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The W Stands For War Criminal

A Freudian slip or trying to be funny? Either way, Bush and the neocons have no room to criticize Putin for invading Ukraine after the Iraq debacle.


  1. Xzebek

    He was a willing victim of the deep state treachery we have been seeing ever since. He willingly went along with them. A useful tool and a pathetic fool.

  2. John Wilder

    He's the pre-emptive favorite for "braying jackass of the week" by The Mrs. for our podcast. But then again, we haven't heard what idiocy is coming out of Kamala's mouth this week . . .

  3. Anonymous

    he did just what daddy told him to do. he is a dunce when compared to his dad. that fucker was just evil. dear old dad was a long time DD of ops in the wonderful 3 letter group.

  4. Anonymous

    and to think when this shit bird passes on we will see another clown show like the one for johnny boy shit stain ? what a waste of time and money that was.

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