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Tuesday Is The New Saturday?

During this busy week I haven’t been watching the news as closely as usual so I missed that there were a whole bunch of mass shootings, six in one weekday, including two each in Chicago and Baltimore on the same day.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were a total of 9 shot in Baltimore in the two mass shootings and 11 shot in the two shootings in Chicago. As a bonus one of the Chicago shootings included this charming story.

More of that famous impulse control. The first shooting in Chicago was part of what is described as an extended gang war that has led to a bunch of shootings. The second was more of the same as usual….
About 10:30 p.m. in the 6400 block of South Richards Drive, a woman from Indiana was livestreaming a rap video in the park when another group of people began a separate livestream, Brown said.

The two groups got into an argument, which led to them shooting at each other, Brown said. He said he wasn’t sure what the argument was about.
Nothing good happens when black folk be livestreaming a rap video. “I don’t like your rap” becomes “I don’t like your rap so much I’ll shoot you” in no time at all. 
The other two mass shootings were in Philadelphia, of course, with four shot and Brookshire, TX with another four shot. 
They weren’t done. We were treated to an encore on Wednesday with four more mass shootings: New Jersey (5 shot), Indianapolis (4 shot), St. Louis (4 shot) and back to Chicago (4 shot). Chi-town had three mass shootings in two days during the middle of the week. Impressive! It is supposed to be 82 and sunny in Chicago today so that bodes ill for anyone who inexplicably is hanging around the same places Africans congregate.
Another fun side-note from the Indianapolis mass shooting….
All four are stable and were transported to area hospitals. On Wednesday morning, IMPD Lt. Shane Foley said officers located another person nearby who had an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Some brother probably shot himself in the leg in the excitement while trying to get his Hi Point out of his baggy pants.
There was a noteworthy mass shooting on Thursday as well, noteworthy because it apparently happened in a national park (Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas):

The media fuzzed the picture but you can tell the person on the stretcher is a corpulent black woman.
Summer in America used to mean grilling out, going to the beach and driving with the top down. Now it means riots and mass shootings. I guess that is progress.


  1. Anonymous

    Calgary AB had a shoot out between two cars drag racing down a street on wednesday. People in both cars shooting at the other car. The one truck crashed into a innocent vehicle killing the female driver. She was a mother of 5 coming home from work, her husband died in January.

    The media and police not talking about the suspects. They released an image of one of the drivers. He looks light skinned but the beard style and dress suggest otherwise.


  2. Anonymous

    Add the Chicongo 'burbs of Woodlawn and Back 'o da Bus to the growing list of No-Fly-for-a-White-Guy zones, I suppose. Where in hell are the elder homeboys and -girls who should be outraged by all the monkeyshines? They certainly are outspoken whenever an alleged White nano-aggression occurs.

  3. Anonymous

    I had jury duty years ago and was on the jury for an attempted murder trial that sounded similar to this. "House party" in the bad part of town with a hundred or more "teens" there. The prosecutor had to serve as interpreter for several of the witnesses to explain it. You saying that about "I don't like your rap so guns out" is pretty much it. In this case some song comes on that's a cue for everyone to flash their gang signs and then it's an escalating monkey dance. The trial was presented as Deion tried to kill Jamal but it looked more to me like two or three or more gangs all shooting at each other. They showed us shell casings from the scene and there was everything from 25 up to 45 in the pile.
    That jury duty was educational but depressing. Weak-ass case, all the prosecution really showed was that somebody shot at somebody. I think they were probably threatening the guy with prosecution to get other stuff out of him and his lawyer correctly sized it up as a weak case. But afterwards I realized the county just wasted who knows how much $$ taking up a couple days of our time not to mention the judge, lawyers, bailiffs and all the PAID county employees who do this "work" that the taxpayers pay for. I also was shocked at how awful the "expert witness" CSI person was. A BS degree in criminilogy and she clearly didn't understand the difference between cartridges, bullets, and casings and repeatedly mis-used the terms. Had to really bite my tongue there in the jury box. Then as they were trying to explain who was standing where when this gunfight happened, she says that shell casings (I know htat's what she meant although she mangled the words and said something like bullets instead) just drop out of the gun when you shoot them. Kind of makes a difference where the brass gets thrown doesn't it, when you're trying to reconstruct who was behind this car over here and who was over there? It made me realize this "expert" knew a very superficial amount about things (and didn't even know that little bit except maybe to a C grade in a class she'd had years before). How the hell little does she know about fingerprints, blood types, DNA tests etc that I don't know anything about either? If I ever find myself in a jury box again I'm giving about zero weight to what those state lab numbnuts say.

  4. Xzebek

    The proto simians are doing the rest of us a favor by decreasing the very large surplus population of people whose skin color is dark. But they are wasting a lot of ammo in so doing. That's helping to keep the ammo shelves empty. Sigh….

  5. Anonymous

    every year the ghetto sports get more sporty for the players. back in the early 1990's philly, the EMt guys wanted a claw like thing to scoop them up so they wouldn't have to get out of the truck.
    it is also the reason why you should be at least 200 miles from any large city with them in it.
    never saw one put more than a couple of gallons in their tank unless they had a job and had to go to work everyday. not too many of them in the city though. and another thing with them is shortage of ammo. very few have more than a couple of mags worth at any given time. it also why there are gunshots at all times through any big city, they just shoot at anything , like to see if it still works or something (?) used to say if a brother was shooting at you stand still, he never hit you.
    most of them use a gun like a magic wand to make you do what they want. the smarter ones stand back away from you, the dumber ones want you to feel it, or more like beat you with it.
    it just safer all around to be no where near them. just saying.
    hell, even with a rifle or shotgun they rarely kill the guy they shooting at.
    summer in the city will be very sporty if things keep up at this pace.

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