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Well It Was Fun While It Lasted

The real problem at Twitter had nothing to do with “spam” or “bots”. The problem with Twitter is that the content moderation is entirely one-sided and that people on the “Right” have been gradually driven away from the platform, leaving it an echo chamber for the Left.
If Musk backs down now, Twitter will go right back to where it was. The tears were delicious but apparently short-lived, unless this is some sort of 16D bargaining tactic by Musk. More likely he just sobered up and decided to do something else with his $44 billion.


  1. Mike Guenther

    I've read that it's possible for Musk to get a much better deal for Twitter. Like on the order of several billions better. Too bad for the stock holders if their purported $54+/share drops to $50-/share.

  2. Karl

    I suspect with the drop in share price today, the tears are still flowing. How many employees though to move their 401k dollars out of company stock and into other investments? It wasn't going to go higher with Elon's offer on the table…

    I'm thinking Elon is considering paying the $1B fine to back out of the deal, only to come back with an offer $10B less. And that would still be the best offer they could get for a garbage app with millions of fake accounts.

    The elites haven't been this upset since Francisco d'Anconia blew up his San Sebastian Copper Mines. (Atlas Shrugged ref)

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