Saturday, May 21, 2022

That Was Quick

No sooner did the Ministry Of Truth, aka the "Disinformation Board", ditch one revolting specimen, one Nina Jankowicz, they decided to hire a pair of swamp creatures to "review" the board in what will quickly be a rubber stamp and a quiet resurrection.

The two in question are Michael Chertoff and Jamie Gorelick. Chertoff is one of the co-authors of the "Patriot" Act so you know he is a statist piece of shit and also is a creepy looking mother effer. Look at this Crypt Keeper wannabe:

Yikes, that is a face to frighten small children.

His co-pilot is the former Deputy Attorney General under Clinton, probably literally under him.

As an interesting side note, from the Early Life section of the Wikipedia profiles of Chertoff and Gorelick respectively:

"Michael Chertoff was born on November 28, 1953, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. His father was Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff (1915–96), a Talmud scholar and the former leader of the Congregation B'nai Israel in Elizabeth. His mother is Livia Chertoff (née Eisen), an Israeli citizen and the first flight attendant for El Al."

"Gorelick was born in Brooklyn, New York City to Leonard and Shirley Gorelick, and grew up in Great Neck, New York, in a Jewish family."

Huh, what a curious coincidence....

Anyway, long story short the Ministry Of Truth isn't going anywhere and I suspect that Nina Jankowicz was an unwitting sacrificial lamb offered up to take the heat because she was so ridiculous and easy to troll and it was always the plan to push her aside and put more intelligent (and evil) people in charge. It makes more sense than putting a fairly young dimwit like Nina in that position.

Meanwhile the push to suppress free speech will continue, especially in light of the Buffalo "definitely not a false flag" mass shooting....


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (with a smaller chin)


  1. Jamie Gorelick - she was the one who put up the so-called wall to block cooperation between the FBI and CIA that led to 9/11. Still failing upward I see.

  2. Gorelick from Great Neck, Lawn Guyland. Not far from where I grew up. Great Neck is joo central and loaded to the hilt with diamond merchants. More ringlets and little hats than you can shake a stick at.

  3. Nina was the distraction. Got people targeting her as the issue instead of the ministry itself. Worked.

  4. There is no exception to the first amendment for the fake category of hate speech. That which the left calls hate speech is just speech and words that the left doesn't like. Unfortunately, we non-leftists have allowed our speech to be curtailed, limited and changed. This must stop. Think of all the words that were completely benign in the past that are now deemed horrific. Retard comes to mind as well as crippled, pervert etc. I make sure I properly use these words when they are appropriate, by my (and the dictionary) standards.
    The worst example is one that almost all on the right have accepted and adopted which is"people of color ". This phrase, created to exclude only whites, should never be used. I will use the term darkies or nigger before I use that phrase. We should refuse to use the alphabet gobbledygook LGBTwhatever to refer to deviants. Again, this is an attempt to group everyone whose identity is caught up in their genitals against normal heterosexuals. Refuse to use it. And as long as I can be called a racist or a whatever phobe with abandon I will respond with faggot , dyke or whatever word comes to mind.
    Every time we allow the left to cause us to self censor, we give them strength and diminish our own.
    Language is a poor enough means of communication without reducing the amount of words we are "allowed " to use.
    Refuse the false notions of niceness, tolerance and inclusivity.

    1. Being polite is going to get us exterminated

    2. Yup.
      These 2 “were” Civi’s again…
      I assume, No More.

  5. All kikes all the time!
    Chertoff looks like he just swooped in from some cathedral's roof gutter to take the photo.
    He and his jewess sidekick will appear to be doing benevolent damage control while clandestinely taking the ministry of truth underground, Cheka style, to become fully operational.
    The Republicunts will keep their milquetoast pet peeves above scrutiny and they'll gladly assist their commie brethren in persecuting alt right/radical right groups.

  6. NOW, we have Serious Problems.
    The Guacamole leaking Psychotic was a clown, as is evidenced in her childish BS.

    These 2, are fucking dangerous.
    They KNOW the System amd how to Seriously Manipulate it.

    We gots Problems.

  7. Nope, they're never, ever going to let it go.