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Things Are Still Weird

Gun makers are damn near giving away guns but ammo is still crazy expensive. 

Even obscure ammo brands of new 5.56 are over $/47/round and there is no sign that is going to come down. FMJ 9mm is getting a little cheaper, brass case new is down to almost a quarter a round but everything else is still priced well above what it was just two years ago. The days of floor to ceiling stacked 9 mil for $.17/round is gone and appears to not be coming back.

On the other hand, AR-15s and 9mm handguns of all sorts are plentiful and especially for AR-15s are on sale. I saw this deal from KY Gun Co. over the weekend, this is well below my cost as a Stag dealer.

You were paying more than that for entry level Ruger/S&W ARs last year. Glocks which were unobtanium forever are in stock at my distributors, 19s and 17s, even the .45 and 10mm are available. Some of the higher end, really hot stuff is harder to get and lever actions and revolvers are still tough to come by, thanks in large part to the disaster at Remington and Marlin but those are back in production finally. 
Just weird. At some point I have to assume that higher metal prices will cause firearms to really go up in price but on the other hand there just isn’t that much actual metal in a lot of guns. In a Glock for example, other than the barrel and trigger unit and some small pieces/parts, most of the gun is polymer. AR-15s are basically a relatively small chunk of aluminum in the receivers and buffer tube, plus the barrel of course, but the stocks are mostly polymer and many handguards are as well. 
As we careen through May, the looming issue down the road is the rule change to make AR/AK pistols into short barreled rifles. I have been warning about this for a long time, it is coming, but as of now AR/AK pistols are easy to come by. If that rule change comes in August as expected, that might change literally overnight. 
Also on the horizon a little further is the November midterm elections. Right now other than abortion there isn’t much to get the Left wound up and plenty to make normies disgruntled enough to vote GOP. I still expect something ugly to happen to frighten voters and some kind of mass shooting or similar false flag late summer/early fall. 
Nothing good is going to happen and now we are getting lots of violent, civil war kinda rhetoric from the Left. Take your awareness to the next level people.


  1. Anonymous

    Ammo not just expensive but still scarce. I have yet to find 30.06 ballistic tips. It seems like 9,40 and .22 are starting be available but not much else here in Fla.

  2. Anonymous

    As an FYI..The slide on glocks is all metal, rather large hunk of it….You are correct on everything else though….Keep up the good works…

  3. George True

    I hear ya, 4H. I am still looking for an M41A pulse rifle. Can't find them anywhere. Amazon is advertising one for $899, but at that price something tells me it is not the real deal.

  4. Xzebek

    Arthur, I don't know if as an FFL you have any pull with any patriot gun manufacturers but I have an idea in light of Biden's blame of Ultra MAGA for (his) the country's problems.
    We need the ULTRA MAGA .45. Also works as Trump 45th president. It could come with upgraded FJB grips. What do you think?

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