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The word on the street is that several gun control bills are being voted on tomorrow and that there is sufficient Republican support for some measures in the Senate to get to 60 votes. Whatever passes won’t be a ban on “high capacity” magazines or “assault weapons” most likely but “enhanced background checks” on private sales, some sort of Federal red flag laws, raising the age for purchasing a semi-auto rifle to 21. We also are expecting formal guidance from the ATF on the new receiver rules, there is an ATF webinar for FFLs on the 14th that I will be watching and reporting back to you all.

Keep an eye on this tomorrow.


  1. Xzebek

    While it will be mostly ineffective political theater in thr short term; it will have the effect or eroding 2A rights in the medium term; leading to a greater likelihood that the real reason for the 2A will have to be exercised in the long term.

  2. NA

    Roll Call reports:
    "The House Rules Committee may set up individual votes on parts of the broader bill as part of a vote series starting Wednesday."

    Looks like that committee approved procedures for both bills (HR2377 and HR7910) this afternoon:

    One hour of debate for the first. Two hours for the second.

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