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Ah “Conservatism”

This is something I did not know but am not at all surprised to learn.

It seems that the current publisher of National Review, one E. Garrett Bewkes IV, is a faggot “married” to another faggot going by the name Bradley Bewkes. 
Until a few days ago, few people outside the offices of National Review knew that the revered conservative magazine’s publisher is a homosexual, “married” to a man.

“The publisher of the most important conservative magazine of the last 60 years, National Review, is gay-married?” wrote The Stream’s Peter Wolfgang, who broke the story. “Garrett Bewkes, the man overseeing the magazine once edited by William F. Buckley, has a husband.”

“He’s been the publisher for five years. How did this happen? And what does it mean for the conservative movement and the Republican party?” Wolfgang asked.  “I suspect a lot of NR’s long-time readers don’t know this. I wouldn’t have known if a local newspaper hadn’t run an article by Bewkes’ ‘husband’ Bradley.”
Faggotry has become completely acceptable in mainstream Normiecon circles, at least at the elite levels. People like Richard Grennell, Chad Felix Greene and Rob Smith are mainstream in conservatives circles while smoking poles in their leisure time.
Wonder why abortion and guns are still hot button issues for Republicans while gay “marriage” doesn’t even warrant the faintest whisper?
It is because “conservatism” is riddled with faggotry and even those who aren’t packing fudge are scared of the homos. My governor, useless and dumb Eric Holcomb, recently vetoed a bill to protect girl’s sports from tranny boys. Our legislature overrode his veto but it is a sign of how cowed the average Normiecon political figure is in the face of guys who take it in the ass. 
I wrote about this a few years ago in a post I would recommend: Open Borders, Sodomy and Israel: American Conservatism In 2019
Things were bad in 2019, they are much worse in 2022.
Conservatism is a barrier not to degeneracy but to a real right-wing. As such it needs to be destroyed root and stem.


  1. Anonymous

    Gay "conservatives"? Unless I totally misunderstand the meaning of "conservative", that is a flat-out contradiction in terms.

    Echoing Andrew Dice Clay, who made the argument that there is no such thing as 'bisexual', You either suck dick, or you do not suck dick. There is no middle ground.

    You can't be gay and conservative. Not in my universe. The two states are antithetical.

  2. Xzebek

    Tolerance of deviants has brought us to this place. The closet is where deviants belong and like Pandora's box, we opened the closet a crack and we are inundated with perverts. This tolerance was misguided and the inevitable consequences surround us.

  3. Anonymous

    Since there's really no such thing as conservative anymore I guess it's fitting that NR would be run by these folks.

    Conservativism is kind of like chivalry, an ideology of a bygone time that people write about in storybooks. I'm not sure if it ever really existed, because it never conserved very much. Some say it never conserved anything, but we still have our gun rights, and they'd have been gone long ago if we hadn't stood up for them. But other than that…….

  4. evanfardreamer

    Didn't there used to be a lefty attack line, that the righties attacked homosexuality because they were secretly in the closet? Hate to concede to them, but it looks like they had a point.

  5. Arthur Sido

    We understood homosexuality and other degeneracy like transvestitism to be inherently shameful, once we got rid of shame and replaced it with "pride", all bets were off.

  6. saoirse

    Conservatives and Republicans sell out regularly for money and votes.
    Always have always will!
    The fact that they're still quite relevant proves just how many abject cowards there are out there that prefer relegating their kids' future to the dungheap to prolong their empty lifestyles. A pox on all of them!!

  7. Don Curton

    Used to read NR regularly, oh about 15-20 years ago. After a while I started noticing that I didn't always agree, or that they were way too soft, or gee, that's not very conservative at all. Right before Trump ran in 2016, I'd check the website maybe once or twice a week. There was still one or two writers there I'd read. After they got rid of Derbyshire I just about quit reading them at all. Then the anti-Trump hysteria took them over and I read a bit just for pleasure. I haven't checked in on them since. Good riddance. Seems to me they wanted to control the entire conservative side of the aisle without realizing they were no longer relevant.

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