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Speaking Of Bootlickers

Here it comes. Much of the GOP political class has quietly been waiting for a tragedy to give them cover to do what they wanted in the first place, disarming the American people. Apparently Cocaine Mitch is sending John Cornyn to be his representative in signing away our rights.


  1. saoirse

    But the gutless fools will still vote for Republicunts because they are 'better' than the Democraps!
    Hopelessly stuck in the eating shit is better than drinking piss paradigm!!
    So clueless as to wonder out loud why this country is circling the drain.

  2. JackDup

    The real plan: Joe wants to start a war with Russia, when that happens he will have absolute power, over 50 executive orders will be at his fingertips, they will do anything to keep the stranglehold on America.

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