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This Is A Biggie

17 people is a lot (although they might have been hurt in the panic rather than shot) and since it happened in the aftermath of an NBA playoff game where the crowd was likely mostly White there almost certainly were at least a few Whites caught in the crossfire. According to Fox News the cops have ten people in custody. I look forward to seeing their mugshots. With 17 people shot and based on this from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:
All the victims are expected to survive, according to Milwaukee police.
You can bet the shooters fit the usual profile. 


  1. Xzebek

    At least 8 dead in a shooting in Buffalo NY today. The pictures make it look like the usual simian neighborhood with the usual simian inhabitants. Surprised so many dead though considering the poor marksmanship of the hood rats.

  2. saoirse

    No surprise and no sympathy, even if most of the 'victims' were white.
    Spending valuable free time watching grossly overpaid, and overwhelmingly black, degenerates (aka nig ball), whether live or on the electric jew, is a telltale sign of the mind virus infesting white people. Fools willing to risk their lives to get their bread-and-circuses fix deserve what befalls them!

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