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The Pro-War, Pro-Government Spending, Pro-Massive Debt Libertarianism

I haven’t poked fun at libertarians for a while but someone directed me to a tweet from Nicholas Sarwark and it made me GOL (guffaw out loud). 

You probably never heard of this guy and good for you but he was the chairman of the tattered remains of the Libertarian Party for six year.

What did he say that made me GOL? Oh just this:

Here is a “libertarian” parroting back the nonsense that anyone who questions sending untold billions in U.S. “aid” to the most corrupt nation in Europe is somehow doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin. Rand Paul is the only even mildly libertarian national figure, other than his father who is quite elderly at this point. He consistently is the only voice opposing the uniparty on some (but certainly not all) issues.
What Rand Paul is really demanding makes so much sense, only libertarians would oppose it.

Demanding oversight for government spending? No wonder libertarians oppose this! Oversight of spending is clearly a plot by Putin! Vodka Man Bad indeed!

This is the most accurate political cartoon in recent memory.

Once upon a time libertarians would have opposed creating $40 billion from thin air to send to prolong a foreign war but it seems that all of the sensible libertarians left the movement and went further Right a long time ago. All that is left now is the empty shell of what was once a semi-serious political movement.


  1. jl

    I briefly considered myself a libertarian (tho never registered as such). But the deeper I dug into it, the more dingbats seemed to appear. I quickly realized why they never made a dent in National politics. I have no hope for them in future endeavors.

  2. saoirse

    While a Libertarian platform is miles above anything the Demopublicans and Republicrats ever had, they as a political party have a number of serious flaws, one being how far down their organizing committees have stooped to appeal to the willfully ignorant rabble.
    Like their fellow cucks, they were totally on board with being compliant Maskateers and were also for the clot shot mandates – as long as it was 'private enterprise' that was behind it.
    They lost what little respect they had by openly pissing all over their tenets!

  3. Anonymous

    I’m sick of living in a country Governed by Emotional Faggots, Psychotic Gender Benders and Pedophile Supporting Bi-Ped Trash.

    When is enough enough of living in a Insane Asylum?

  4. Xzebek

    The Constitution party is the closest I have found to a (small l) libertarian, conservative leaning, traditionally patriotic party. Unfortunately it hasn't gotten much traction outside of Montana where a few party members have been elected locally and statewide. It was, unfortunately unfairly associated with the Militia movement which hurt it tremendously. Typical of the media. The party's platform and principles are worth a read.

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