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Here Is More White Privilege At Work

Last September I wrote about an outrageous murder case out of Minneapolis, Minnesota: Open Season On White People featuring a Somali murdering cop named Mohamed Noor who shot an unarmed middle-aged White woman in her pajamas because he was afraid she was going to get him. This is the dangerous criminal he shot, Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

You can see why he was scared, it wasn’t like she was an enormous drug addled black man with a lengthy rap sheet. No, in Minneapolis if a violent felon dies of heart failure while resisting arrest the cop goes to jail forever. But if a black cop shoots an unarmed White woman in her pajamas? 

Derek Chauvin will never walk free again but less than five years after gunning down Justine, Mohamed Noor is a free man. Oh, and he got to spend his time in prison in North Dakota instead of Minnesota.
If we lived in a “White supremacist” society, that mother fucker wouldn’t make it a day on the outside but instead he will get to keep living here and maybe someone will write a book about his oppression and have him scrawl his name in crayon for signed copies. 
It is open season on White people in the nation we carved out of the savage wilderness and most White people can’t be bothered to give a shit.


  1. Anonymous

    Not sure that they don't give a shit. Instead, I think most White people are wishing the horrors would just go away while desperately trying not to notice that they are happening. Any sentient White person knows deep inside that he/she could be next, and they just lie low, waiting and hoping for "others" to restore sanity and safety.

    Watching the movie A Few Good Men, I sided with Col. Jessup precisely because he was one of those "others", representative of the hard [White] men who at least used to shield the rest of us from the bad actors by any means necessary. Yeah, there is always some collateral damage, and a few snowflakes will melt. But like the colonel said, no matter how grotesque and incomprehensible you find his existence, "…you want me on that wall. You need me on that wall."

    Mohammed Noor is a pussy who panicked just like any other nignog would if he didn't find himself safe in a position of overwhelming numerical superiority. That he shot and killed an unarmed White woman in her pajamas would shame him to death were he any sort of a "man".

  2. Anonymous

    for most of them, a gun is a feeling of power. and will use it whenever they can.
    just another reason to stay away from the masses and the shithole cities they live in.
    and when you bring in 3rd world assholes in the country, they do not raise to our level, they bring us down to their level. just look around and you will see it for yourself.
    this war started back with the civil rights act, you know where they got first dibs on everything.
    we are seeing how this is going to end. and not well for most of us.

  3. Anonymous

    We ALL Know the Racial Equality Equity thing is BS! As do they.
    It just the tool they use to buy a certain amount of votes. There are those that will…Believe. Like Suicide Bombers, believe.

    As for that coon….well, we can only hope.

  4. saoirse

    The 'justice' system is as predictable and corrupt as everything else in this democratic freak show. Whites seeking justice must realize that it must be levied directly through themselves. That young woman's family should be casting the dice to see who takes care of that baboon, but they're probably happy just divvying up the proceeds from the lawsuit!

  5. George True

    I have thought from the beginning that there is no way that Noor thought this White women in her pajamas was a threat. My belief is that his Muslim upbringing was so offended by a Blonde White woman in her pajamas ordering up two cops like she was ordering pizza (in his mind) that in that instant he was so enraged by a piece of chattel ordering him around (again, in his perception) that he executed her on the spot. I think that is far more likely than his thinking she was some kind of threat.

    We all know what should have been done with him.

  6. 4hawks

    She smiles with her eyes like she'd light up a room. I'm thankful I don't have that hole in my heart to fill full of dirt, but what happened to her merits retribution.

  7. Anonymous

    In fundamentalist Islamic societies – and Somalia certainly qualifies – men have the literal power of life and death over females. Sharia law accords women in the Islamic world few rights in comparison to men, and "honor killings" so-called are now quite common in North America, i.e., Muslim male relatives of females killing them out of "honor" when they transgress against sharia by not dressing modestly, dating a non-Muslim, etc.

    Moreover, in many mosques in places like Somalia, Muslim men are taught virtually from infancy that infidel (non-Muslim) women are theirs for the taking as the spoils of jihad. Did not the prophet himself, Mohammed, wage holy war against the infidels and kafirs and take their women as slaves? Or simply put them to the sword?

    Under Islamic law, Noor isn't guilty of anything. Under U.S. law, he should have been put to death for wanton murder, or at least sentenced to life behind bars w/o the possibility of parole, but neither of these fates occurred to him. Why?

    You can bet that the Australian government is asking why, because Justine Damond was an Australian citizen.

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