim is an anesthesiologist. They are well dressed, friendly, great neighbors. Get it? The gay guys are the only normal people in the suburb. I made that comment to my sister who lives near D.C. once and she got defensive and flustered, claiming it wasn’t true but then again the writer and co-producer of American Beauty kinda comes right out and says it:


Add in Queer Eye For The Straight Guy where fags “fix” normal guys who don’t dress like fairies, and you see the pattern. The same thing went on shortly thereafter with trannies with shows like Ru Paul and others attempting to make transvestites seems like fun and harmless people instead of the deeply disturbed mental cases they actually are.

They still have a problem. Dudes having sex with other dudes is disgusting.

This brings me back to my original point. 

As a teen in the 1980s, you could say there was some sex going on. Like lots of it. It was the era of raunchy films like National Lampoon’s Animal House, Porkys, Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Private School that were centered around characters that were supposed to be in their teens. Films featuring actual teens in nude scenes were pretty common back in the 1970s and early 80s. A significant segment of my high school was sexually active and those that weren’t having sex were talking about it or trying to be sexually active. Something we weren’t doing or even talking about? Anal sex. I recall exactly one conversation about it with a couple of girls I was friends with and it was just bizarre. Why would you want to have anal sex with a chick who has a perfectly good vagina?

When I started college in the fall of 1990, I was at THE Ohio State University. Take a bunch of 18 year old kids, throw them into dorms with boys and girls in adjoining rooms being supervised by 19 or 20 year old students, add in alcohol being sold and served to just about anyone? You have a recipe for lots of sex. I know of at least one girl who got pregnant fairly quickly in the school term and lots of people were having sex, although it was mostly boyfriend-girlfriend stuff as the “hook-up culture” hadn’t kicked in yet. My then girlfriend moved down to Columbus with me and got an apartment very close to my dorm and we were engaged by the end of my first semester, married shortly thereafter and with two children when I graduated. Again, lots and lots of sex in the early 1990s but no one I knew of was having anal sex or even talking about it. 

Somewhere along the line this changed. 

Admittedly my young adult years were very different from most people my age. Perhaps the most popular show when I got out of school was Friends but it never appealed to me. The main characters were about our age, a couple of years older than me, and I could never figure out why they didn’t stop whining and get married. They weren’t funny, they were immature and insufferable. So I was out of the loop on the casual sex scene when I was in my 20s.

Anyway, for some reason heterosexual couples started having anal sex. I still don’t know why you would want to but apparently a lot of dudes prefer it to normal intercourse, while I assume that most girls really don’t like it but just go along with it because their boyfriend/husband/random dude she hooks up with wanted to. Something changed. 

What seems to have changed is that the porn industry began to push anal sex and normalize it. 

I’ve never been much of a porn guy, I don’t find horribly staged sex scenes between a woman with enormous fake tits having sex with a pizza delivery guy all that titillating. Lots of guys really like porn to the point of being unhealthy. As a kid, many older men in our lives had a subscription to Playboy and had copies laying around, much to our delight. Today you can see anything you want, on demand, for free and what men are looking at is getting more extreme. A still shot photo of a naked woman is too tame for most guys, they want women doing stuff that is grotesque and often degrading. Anecdotally it seems that anal sex porn is incredibly popular online. 

I don’t think this is a coincidence. 

The people who run the porn industry are degenerates, which should go without saying. A pretty high percentage of them are The Usual Suspects. I’ll go on a limb and say virtually all of them are on the far-left politically. Whether they know it or not, I suspect that they were “encouraged” to push anal sex in their products. 

Why you might ask?

To dampen the revolting nature of male homosexual sodomy. 

This might seem a little Alex Jones, tinfoil hat-ish but it has been a working theory of mine for a while. I am sure that is not all there is to it, I still think that young men are resentful toward young women (not completely without cause) and the idea of degrading and even hurting them sexually is very appealing to some of them. Not to mention that as pornography becomes so ubiquitous it often sees men become addicted to it and like all addicts many have to keep ramping up the shock value to get the same response, like a drug addict taking more and stronger drugs to get the same high. Still I maintain that the movement to normalize sodomy has an ulterior motive of reducing the revulsion factor of male homosexual activity, making faggotry less revolting and making homosexuality seem like a reasonable alternative to heterosexuality. I would say it has largely been successful. 

Again apologies for such a disgusting topic but I think it is important to keep connecting the dots and realizing why seemingly disparate movements like “gay rights” and “climate change” always seem to be interconnected: they are all tactics in the larger movement to usher in a neo-Bolshevik revolution, called “The Great Reset” in contemporary language, but with the same goal: placing all of humanity under the control of a small cabal of people who will rule the world.


  1. Anonymous

    I’m about 12 years younger than you and my perceptions of the last 30 years align perfectly with what you describe. I was one of the last normals in an increasingly degenerate generation of early millennials. And as far as the appeal of “bumming” a girl, a college friend always said “ten degrees warmer and twice as tight”. It’s disordered thinking, because after all…ITS A SEWER! A friend recently confided in me that he was staring to red pill because he couldn’t wrap his mind around the trans thing but was fine with the gays. I explained to him that we were raised normalized to the gays and the young kids today will think the same way about trans-ing the little kids as we do about gays. Our grandparents thought about the gays the same way we see trans-ing kids. It’s all about normalizing degeneracy, after a few generations you are numb to the truth.

  2. Anonymous

    The most prescient thing I ever heard was a quote in my school's yearbook from, of all things, a rather cerebral black guy two grades ahead of me. He said, "Everything is the opposite of what it is." Pretty obvious stuff now, but way back in the late 70s this was radical thinking. And entirely accurate.

    In our ultra-permissive culture, thrill-seeking requires ever more dangerous, outre behavior. Anal sex is indeed becoming mainstreamed, with no going back (heh). But accepting and praising it is still a virtue beacon and deliberate trigger by the left to rile up trads on the right. As another black guy I used to work with ages ago would scream at his fellow Haitians when the disgusting topic came up, "It's an EXIT, not an ENTRANCE!" Presumably he would be canceled for expressing that opinion today in the workplace, despite his skin privilege.

    "Adults" are going to do what "adults" want to do. But can't they keep it behind closed doors and out of sight of the children? There are locks on bathroom doors and toilet stalls because some things are just better kept private. Same goes for the bedroom.

  3. Xzebek

    Part of what I see as a (the) problem is that sometime ago- in the mid 90s seems about right- the idea took hold that it was fine to publicize all behavior for public consumption. The idea of things being private or personal vanished. This became worse with the internet when people felt the "need" to "share" activities and behaviors that were heretofore private. And, of course, the slippery slope took hold and more and more became not only not private but demanding of publicity and (more importantly) celebration. The idea of judging and (even worse) "shaming" became outrageous and unacceptable. It started, to a large degree, with slut shaming, fat shaming and now one doesn't dare "kink" shame including pedophilia.
    And, Arthur, as you point out, this was the goal. Any and all debauched behavior is desired because of its corrosive effect on the family and society.
    Certain behaviors and people belong in the closet and since no other methods will probably work at this time, I am in favor of beating them back into the closet.

  4. Anonymous

    Hollywood spent a solid 30 years, maybe more, prepping the ground before same sex marriage became recognized in law. The movie I most associate it with was Dave, with Kevin Kline as the gay teacher who got outed. I want to say 1995. Not going to look it up. The movie made it all seem very midwestern and "normal," without the stupid stereotypes of American Beauty, a movie I found virtually unwatchable it was so bad, but it won Oscars, go figure. Of course it would be impossible to catalog all the separate pieces of the campaign before and after American Beauty and Dave.

    Homosexual rights as we know them never would have happened without this deliberate, decades long propaganda effort to change perceptions. Indeed, most believe believe what they believe, about homosexuality or anything else, because they were programmed to believe it. Yet few are aware of this. It wasn't until early middle age that I realized that much of what I thought I wanted for myself were things I was programmed to want. I suspect I might have realized this sooner if I hadn't spent so much of my young adulthood drunk, but that's another subject. The programming is everywhere, ubiquitous, yet also subtle.

    But I will never blame homosexuals for wrecking marriage. Straight people had done a great job of that already. No fault divorce was probably a more consequential legal development than Obergefell.

  5. Otis D

    Excellent writing, as usual.

    This acceptance of what was previously unacceptable is also called "shifting the overton window". Done in insidious ways through media, entertainment, "culture", because every institution has been taken over and run by narcissists. People in open rebellion to God.

    The inversion that we are seeing is due to the lack of obedience to God and His laws. Mostly in part because 'organized' religion has become an industry and in order to keep 'customers' it adhered to the instant gratification and feel good super fun Rock band church, as Ann Barnhardt refers to it. So most people don't even KNOW what God's laws are.

    She also has written extensively about diabolical narcissists. Now, living with a narcissist in the family or being married to one is about as close to hell as you can get while alive. The entire repertoire of tactics used on their victims is the same we are seeing with our government on us, their so called employers: projection, gaslighting, confabulation, word salad, and passive aggressive tactics that have you questioning your perceptions of the world. Narcissists are completely self oriented, egocentric.

    Basically they are devoid of love and the entire agenda is to deceive you and lead you away from God and anything good. They revel in other's pain and suffering and even better if they inflict suffering without being confronted by it. This is why they are weaponizing children in schools. They are CREATING narcissist monsters in order to tear the fabric of society apart. Homosexuality is the extreme on the narcissist scale.

    If you are too busy putting brush fires out (caused by narcs in your life) you are too busy to shoot in the face those that are enslaving you.

    also, it probably shouldn't escape our attention that worship of false gods in the past required homosexuality and other deviance, worshiping nature (the Creation in stead of the Creator) and child sacrifice. Which transgenderism (rendering your kids sterile or suicidal ) and the jab are doing quite nicely.
    See: Baal and Moloch

  6. Anonymous

    To stay with the gross theme (and I was pondering this yesterday during a mandatory DEI meeting at work) – Nothing says pride like having to wipe another man's poo off your penis after sex. Disgusting. Always will be. And the porn theme you mentioned? Apparently black guys with white women is extremely prevalent, as is the mandatory cuck white guy watching his wife servicing multiple black men. This on top of the anal. Destroy the family is job #1.

  7. Anonymous

    To echo the sentiments of anonymous at 2:43pm, I have taken to openly stating "being a fecal dicked faggot is nothing to be proud of." Especially this month. Such remark is generally not well received, but hey, the offended have no cogent argument against it. And it has the effect of putting the reality of faggotry right in their face, where they can't deny it. I do rather enjoy triggering those who are tolerant and supportive of these perverts.

  8. Anonymous

    The last lesson in Self-Defense/Self-Defence: Self De-Feces. It’s a defensive shit. When someone tries sending something in, you start sending something out.

  9. deb harvey

    decades ago our elementary school teacher told us about a book she read about overpopulation. [ehrlichmann? ]
    already according to his prediction we should be so overpopulated as to be standing shoulder to shoulder from sea to shining sea.
    later the idea of voluntary homosexual congress was floated to rein in the population
    these things have historically assaulted the human race because intervening generations forget the mayhem and destroyed empires of the past and the the stage is set for a reintroduction of the sin that had been widespread before
    the devil knows our weaknesses and he NEVER gives up

  10. saoirse

    Why does no one state the obvious here? Gay rights, Marxism, feminism and porn were founded by and aggressively promoted by JEWS!
    They have indeed led the march through the institutions, scattering the feeble convictions of christianity and conservatism to the winds.
    No Merkun can stop them because they're too afraid to even mention those parasites by name.
    Right now, this country's parallels to the decadence of the Weimar Republic are astounding but there will be no avatar to salvage this sinking barge this time!

  11. Anonymous

    Some of us know it. And believe me, I want them held to account for their subversion of what was MY country – but is no longer – unless those who share my sentiments eventually reconquer the place and dispose of all the garbage that doesn't belong. Right now it's difficult to believe that will ever happen based on the apparent beleifs and behaviors of the population at large.

    That said, (((they))) are not singularly responsible, as they have had a multitude of co-conspirstors who are traitors and sellouts. They need even greater punishment, as without their complicity and cover, the usual suspects would not have gained the traction they did.

    Maybe someday it will happen. For now, our descent into ruin goes on unabated, and I see no sign of it relenting, as so much damage has been done that collapse – and all that comes with it – is the only realistic means I can envision of excising the infection sufficiently to ever begin recovering. It will not be done under, or by, government. Not this one, at any rate.

  12. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    I personally do my best to no longer judge gay people it is between them and what ever God/god they worship.

    My preacher in the last month sermonized on homosexuality and abortion. YES HE DID. They were excellent and spot on. He always emphasized that Jesus still loves those who believe in him no matter what they have done. That includes most of you and me.

    What made it really interesting is that the he stated that he and the staff plan their business nearly a year in advance.

    What people do in their own home is none of my business but the evil that some of these people are doing publicly is just that, evil. They will have to answer to my God for their transgressions just as I will.

  13. TechieDude

    I seem to recall that a few years ago one of these nincompoops was telling us that the way our grandmas avoided getting pregnant back in the day was anal sex. Yeah. Can't see that. And I don't know many women how aren't just as repulsed by two homos kissing as men are. Worse yet, grossed out and outraged when they lay eyes on two homos walking a baby in a stroller. First time my old lady saw that she was horrified. Two homos nattering to each other like women, pushing a stroller with a baby girl in it. Poor kid.

  14. Anonymous

    Exactly. Which is why those who chose to actively live the "lifestyle" must be shunned and marginalized from all of mainstream society. If they want to participate and gain acceptance in the mainstream, then they need to forego participation in perversion, including speaking of and advocating for it.

    Celibacy is always an option, one does not have to act on those behavioral impulses. No one dies from lack of sex. Plenty have been injured and died by chosing to engage in unnatural and risky sex acts.

    Anyone who tries to claim they cannot contain the sickness of gay sex, and by extension pederasty and pedophilia, is no better than a dangerous and impulsive animal that has to be kept locked safely away from normal society, or even put down. Pathological lack of self control in humans is itself a serious behavioral disorder. Attempting to normalize one's unacceptable behavior is just another symptom of sociopathy.

    We've been on this path long enough to know that while some faggots can be discrete, there is always a vocal and belligerent contingent that will not stop agitating for forcing our participation in their sickness. Yes, they ultimately ruin it for everyone. And that's why they should never be given the first opportunity to make inroads towards acceptance. We have learned that lesson the hard way.

  15. Arthur Sido

    The first hint of the normalization was in college when we got a mandatory lecture about the glories of homosexuality, in high school that sort of lecture would have been met with gales of laughter and then pretty angry phone calls from parents.

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