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The Architects Of Our Destruction: Russians Have A Long Memory

It is easy to assume that Russians think mostly like we do. They are White so they look like us. Russia is partly in Europe after all. They must approach issues and questions like everyone else of European descent.

They don’t. 
I don’t pretend to be an expert on Russia, far from it. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. I do know this, we have never understood the Russian mindset and most of us never will. This video from Vertigo Politix, The Soviet Genocide of Russia’s Old Believer Christians, explores some of the worldview of the Russian people and why they don’t trust the West, especially a certain ethnic group. 

You will probably have to watch this on Youtube as it is age-restricted, which is fair because it has some disturbing imagery.
The Russian view of Russia and of the West is diametrically opposed to how we see it and in our Western chauvinism we of course assume they are completely wrong. There is a reason Russians celebrate the achievements of the Soviet Union in World War II even though their “victory” secured the tyranny of Communism for half a century over Russia and Eastern Europe. Our failure to understand them means we also underestimate them and that can be a fatal error on our part. Russia will do more and go father to preserve Russia than the West will. I don’t think there is a limit to that willingness. They have survived unimaginable suffering before and they can do so again. Can we?

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  1. Anonymous

    in a word, no. we cannot. back in ww2, the germans had the same idea that the clowns here have.
    that is, the russians are nothing to worry about. in one sense it is true. if we don't fuck with them , they will not fuck with us. for the most part. anyway. for one thing, they do not play. it does take some time for them to react, but when they do, they go for the throat. most of the time.
    they play chess, we play stupid video games. not the same. Vlad speaks like 4 languages or more
    ours have a hard time with one. and if they have the goods on the bio labs that where there, they do. seems to me anyway, Vlad was right to take them out. why does the US gov't have bio labs anywhere but here ? chances are they doing the dirty shit they can not here.
    and if the clowns they say are behind them, they are going something dirty and need to be shutdown.

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