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That Sound You Hear?

Is the last bit of plausibility in the argument for only allowing the police to have guns.

The school shooting in Uvalde is quickly shifting from being about the shooter and more about the response from local cops, or more specifically the utter lack of a response. Various reports indicate that nearly an hour lapsed between the time cops were dispatched and the shooter was neutralized, and not even by the local PD but by a random Border Patrol agent who used a borrowed shotgun from the barber who was cutting his hair when he heard about the shooter.
While I am not sure what all transpired, it does seem like the cops are acting a bit guilty and defensive. When kids act that way, it is a sure sign they did something wrong. I assume the same is true here. What is worse are the pictures and accounts of parents being forcibly restrained from going in to try to stop the shooter.
It is unimaginable that while children are being murdered, adults would stay outside and especially cops. I have zero real training, shooting for fun and practice not counting as real training, but even if my own kids weren’t in that building I would hope I would try to do something. 
It makes one wonder why we spend all of this money on police, giving them military equipment and delegating the authority to use lethal force when they stand around outside because they are apparently afraid to go in. Thanks to BCE for the link:

According to Texas Department of Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez….
Police initially said that the gunman barricaded himself inside the classroom and that they had trouble gaining access to the room, and one unnamed law official anonymously spoke out to say SWAT teams had to wait for a different school staff member to bring them a key to the class. 

‘At that point, if they proceeded any further not knowing where the suspect was at, they could’ve been shot, they could’ve been killed, and at that point that gunman would have had an opportunity to kill other people inside that school.

‘So they were able to contain that gunman inside that classroom so that he was not able to go to any other portions of the school to commit any other killings,’ Lt. Olivarez said. 
Again I understand being scared but that is your fucking job. I thought it was understood that you are given these guns and that training with the expectation of putting yourself in harms way for the sake of others. There is a reason that we (used to) honor cops, soldiers and firefighters. They put their lives in jeopardy on our behalf. 

If nothing else, this should end the line of argument about civilians not needing guns because the cops are armed. More and more cops are not doing much with their guns and training. Some of it is understandable, who wants to intervene when blacks are rampaging and you could be the next Derek Chauvin for just doing your job. But in cases like this and Parkland, it seems that more cops are just running out the clock to get to their pension and have little interest in the sort of self-sacrifice we expect and assume from them.
What many of us have always known is that cops are not “first responders” in many cases. We are. If someone breaks into my home, sure we can call 911 but in the time that it takes for the sheriff to show up a lot of bad shit can happen and I for one am not interested in seeing how bad it gets before the cops show up. I am my own first responder. If my house is on fire, I will call 911 but make sure to do everything I can to get my wife and kids out even if it means losing my own life. I am not waiting for the fireman to show up to tell me what to do.

Something else to consider. Most normiecons are slavishly devoted to “Muh thin blue line” and backing up the cops no matter what. I think this might really damage that, along with crap like Waco, Ruby Ridge, the unlawful incarceration of the January 6th protesters, etc. Cops today, at least a growing percentage of them, are not the same sort of cops we think of from our youth. There are still good cops but the ratio seems to be shifting away from good cops and in favor of bad or at least mediocre cops.

Faith in law enforcement is one of the last hold-outs of institutional trust and it is high time it is abandoned. Everyone needs to understand that there are no institutions left that are not opposed to heritage Americans. NONE. The sooner people figure that out, the better. It just sucks that it took 19 little kids getting killed by a tranny for people to start to figure it out.


  1. Furminator

    Whether by design or happenstance, the policing profession gets portrayed in all cases as the Protectors when in fact they are only the Enforcers. Plenty of cops do heroic things in the course of their work, but their duty is only to enforce the law and bring criminals into the justice system. Their only professional responsibility here was to make the parents behave and apprehend (or purely incidental to apprehension, waste while returning fire to protect themselves) the shooter. WE think it's their fucking job but they know otherwise..

  2. Xzebek

    This display by Law Enforcement-Texas Law Enforcement- is beyond a disgrace. Every cop there should resign and for the rest of their lives (to quote Henry V) "hold their manhoods cheap" .
    If they don't resign they should be driven out.
    It should be instinctive to save children regardless of whether they are yours.
    This is a far,far cry from the days of "One riot, one ranger".
    We are on our own.
    We must form our own protective groups where philosophy and not a government paycheck is the impetus to protect.
    This is a sad day. And an infuriating day.

  3. Heywood5150

    Cartels in Mexico have an interesting way of decorating highway overpasses.
    Uvalde is so South Texas it might as well be North Mexico.
    One plea for help from a broken hearted father to the right uncle or cousin down south might be a death warrant for area LEOs. That call will go out after the funerals if it hasn't already been made
    Do we (like the police) look the other way while…things…happen?
    Do we (also like the police) form a perimeter so nobody can interfere with…things?
    Should we invite them to a big barbecue afterwards as thanks?
    What's the etiquette of abetting cross-boarder reprisals?
    Asking for a friend

  4. Anonymous

    If they won't rescue children, then why should we expect the to support 2A and not confiscate if ordered to do so. Plan accordingly.

  5. saoirse

    If the parents and townsfolk themselves won't get together for a tar-and-feather party one would hope that there would be at least a couple of them that can indeed call Don Pepe and get some cholos in there to do what needs to be done!

  6. Anonymous

    I have a relative who was a NYC housing cop for 20 years and he told me that their m.o. was to deliberately delay, dawdle, wait 20 minutes after a frantic 9-1-1 call to respond. They would eventually arrive on scene and arrest the last guy standing, and then go back to the precinct house to do the paperwork. They had NO interest in preventing or stopping a crime in progress, and even less interest in determining cause or fault. He was so jaded and focused on just surviving until his retirement date that the public he 'served' could simply rot in hell for all he cared.

    FWIW, he is a White guy who worked a 98% black housing community. Can you blame him?

  7. saoirse

    "have little interest in the sort of self-sacrifice we expect and assume from them."
    It should be more than obvious, to anyone that's not a sycophantic normiecon coward, that porkers display an openly contemptuous 'us vs. everyone' attitude towards all citizens and could care less about serving them.
    They are hired based on their willingness to adopt a hive mind and get brownie points for displaying aggressive anti-social behavior. They are not society's protectors. They serve only their paymasters and themselves, so avoid them like the plague that they are and certainly don't ever support them!
    Chauvin, Brailsford, Pantaleo and the rest would have had no reservations about fucking you over either!!

  8. Anonymous

    Always remember that cops carry guns to protect themselves, not to help or protect you.
    You are your own first responder. No one is coming to help. Plan accordingly.

  9. saoirse

    Staying in a shithole for 20 years just to get a pension says more about the cop than the low-lifes he worked around!

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