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Beyond Memes And Mockery

I posted this on Facebook this morning:

Hilarious memes and seething leftists aside, the overturning of Roe v Wade was something my wife and I didn’t think we would ever see. It took decades of tireless fighting to finally get to this point but with a night to sleep on it I am reminded that this win came with a terrible cost. 

Over 63 million human beings butchered in the womb over the last 49 years is an unspeakable toll and it would be unseemly to celebrate this legal victory without remembering those who are not around to also celebrate. 

Give that number, 63 million, some somber consideration this morning. Then go back to trolling angry women who live in states where abortion will continue to be legal.
The abortion industry massacring people on an industrial scale for nearly half a century has weighed heavily on our minds for decades. Being pro-life was the single most influential factor in our voting decisions for most of the time we have been active in politics. Over the years I came to realize that it was immigration that should be the primary motivator, not abortion or gun rights, but being pro-life was still the most important thing for us when choosing who we voted for. 
Many on the Left claim that chattel slavery is “America’s original sin” but even slavery pales in comparison to the massive slaughter resulting from Roe v Wade. Most slaves survived and their descendants in America now have more opportunity and better lives than they would have if they had stayed in Africa. For those killed by abortionists with the willing cooperation of their mother and often the enthusiastic encouragement of their father, there is no chance to make a better life. 
More on this later but it is a somber mood here in front of my computer this morning but a few good memes and videos should lighten the mood in a hurry. 


  1. BDH

    You're my generation (older GenX) and it's very much like the day the Berlin Wall came down. The day before the USSR was permanent and would always be there. Within 24 hours the entire world changed forever (well for the worse we've now found out, but at the time it was very exciting)

  2. Anonymous

    A number of high profile businesses have already come out and announced that they would fund travel to abortion-haven states for their pregnant employees ("Hey, get knocked up for a free vacay!") Among those big, caring bidnezes is J.P. Morgan Chase and…Dick's.

    Oh, the irony.

    Haven't dicks already been paying for legal abortions since, oh, about 1973 or so?

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