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Happy Father’s Day

If you get it, you get it. If not here is a clue.


  1. Anonymous

    An absoutely perfect head shot. He has my respect. The man planned.and delivered exactly what was needed with remarkable effectiveness. Talk about grace under pressure. Of course now, cops would almost certainly kill him, assuming he was ever afforded a golden opportunity like that to begin with. Procedures are different now, problably in part because of this very incident. I still marvel at that video, no matter how many times I've seen it over the years.

  2. saoirse

    Available on Firefox. The gods were smiling on that dad! In a sane world we'd have statues for those guys instead of rubber-lipped ghetto turds and asswipe politicians.
    Nowadays the psycho faggot would hardly be prosecuted and the father would be in for life under 'hate crimes' legislation.
    The child (blonde version) looks so much like my grandson that I got real uptight watching. Never entrust your kids with anyone regardless of whether they were in the military (wow Martha he's a Muhreen). I've been in many dojos and can attest to the fact that a whole lot of martial arts instructors are mentally unstable. They're right up there with school teachers, nurses, clergy, politicos, cops etc.
    Trust no one!!
    Happy Father's Day to all.

  3. Anonymous

    Another thing that strikes me about this: the news covered it, uncensored video and all (as linked). I mean, we can clearly see the moment of impact (no visible splatter, somewhat surprisingly). The Bud Dwyer footage comes close for similar intensity, but this video may as well be from another planet compared to what we"d get today.

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