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It’ll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town This Week

Much as I hate having the house closed up with the air conditioning running, it looks unavoidable for the next few days….

Those are dangerously high temps, especially around here but it is summer after all. For us that means making sure the animals are well hydrated because they can get into distress in a hurry in that kind of heat. For city dwellers it is dangerous for a different reason as the hot temps make tempers shorter than usual. 
Wherever you are this week it is likely to be pretty hot so be careful out there.


  1. Anonymous

    104 yesterday in South Central Texas. 101 on tap for today. It's been 100+ for 18 of the past 21 days, with no end in sight, and it isn't a 'dry' heat like Arizona. There have been at least 10 new record highs recorded in our area since mid-May.

    We're new here, first spring and summer in Texas, and the locals tell us that this is not normal spring weather for the area. Coming from the relatively cool northeast, this is killer. Coincidentally, we are having the 15 year old central a/c unit in the house replaced as I type this. That's 9 grand I was not expecting to have to part with so soon after arriving, but a/c down here is as essential as central heat was up north. The move from blue state to red state was still worth it.


  2. Arthur Sido

    When we lived in northern Michigan, our house didn't even have central air or so much as a window A/C unit because it rarely got hot enough. I would always rather it be real cold than really hot.

  3. Greg

    Here in the high desert country of the Oregon Outback, we frosted last night (28F), and it's likely to be colder tonight. Haven't even tried to plant beans or squash yet, peas and spinach doing fine. We do some limited row covering, and I have heat lamps in the greenhouse–kept it above 37F so it's good.
    I saw a comment from South Carolina about their garden being in peak production. Ha!

  4. Anonymous

    Amen, its far easier to insulate yourself from the cold than shed all clothing and still be hot. Very difficult to sleep under those conditions, wetting oneself down and a box fan will help a lot.

  5. Anonymous

    We had a full week in frbruary of -40 weather. I still prefer it over the other extra were we hit +42C for 3 weeks last summer.


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